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Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a striker for . Suárez was thrilled to go to Europe because his then girlfriend, and now wife, Sofía Balbi . After a 1–1 draw against Manchester United on 15 October , Suárez was accused of racially abusing Evra, and the FA ordendelsantosepulcro.info Liverpool F.C. signed Luis Suárez for a club record fee of £m in January On the date of the hearing, Evra was handed a four-match ban – due to start on that he had earlier kicked Evra "because you are black", said "I don't speak to . Yahoo! Sport. Retrieved 18 February ↑ "Luis Suárez, Kenny Dalglish. Suarez v Evra: Everything you need to know about the race row Liverpool say Suarez was apologising when using it, not being aggressive.

Mr Kuyt said "This is untrue. What I did say was something to the effect of 'Stand up, stand up', as if to say that it had been a foul but he was making too much of it. The dispute is about what Mr Kuyt said, not about whether he said anything to Mr Evra at that time.

Very little attention was paid to this dispute during the hearing and we did not find it necessary in reaching our decision to make a finding about what Mr Kuyt had said to Mr Evra.

Extracts from the FA report on the Luis Suárez Patrice Evra racism case

All the while they were talking to each other. Mr Kuyt had been standing in the middle of the six-yard box where he was being marked by Jonny Evans, the Manchester United defender. Mr Kuyt faced up to Mr Evra and prodded him in the chest with his finger. Mr Evra pushed Mr Kuyt away in the chest with both hands.

Mr Evra ran with him. Mr Evra said that he is not exactly fluent in Spanish but that he can easily converse in Spanish. Mr Evra told us that he began the conversation by saying "Concha de tu hermana".

Mr Evra's evidence was that this is a phrase used in Spanish like when you say "fucking hell" in English, but the literal translation is "your sister's pussy". One of the video clips that we have seen, taken from a close-up angle behind the goal, does appear to support Mr Evra's evidence that he started the conversation with this comment. That is largely the end of the agreement between them as to what was said in the goalmouth. Mr Evra's evidence was that, in response to his question "Why did you kick me?

We shall consider further below Mr Evra's understanding of the Spanish word "negro". He said he shrugged his shoulders and put his arms out in a gesture to say that there was nothing serious about it. Mr Evra said that, at the time, he understood this to mean "I don't speak to niggers", although he now says it means "I don't speak to blacks". At the time Mr Evra understood this to mean "OK, nigger, nigger, nigger".

He now says it means "OK, blackie, blackie, blackie". The expert witnesses stated that the phrase "Dale, negro" can be understood as "Bring it on, blackie" or "do it, blackie" or "go ahead, blackie". This gesture is clearly shown on the video footage, just as Mr Kuyt comes between them. He was more focused on his lips and what he was saying.

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At this point I touched PE's left arm in a pinching type movement. This all happened very quickly. I was trying to defuse the situation and was trying to intimate to Evra that he was not untouchable by reference to his question about the foul.

Under no circumstances was this action intended to be offensive and most certainly not racially offensive. It was not in any way a reference to the colour of PE's skin. At the time of these exchanges, there were other players in the six-yard box. We found it unsurprising that Mr De Gea did not hear any exchange. He appears from the video footage to be focused on the corner and looking mainly in that direction.

what did suarez say to evra yahoo dating

The referee stops play. Mr Evra ran with him as his marker. This must have been a reference to what had taken place in the goalmouth. We examined closely the video footage of this moment which took place in the 64th minute. The referee called them over to him. This is apparent in two ways. First, there is a facial reaction by Mr Evra, akin to a look of surprise. He said that he used the word "negro" at this point in the way that he did when he was growing up in Uruguay, that is as a friendly form of address to people seen as black or brown-skinned or even just black-haired.

He said that he used it in the same way that he did when he spoke to Glen Johnson, the black Liverpool player. He said in no way was the use of the word "negro" intended to be offensive or to be racially offensive. It was intended as an attempt at conciliation.

Mr Marriner, the referee, was shown the footage of this incident at the hearing. He had not seen the footage before. He agreed that Mr Evra appeared to be saying something to the referee as he walks in the referee's direction. Mr Marriner said that he could not recall what was being said to him. He explained that he wanted to take control of the situation, that the game had gone "swimmingly" up until that point with no confrontation between any players, and he just wanted to get his point across to the players.

He said that he told the players to get on with it, and calm down. That is why he took charge of the situation and really did not take on board what was being said to him. We found Mr Marriner's account to be plausible and credible. He did take control in that the players listened to what he had to say and did not say anything back to him. The fact that Mr Marriner did not hear what Mr Evra said is not inconsistent with Mr Evra's evidence that, as he walked towards the referee, he said "ref, ref, he just called me a fucking black".

They walked side by side. The referee called them back and spoke to them again. He then spoke briefly to Mr Evra. Mr Evra's evidence on this incident was as follows.

The referee must have seen this as he called them over and told them to calm down. The referee called the players to him the first time. As I have said, it was meant in a conciliatory and friendly way in the context in which I have used the word throughout my life and as set out earlier in this Statement. The corner came to nothing and the ball went out of play with Manchester United being awarded a goal-kick.

As the players moved upfield, there was an exchange between Mr Evra and Mr Kuyt. The referee called Mr Evra over and gave him a yellow card. Mr Giggs spoke to the referee about the caution and then spoke to Mr Evra. The evidence of Mr Marriner about this incident was as follows. In the 65th minute of the game he had to issue a caution to Mr Evra after he saw him push Mr Kuyt in the chest following a coming together. Mr Evra was clearly upset and mentioned that he was being called "black".

Mr Marriner did not hear whether Mr Evra said who was calling him "black" and he did not understand what Mr Evra was referring to at the time. Mr Evra made no other comment to the referee. Mr Evra described the booking in the following way. Mr Kuyt told him to stop diving so Mr Evra pushed him away. The referee called Mr Evra over to book him. Mr Evra asked the referee why he was booking him and the referee said it was because he had pushed Mr Kuyt.

When he was being booked, Mr Evra told the referee again that he had been called black. Mr Evra added that after booking him, the referee spoke to Ryan Giggs. Mr Giggs told Mr Evra to calm down and not get sent off.

Mr Giggs gave evidence before us. He said that he was reasonably close to the referee and after he had shown Mr Evra the yellow card, Mr Giggs approached the referee and asked him why he had booked Mr Evra. The referee said to Mr Giggs "just calm Patrice down".

what did suarez say to evra yahoo dating

Mr Giggs then moved away from the referee and towards Mr Evra. It was obvious to Mr Giggs from looking at Mr Evra that he was upset. He said that Mr Evra did not seem quite with it, you might call it red mist. Mr Giggs said to Mr Evra "what's happened? Mr Evra replied "he called me black".

Mr Giggs said to Mr Evra "did the ref hear it? Mr Giggs then told Mr Evra to calm down and not get himself sent off. He said that after the goal-kick he was close to Mr Evra and said "Come on, let's move on, let's keep going with the game" and touched Mr Evra just on the arm. According to Mr Kuyt, Mr Evra reacted aggressively and smashed his arm away and at that point, the referee having seen the incident, called Mr Evra to him and booked him.

Mr Kuyt said that he was very close to Mr Evra and the referee at this time.

Luis Suarez v Patrice Evra: Everything you need to know on the race row

He said he was "absolutely certain" that he heard Mr Evra say that the referee was only booking him because he was black. We found the evidence of Mr Marriner on this point to be credible and plausible. He recalled Mr Evra telling him that he was being called black. This is consistent with Mr Evra's evidence of what he told Mr Marriner at that time, and also with Mr Giggs' evidence of what Mr Evra said to him shortly afterwards.

In light of this we reject Mr Kuyt's evidence that Mr Evra said that the referee was only booking him because he was black, however certain Mr Kuyt was that he heard it. Moreover, it would make no sense in the circumstances for Mr Evra to accuse the referee of only booking him because he was black. Mr Evra's comments to his team-mates. We received evidence from four of Mr Evra's team-mates about what happened immediately after the game.

Their evidence was given in the form of written witness statements. We proceeded, therefore, on the basis that the evidence contained in those witness statements is true and sets out what did, in fact, happen immediately after the game. As the players went into the dressing room at the end of the game, Mr Evra was really angry and upset.

At the start of the —06 seasonMonaco struggled falling to 15th place after only a month of play. On 21 DecemberEvra made his final appearance with the club in a 1—0 win over Lille in the Coupe de la Ligue. They all talked with my agent in the past two seasons.

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But to me, it was over. As I said to the Monaco officials, I only wanted to hear about Manchester. He made his debut for the club on 14 January in a 3—1 away defeat to Manchester City in the Premier League.

The abuse claims surfaced from two deaf television viewers lodging a police complaint. The viewers claimed to have lip-read Finnan abusing Evra during the televised match. He finished the season with 14 total appearances for his new club. He also assisted on a goal in the match. After starting in United's 3—1 Champions League win over Benfica on 6 December, Evra started nine consecutive matches. The rest paid off as he assisted on a Cristiano Ronaldo goal in the 82nd minute to give United a 2—1 lead.

France teammate William Gallas later equalised for Arsenal to draw the match at 2—2. The defender denied the charges and was supported by several members of the club's staff, who commented that the player was racially abused by the groundsman prior to the confrontation.

He began the campaign in similar fashion to last season as Manchester United won the Community Shield following the team's 3—0 victory over Portsmouth on penalties. He appeared in both matches the team contested as United came out as champions after defeating Ecuadorian club LDU Quito in the final.

In the match, Evra assisted on the second goal in a 3—0 victory.

Luis Suarez interview: on racism, biting and the future

Evra missed a month and returned to the line-up on 15 February in a 3—0 win over Fulham. We never doubted ourselves. He also became only the second Frenchman after Eric Cantona to captain a Manchester United team to victory in a major competition.

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As a consequence, he was subjected to a barrage of jeers and boos every time he touched the ball. Marseille coach Rudi Garcia was critical of the fans, but also criticized Evra for reacting to the provocation.

Marseille released a statement concerning the incident, condemning Evra's actions. He has also received a charge of violent conduct from UEFA as a consequence.

what did suarez say to evra yahoo dating

Marseille subsequently terminated Evra's contract with immediate effect. He signed a contract until the end of June Due to harboring in Italy during his development years, he failed to earn call-ups with teams below the under level.

Evra earned his first call-up to the under team under coach Raymond Domenech on 3 October for matches against Slovenia and Malta. France failed to qualify for both competitions, which resulted in the end of Evra's youth career.

Early years[ edit ] Evra earned his first call-up to the senior national team in May after coach Jacques Santini named him to the man preliminary squad to participate in UEFA Euro Following the trimming of the squad to 23 players, Evra was not included and subsequently missed out on the competition.

The defender admitted that he was "very proud" to have been called up to the team. He started on the left wing before being substituted out in the 75th minute for Robert Pires.