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Quito, Ecuador. [email protected] La reproducción de esta especie es poco conocida, a pesar de su amplia distribución y de ser bola tejida con musgos y raíces, de forma similar al nido del Subepalo Moteado ( Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from. todo esta cubierto de musgos y otras epifitas, es un lugar increíble para buscar nidos, .. decisivo en la historia de vida de cualquier especie como es la reproducción, no cabe .. diegoaruis(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)mx Pantiacolla was the most intense and wild place I have worked out of 12 field jobs now to date. In fact, you might even have more than one joyous love affair. Whatever changes are happening in your.

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The rainforest is an endlessly beautiful and interesting place and there are always new birds, plants and insects to see. There are of course aspects to this lifestyle that can be hard, living conditions are basic, contact with the rest of the world is few and far between, and the work can be difficult and tiring. Metabolic experiments are invasive, lengthy and not very interesting, and until you start to find nests, nest searching can be frustrating, but as long as you can appreciate your surroundings as you go these things need not be a problem.

The biggest thing I would say to prepare yourself for working in the Amazon is that go in with no expectations and your mind will be blown, go in with expectations of what you will see and what the project will be like and you will be disappointed.

The thing I had to wrap my head around while I was there was that Pantiacolla is so remote that it really is a different world. All the things we take for granted like food, comfort and communication are in short supply in Pantiacolla and in a way, I felt very much like I was a contestant on the show Survivor, but there was no million dollar prize, the prize was getting to experience something that very few people will ever get a chance to experience.

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I was on the mist-netting team and it was amazing to be able to hold birds like toucans, hawks, manakins and euphonias in your hands. I had done bird banding before but it was nothing compared to this. Overall, I had an amazing experience, the only thing I would like to have done differently was to come into the project not expecting anything. Katharine Fielding USA Krfield at rams dot colostate dot edu Working for the project was challenging, but definitely worth it.

By the end, you will be way more self- sufficient with cooking and laundry. The station leaders are awesome, and will help you learn all the basics of banding and mist netting, even if you have limited birding experience.

Working in such isolated conditions can be difficult, but as long as you are willing to be adaptable and positive, you will have a great experience.

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Carolina Granthon Peru c. The majority of this time I worked as a member of the mobile team. For the last month I split my time between San Pedro and Wayqecha nest searching. Working on the mobile team was an incredible experience that gave me the opportunity to see many different ecosystems within Manu National Park.

We worked at elevations ranging from nearly 12, feet down to1, feet.

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The mobile team primarily mist-netted which was a valuable learning opportunity for me to learn many aspects of mist netting. Due to all the different elevations we worked at, I held and saw a large range of the avian diversity of Manu National Park. However, being a part of the mobile team is not an easy task.

One must be in good physical condition, be willing to camp in very remote locations for up to two weeks at a time, not mind the weather of the eastern Andes, be able to withstand the bugs, and simply like being outside in the rainforest all of the time! The experiences I had during those two and a half months with the mobile team were unforgettable and some of the best moments of my life.

This work experience has only furthered my love, interest, and curiosity for working in the field of tropical ecology. I also spent a month nest searching which is a difficult task that requires patience and awareness of your surroundings at all times while in the field.

It is a wonderful feeling when you do find a nest that is active and well disguised within the monstrous biomass of the Peruvian Cloud Forest.