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Barranquilla Map - Satellite Images of Barranquilla. Barranquilla geographical Dublado Barranquilla Dist. Photodune offers royalty-free photos starting at 1. Later PB-5J was introduced which increased the TJD field to 16 bits, allowing values up towhich will occur in the year There are five digits recorded after TJD Brown 's Tables of the Motion of the Moon It is an integer applied to a whole day; day 1 was October 15,which was the day the Gregorian calendar went into effect. The original paper defining it makes no mention of the time zone, and no mention of time-of-day.

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Some implementations or options use Universal Timeothers use local time. Day 1 is January 1, 1, that is, the first day of the Christian or Common Era in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

To illustrate the ambiguity that could arise, consider the two separate astronomical measurements of an astronomical object from the earth: Assume that three objects—the Earth, the Sun, and the astronomical object targeted, that is whose distance is to be measured—happen to be in a straight line for both measures. However, for the first measurement, the Earth is between the Sun and the targeted object, and for the second, the Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun from that object.

Then, the two measurements would differ by about light-seconds: For the first measurement, the Earth is roughly light seconds closer to the target than the Sun, and roughly light seconds further from the target astronomical object than the Sun for the second measure. History[ edit ] The Julian day number is based on the Julian Period proposed by Joseph Scaligera classical scholar, inat the time of the Gregorian calendar reform, as it is the least common multiple of three calendar cycles used with the Julian calendar: Years of the Julian Period are counted from this year, BC, which was chosen to be before any historical record.

Hence, to refer the Christian era to the Julian Period is the same thing as to find out what year of that period it is which, when divided by 28 will leave a remainder 10, divided by 19 will leave a remainder 2, and divided by 15 will leave a remainder 4. The solution of this problem belongs to the higher mathematics, by which it is found that the year required is the th of the period in question.

Originally the Julian Period was used only to count years, and the Julian calendar was used to express historical dates within years.