Que es la religion umbanda yahoo dating

Brazil's Macumba priests ready voodoo dolls for World Cup

que es la religion umbanda yahoo dating

Penna refused and instead sought help from Candomble, Brazil's Africa-rooted religion based on worship of deities known as orishas that link. CrossRef citations to date. 3. Altmetric. Listen KEY WORDS: Brazilian Umbanda, consciousness, cosmogony, religious subjectivity, spirit possession. y Palo Monte, Quimbisa, Voudou, Candomble, Umbanda y Quimbanda, and Shangoism. Christianity is the religion that arose from the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is among the most ancient religions, dating back more than 5, years.

For hours, devotees in brightly colored garb, including women in billowing hoop skirts, chanted in the Yoruba language and danced around a sacred altar to the pulsating beat of ceremonial drums, with some falling into a trance as spirits apparently took possession of their bodies.

An Africa-rooted faith -- Developed by African slaves brought to Brazil from the 16th century, Candomble has various branches Ketu, Nago, Angola, Jeje based on the beliefs of these distinct ethnic groups. It also incorporates elements of Catholicism, with some orishas paired with analogous Christian saints. Trained in Nigeria in the Ketu Yoruba branch of the faith, Mae Sylvia has over the past three decades tutored nearly 3, disciples, many of whom went on to open their own temples across the country.

We are open to all," she told AFP.

que es la religion umbanda yahoo dating

Mae Sylvia provides spiritual guidance to devotees, communicating with the orishas through divination based on shell reading and numerology. Each follower is paired with a specific orisha, who is connected to a force in nature and worshipped with offerings of foods.

Africa-rooted religions have strong hold in Brazil

Those aspiring to be priests must go through lengthy initiation rites that last at least seven years. Best known orishas are Olorun Supreme Beinghis son Oxala assimilated to Jesus Christ, Shango god of fire, thunder and justiceOgun warrior deity of metal workOxossi hunter deity of the forestOshun goddess of love, marriage and maternity and Iemanja the goddess of the sea and patron deity of fishermen.

Until the s, the faith was officially banned and thus practiced in secret.

que es la religion umbanda yahoo dating

Even today, many followers are reluctant to publicly admit that they are adherents. For that reason, it is difficult to accurately size up the country's Candomble community. Some estimates put it at two million members, but the real figure is likely to be considerably higher. And today, Candomble, also practiced in neighboring countries, is enjoying a revival as an affirmation of African identity and pride, particularly in the northeastern state of Bahia state, the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Confucianism is founded on the teachings of Kong Fu Zi, or Confucius. This religion originated in China. See Confucianism and Kong Fu Zi. Hare Krishna believers believe in the Hindu god Krishna as the single God.

Brazil's Macumba priests ready voodoo dolls for World Cup

The leader of the religion is Swami Prabhupada. Hinduism is founded on the existence of a single God manifest in hundreds of forms. It is among the most ancient religions, dating back more than 5, years. Islam is among the newest of religions, and arose from the teachings of the prophet Muhammed. Jainism originated in India. Judaism's beliefs come from the Old Testament and the Torah.

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It arose before Christianity and Islam and is characterized by belief in a single God. It is a religion based on Christianity which calls for a return to the original principles and values of Jesus Christ. For more information, see here.

que es la religion umbanda yahoo dating

Paganism is older than many religions. It is characterized by belief in several gods of different characters and human and animal forms. Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology all contain stories of pagan gods.

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Peyotism is the largest religion begun, organized, and directed by and for Native Americans. The religion uses the peyote, sometimes referred to as mescal, in its ceremonies. The name comes from the Aztec word peyotl, which designates a small spineless psychedelic cactus Lophophora williamsii that is native to southern Texas and north-central Mexico.

Spanish conquistadores found peyote used as a sacred medicine and a source for magic far beyond the area of natural peyote growth. The Inquisition of New Spain, on June 29,published an order prohibiting the use of peyote for any purpose.

The order failed to stop the Peyote religion, however, which persists among the Native Americans surviving in northern Mexico, particularly the Huichol and Tarahumara.

Africa-rooted religions have strong hold in Brazil

The cactus is also used as a folk medicine. Sathya Sai Baba is a religious leader who also tries to unify several religions. His predecessor was Shirdi Sai Baba. The faith is based in India but extends over the world. See also Shirdi Sai Baba. Satanism denies the power or existence of the Christian God Old Testament.