Nucleolus definition yahoo dating

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nucleolus definition yahoo dating

The nucleolus is organized from the "nucleolar organizing regions" on different chromosomes. A number of chromosomes get together and. E-mail: [email protected] Received date: March 22, ; Accepted date: May 29, ; Published date: September 17, Citation: Gyamfi MA . Well defined glands with lumen as well as clearly seen nucleoli. (B) Gleason. Main · Videos; Marriage without dating episode 12 subtitle indonesia running yahoo dating nucleolus definition yahoo dating sungmin dating honda.

Her hemogram revealed hemoglobin 6. Series hepatitis markers hepatitis A virus, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virushepatitis D virus, hepatitis E virus and Epstein-Barr virus were negative. Human immunodeficiency virus and syphilis antibodies were negative. Coagulation profile was normal Figure 1.

nucleolus definition yahoo dating

Sarcomatoid component of undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver with a myxoid background hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X CT scan abdomen revealed presence of large lobulated heterogeneously enhancing lesion abutting anterior abdominal wall and displacement of multiple small bowel loops, transverse colon and part of pancreatic head. Another hypodense lesion adjacent to caudate lobe of liver at porta was present encasing portal vein, splenic artery, hepatic artery and origin of celiac trunk.

Lesion abuts IVC, right adrenal gland, right kidney. Multiple nodular lesions were found in bilateral lower lobes of lungs indicating metastasis to lungs Figure 2. Pleomorphic cells with numerous hyperchromatic nuclei hematoxylin-eosin, original magnificationX Ultrasound guided biopsy was performed, and specimen was sent to histopathological examination.

On gross examination specimen consisted of multiple linear grey white soft to firm tissue pieces measuring about 0. Microscopic examination shows undifferentiated type round to spindle cells in myxoid background.

Tumor cells had eosinophilic cytoplasm with hyperchromatic nucleus and small nucleoli. Entrapped bile ducts were present. Possibility of malignant mesenchymoma was suggested. On immunohistochemistry vimentin, AE1, and CK7 were found to be positive. S was focally positive.

nucleolus definition yahoo dating

Immunohistochemistry showing vimentin positive in tumor cells original magnification X Discussion UESL is a rare hepatic mesenchymal tumor that was first reported and classified by Stocker et al. Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver is often considered a malignant evolution of Mesenchymal Hamartoma.

The incidence of the disease has no significant gender difference.

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UESL typically has a diameter of cm with a solitary clear boundary. Hemorrhage, necrosis and cystic degeneration are frequently observed while clinical manifestations include abdominal mass, pain, fever and rarely jaundice [ 45 ]. An ultrasonography scan reveals a mixed echoic mass containing an irregular anechoic region or multiple small capsular spaces of different sizes. The solid region exhibits a mixture of high- and low-level echoes.

By contrast a computed tomography CT scan reveals cystic lesions with low density that is reflected as a fluid. Therefore, the difference between CT and ultrasonography results is a critical characteristic of this disease. However, both scans reveal cystic lesions when hemorrhage, necrosis and liquefaction account for the major part of the tumor [ 6 ]. An enhanced CT scan of the tumor solid part, septation and pseudo-capsule shows different degrees of reinforcement.

However, in the present study, MRI revealed that the T1W1 scan mainly detected a low or equal signal and high signal foci, which were reflection of a hemorrhage in the tumor. Additionally, the T2W1 scan frequently exhibited a mixed high signal. They have a critical diagnostic value for UESL patients, particularly those with metastasis of an extra-hepatic organ.

Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver usually occurs as a single and well-circumscribed lesion grossly. The well-demarcated appearance is created by a fibrous pseudocapsule [ 4 ], which is formed by compressed liver parenchyma. Cut surface reveals a heterogeneous appearance of grey-white, glistening solid tumor alternating with cystic, gelatinous areas. In addition, dark-brown areas of hemorrhage and yellow, softer areas of necrosis are often seen grossly.

Microscopically, the pseudocapsule separates the lesion from the surrounding hepatic parenchyma. Cords and clusters of hepatocytes are commonly seen within the pseudocapsule and at the peripheral margin of the lesion. The solid component of UESL appears sarcomatoid with a myxoid background.

What is the function of a nucleolus?

The cells are spindle or stellate shaped with inconspicuous nucleoli and ill-defined cell borders. Multinucleated cells and bizarre cells with hyperchromatic nuclei are often seen between the sarcomatoid cells [ 2 ]. Numerous mitotic figures are easily identified throughout the tumor. Characteristically, eosinophilic globules can be seen in the tumor cell cytoplasm and extracellular matrix.

These globules are positive for periodic acid—Schiff and resistant to diastase digestion. Many studies have shown that UESL does not have a specific immunophenotype. The variable expression of histiocytic, muscle, and epithelial markers is suggestive of primitive stem cells as the origin of this lesion.

nucleolus definition yahoo dating

Glypican 3 GPC3which is known to be a diagnostic marker for hepatoblastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma has recently been shown to be positive in a subset of UESL. Individual markers are often not helpful in differentiating UESL from other liver tumors. It is a very important step in protein synthesis. If the Golgi complex makes a mistake in shipping the proteins to the right address, certain functions in the cell may stop.

This organelle was named after an Italian physician, Camillo Golgi. He was the first person to describe this organelle in the cell. It is also the only organelle that is capitalized. This organelle packages the energy from the food you eat into ATP molecules.

Every type of cell has a different amount of mitochondria plural. There are more mitochondria in cells that have to perform lots of work, for example- your leg muscle cells, heart muscle cells etc. Other cells need less energy to do their work and have less mitochondria.

In this organelle the light energy of the sun is converted into chemical energy. Chloroplasts are found only in plant cells not animal cells. The chemical energy that is produced by chloroplasts is finally used to make carbohydrates like starch that get stored in the plant.

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Chloroplasts contain tiny pigments called chlorophylls. Chlorophylls are responsible for trapping the light energy from the sun. This organelle helps store and transport products produced by the cell. The vesicles are the transport and delivery vehicles like our mail and Federal Express trucks. Some vesicles deliver materials to parts of the cell and others transport materials outside the cell in a process called exocytosis.

This space is called the vacuole. Don't be fooled, the vacuole contains large amounts of water and stores other important materials such as sugars, ions and pigments.

nucleolus definition yahoo dating

Cytoplasm - A term for all the contents of a cell other than the nucleus. Even though the cartoon drawings do not look like it, the cytoplasm contains mostly water. Some fun facts about water and the human body: Adult bodies are about 50 to 65 percent water.