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They analyzed the genre repertoire in the e-mail of a team of computer language designers, paying attention to the function of memos, language proposals, dialogs and ballots. In accordance with modern genre theory, these authors see genres as socially recognized types of communicative actions, and identify them by their purpose and by their common characteristics of form". They suggest that " The term 'cybergenre', coined by Shepherd and Wattersin Breure,denote digital genres.

These authors classify them into two categories: Examples of these are: In addition, Yates and Sumnerin Breure, point that the notion of genres provides a certain degree of stability and fixity since the combination of content and form gives a familiar reference to users. According to this categorization, popular science hyperarticles, the genre under study in this paper, falls into the category of extant subgenres.

Popular science articles Science popularization is an activity which has grown considerably with the expansion of popular magazines, newspapers and the World Wide Web. Popularization means recontextualizing scientific knowledge to convey it to wider audiences Calsamiglia, Loffler-Laurianin Gallardo, propose a division of popular science articles based on the communication system, the characteristics of the writer and the reader, and the nature of the message media.

Specialist popular science articles: They are written by a science professional journalist who aims at reaching a lay audience. All in all, it could be said that the popularization of science includes texts about science that are addressed to non-specialists or the general public who want to know about the major scientific breakthroughs, their applications, utility and consequences of their use in people's lives Myers, Therefore, popularization has helped to reduce the gap between the scientific world and the world of ordinary everyday experience, which used to be evident in the differences between scientific discourses and its everyday counterpart Calsamiglia, Hypertext Hypertext is an old and a new concept.

It is old in the sense that this technological change merely foregrounds aspects of texts which have always been present. In a book, for example, foot notes or cites perform the same function as the hypertext link by directing the reader to other documents. Intertextual features like quotations are another example that reveals the impulse to go beyond strict unity, sequence and closure creating thus a cognitive hypertext because the relations established depend on the readers' schemata or prior knowledge.

It is new in as much as it designates a technological revolution in textual media and describes text chunks that are connected by links which offer the reader different pathways.

Thus, this new technology has facilitated, made more transparent and turned into something physical the link, which has always been a feature of the process of reading. Links Hyperlinks are the elements that define web-based texts and allow multiple texts to be connected. These connections make the web a different medium of communication by relating a text to another text, a text to a song, a text to a graphic, establishing " In the s, links were designed and created by the author of the hypertext and were permanently fixed to the documents they referred to.

However, links have evolved in a variety of ways and achieved their popularity on the Internet. In some systems links are held in link databases separately from the document to which they refer Lewis, The evolution of the links brought about a vast classification of hyperlinks according to different and varied criteria. For instance, Lewis et al. Based on the same criterion, Hammerich and Harrison differentiates between explicit links, i. However, she points out that the underlying basic feature of all systems is the difference between strongly authored links -manually made- and weakly authored links-built through computational models.

In order to make decisions, writers and designers on the web "imagine the audience and draw on their internal representation of the possible reader as a guide to writing and designing" Dotto, In addition to the former categorization derived from business websites, Hammerich and Harrison suggest the following taxonomy of links that has to do with the kind of information they provide, though they observe that: It includes any link that leads the reader to guidelines, information, descriptions, as in the links "Site Map" or "Guidelines for Membership"; exemplifying links: They provide specific examples of content within a broader category, as recipes on a cooking or gourmet site or the trailer for a movie on a movie production site; mode-changing links: This type creates the logical "If An example is the section of e-commerce sites that allow transactions such as an airline's online reservation service where users narrow down their choices by clicking on different destinations, times, and so on.

These links are said to be highly informative and to contribute crucially to the development of the theme of the hypertext. Their informational value is null in relation to the level in which they are inserted, i. The importance of the information they contain will depend on the reader's background knowledge and his capacity to establish semantic connections with the other levels of the system.

As researchers and teachers of ESP of the Faculties of Humanities and Physics and Maths of the above mentioned university, our main aim was to make a research on the characteristics of the links included in Geology and Psychology popular science hyperarticles.


Although science textbooks and research articles are target forms for students at university level, popular science articles were chosen for the study of their links for two reasons: The starting point for the corpus collection was to observe which popular science hyper-magazines or websites the students consulted as sources of information for their ESP classes.

To corroborate the reputation of these magazines and website as organs for the popularization of scientific research findings, we consulted the links "About Us" in each of them. The criterion for building up the corpus was that they contained at least three links in the first level. The gathering of the corpus of popular science hyper-articles was carried out at random from November to May Thus, these four sources provided a 24 hyperarticle corpus with a total of 62 static links.

To analyze the hyperlinks, the categories concerning the organizational and informational aspects of the links claimed by Hammerich and Harrison were followed. These taxonomies stem from these authors' experience in developing web sites for the government, the private section and business sectors.

On the one hand, from the organizational point of view, Hammerich and Harrison differentiate between strongly authored links; that is, manually made and weakly authored links; namely, made by computational models. Once the hyperarticles were selected, the three first links in each hypertext were visited to determine whether they had been especially created by the designer to expand on information; i. The same process was carried out to assess the informational load of the links; that is, the first three links were visited and then analyzed according to Hammerich and Harrison's taxonomy.

Results From their organizational point of view, the analysis of the 36 hyperlinks from the field of psychology revealed differences between the two sites chosen. From the links included in the hypertexts downloaded from the website KidsHealth two were weakly authored because they took the reader to other sites which provided information about Clinics or Health Centers, and sixteen were strongly authored, that is, the lexical items were used to connect the hypertext to another hypertext, with the same kind of information, within the same web site.

For example, the first link "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" in the hypertext "The effects of adolescent mental disorder last into adulthood" connected the user to another hypertext which provided an introduction, definition, causes and consequences of such disorder. However, the 18 links studied from the online magazine ScienceDaily were weakly authored, that is to say, all of them established connections with other hypertextual systems which were not at all useful for the development of the topic.

For example, the link "Mental illness" in the article "Suicide in one partner substantially increases suicide risk in the other" connected the hipertext to "Kosamba" an institution offering professional counselors. As far as the informational value was concerned, sixteen hypertexts downloaded from KidsHealth website displayed the enhancing function.

They laid factual information for the user by linking the hyperarticle to other hyperarticles whose content added more detailed information. For instance, in the hyperarticle "Teen boys with anorexia have distorted body image" the link "eating disorder" provided a hyperarticle with the same degree of information as the hyperarticle that contained the link.

The other two links were self-selecting since they offered the users the possibility of narrowing down their search by making choices based on their own interests.

For instance, in the hypertext "The effect of adolescent mental disorder last into adulthood" the link "Asthma" directed the reader to an Asthma Center, that provided educational and professional advice about the problem, but did not explain what asthma means, its causes and consequences.

As regards the findings from the Science Daily magazine the eighteen links were self-selecting. For example, the link "body fat" in the hypertext "Anorexia nervosa often chronic, study finds" advertised an all-natural fat burner, creating in this way the logical "if Concerning the organizational value of the 36 hyperlinks belonging to the geology on-line magazines, only six of them corresponded to the category of strongly authored.

These were links which mainly referred to visual aids such as maps and photographs. For example, the link "ring of fire" from the article "Indonesian volcano: Ready to erupt" Geotimes included a photo illustration of the chains of volcanoes and oceanic trenches of Indonesia.

In like manner, in the article "Hurricane alley heats up" Live Sciencethe link "Hurricanes from above" displayed different hurricanes photographed from different perspectives. The remaining 30 links studied were weakly authored, thus creating a connection with other hypertextual systems.

Or the connection set up by the link "Geotimes, April " in the hyperarticle "Yellowstone moving magma" which presented another article called "Italy's hidden hazard", belonging to the same magazine.

From their informational point of view, 22 links of the geology on-line magazines were enhancing since they provided more factual information about the site contents by offering greater detail. For example, the link "Develop into a hurricane" from the article "Hurricane alley heats up" led to a description and an explanation of how and where hurricanes form. The Geotimes hyperarticle "Mineralogy: Cooked minerals resemble life" contained, for example, the link "Laboratory experiments" which included another article with more detailed information about astrobiology.

Lectura intertextual yahoo dating

Eight links were mode-changing, moving users from the reading mode to one that required a different kind of skill or cognitive ability. Such was the case of the link "The bulge seen in Satellite Data" in "Mystery bulge in Oregon still growing" Live Sciencewhich presented a picture showing a satellite radar interferogram of a rocky bulge.

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