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Main · Videos; Krabby patty secret formula yahoo dating. Increasingly, any egg mutable marriage, browbeating both the billionaires nisi 2, billionaires from. I saw that Spongebob was coming on next so I was going to watch it, who doesn't love Spongebob? need to catch some more of that secret ingredient” The next morning Spongebob In a nervous shaky voice he asks “aye Mrs. Puff how about we uh, go on a date. Credit Link – [email protected] The format is bun, patty, cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, onions, and top bun. However, in the episode "Pickles", the formula is stated.

I proceeded to watch the show; it began as normal catching sing along intro but it cut short. When the episode began it showed Mr. Krabs at his desk inside the Krusty Krab counting his money as usual and the phone rings and Sandy is on the other end. You cannot make out any of the conversation just some mumbling and Mr.

Krabs hangs up the phone and has a devious smile on his face. The next scene comes on and it shows Mr. Puff walks into the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs eyes lights remembering the crush he has on her he walks over to her.

Puff how about we uh, go on a date. The next scene Spongebob reports for boating school Mrs. Puff is nowhere to be found. Outside the boating are Perch Perkins and a news crew. Puff has gone missing. This is where the episode got very creepy, Spongebob goes into the boating school and there is blood all over the floor and walls.

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The next day Spongebob is at work and as usual Plankton has a master plan to steal the krabby patty recipe, and Spongebob catches him. Krabs loves everyone in Bikini Bottom he would never do that. He compares himself and Potty to Mr. Krabs and Planktonstarting the SpongeBob Plot. Later, Potty appears to Patchy and tells him that he is now assistant manager.

Potty says that his fancy book smarts got him the promotion and Patchy thinks it's unfair. When Patchy realizes his food is terrible, Potty tells him that he needs to practice his cooking skills.

After a montage of training, Patchy makes his first burger. He tries it and realizes it's just as bad and has it walk the plank in other words, throw it into the garbage. Patchy shrugs and says that SpongeBob's first patty probably didn't go so well. However, Potty shows SpongeBob as a baby making his first patty and it's perfect on the first try.

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Potty then scolds Patchy for his unsanitary environment such as keeping ground beef in an old boot, having rats in the kitchen, not washing his hands after using the bathroom and not wearing a hair net. Fed up with Potty's criticisms, Patchy starts throwing patties at Potty, but they keep missing, and one eventually hits Mr.

Pirateson, the Owner of Poop Deck. Patchy then tells the viewers to watch the rest of the SpongeBob episode while he watches Potty get fired, just as Mr. Pirateson forcefully shouts for Patchy to get in his office. After the episode is over, Patchy claims he took some time off, but Potty then tells the viewers that Patchy actually got fired, and Patchy gets back at Potty by saying that he got fired too, which is also true but Potty also got a golden parachute.

Patchy then says that they cannot replace him, but Potty tells him that they already did. When Patchy finds out that he's been replaced by a gorilla, he calls it a "smelly, hairy fleabag", to which the gorilla fiercely responds to by throwing patties at Patchy. The narrator then tell the Viewers to always follow your dreams unless you're Patchyand then the episode ends.

The Krabby Trap

Krabs why they hate each other. Krabs tells his side of the story, in a series of flashbacks. In the flashback, Mr. Krabs and Plankton were best friends from birth, and did everything together. Both were outcasts, Plankton being viewed as a nerd for his intelligence and Mr.

Krabs ironically being extremely poor, and victims of cold-hearted ridicule and social prejudice by other children. Krabs finds a penny at the carnival, his first exposure to money, which he spends on a balloon for Plankton. Later, they get enough money to buy a burger from Stinky's Burgers, which, despite having horrible food and being located in a landfillis very popular among the local children due to being the only place in town to get a burger.

When Stinky refuses to give them a burger, saying that freaks like them are bad for business, Plankton and Krabs decide to go into the burger business themselves, and create their own burger, but no one wants to try it.