Japan rail timetable yahoo dating

JR-EAST: Train Status Information

japan rail timetable yahoo dating

You can use English to search for the nation's railways, aircraft routes (train time, fares, time required) as well as to understand the detail information such as the. Japan Baseball Tickets and Other Event Tickets. Guaranteed The regular season dates are now in. Fukuoka, SoftBank HAWKS, H, Yahoo Dome. Information about timetables and route finders for Japanese trains. and Hyperdia sometimes returns strange data for dates in the far future.

Desktop App requires internet access for timetable searches.

japan rail timetable yahoo dating

The site and apps are in Japanese. Instead of an online app, has a desktop app instead. This is by far the most comprehensive of the apps mentioned however the UI can be a bit difficult to use initially.


Provides maps of lines of all rail providers across Japan as well as timetable searching. Produced by Hitachi Systems.

How Is Train Travel in JAPAN? Bullet Train Experience

Both websites offer free searches however both the iPhone and Android app require a paid subsciption. The iPhone app can be operated by voice.

japan rail timetable yahoo dating

For completeness sake I will include this one. Offers both English and Japanese searching directly as well as a map of the area it is a map app after all. Doesn't normally show service disruptions in a timely manner.

japan rail timetable yahoo dating

Some searches may give abstract results especially when searching in English for example searching for a somewhat rare place name may give results of stores in otherwise unrelated parts of Japan and sometimes the world. On top of that, while most railway, bus and ferry companies publish their timetables online, few offer good English language resources.

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Luckily there are several excellent English online route finders available on the internet to help travelers navigate the railway system in Japan. Route finders allow you to find transportation routes between any two train stations in Japan. The two most popular services for foreign tourists are Google Map and Hyperdia.

japan rail timetable yahoo dating

While Hyperdia is a great tool for planning railway travel in Japan, some of its functions and screens can profit from some additional explanations which we try to provide below: Hyperdia Thanks to its English interface and flexible search options, Hyperdia is the best route finder website available to travelers.

It is also the only website with the option to exclude Nozomi and Mizuho trains from the results, making it an excellent tool for Japan Rail Pass holders to determine routes that are valid with their passes.

japan rail timetable yahoo dating

Likewise, the option to limit results to only local JR trains makes it a good tool for Seishun 18 Kippu users. Simple Search Options Hyperdia's basic search functions allow you to quickly look up routes between two stations. Just start inputting a station name, and Hyperdia will attempt to autocomplete it. One of Hyperdia's weaknesses is its inability to recognize alternate station name spellings. For example, Hyperdia will only recogize "Shin-Osaka" with a dash, but won't understand "Shin Osaka" with a space or "Shinosaka" written together.

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Another minor challenge for the user is to know the actual station names. Fukuoka's main railway station, for example, is called "Hakata".

Entering "Fukuoka" will get you to a small station in the countryside of Toyama Prefecture.