Hot 97 or power 105 yahoo dating

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hot 97 or power 105 yahoo dating

Angela "Angie" Martinez (born January 9, ) is an American radio personality, rapper, and She hosted the Afternoon Drive weekdays, alongside HOT 97's DJ Enuff, where she She was announced to have signed on with Hot 97's main New York radio competitor, Power (WWPR-FM) on . Prize Forfeiture: Unless otherwise stated, winners shall have thirty (30) days from the date of selection to claim and pick up their prize. Failure to claim and pick. David Filo and Jerry Yang, Co-founders of Yahoo! In early , Jerry Yang and David Filo were PhD students in electrical engineering at Stanford. involved design automation software, which was a hot area of research at the time. projects that may or may not evolve into startups at some later date.

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hot 97 or power 105 yahoo dating

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The two knew each other from their time at Stanford, but really bonded when they signed up for a brief teaching stint in Japan. The dissertation that the two were ostensibly working on in the Spring of involved design automation software, which was a hot area of research at the time. Yang and Filo shared side-by-side cubicles in a Stanford portable trailer, in lieu of official offices. They had the place to themselves.

hot 97 or power 105 yahoo dating

Their dissertation advisor was on sabbatical so they were free to order pizza, goof around, and oh yeah, occasionally research. More often then not, one or both of them would end up sleeping in the trailer. Filo had discovered the Mosaic browser shortly after it was released, and this led the pair to an all-consuming obsession with the World Wide Web. In those days, it was still possible to visit every single website in existence in a matter of a few hours.

But new websites were popping up every day. So, in the hours when they should have been doing research, they were browsing the web instead, trying to find and catalog the new. Always a bit intellectually competitive, the two began collecting and trading links to the new websites they found. They started compiling these favorite links into a list, each trying to outdo the other by finding the coolest new site of the day. As the web grew that summer, things got a bit more complicated.

Word of mouth spread news of the list even further and soon complete strangers were emailing in suggestions of new sites to be included. In order to keep things reasonably organized, Yang and Filo broke the list out into a hierarchical directory. In those days, there was no automation or algorithm. The pair began working on the directory to the exclusion of almost everything else. It was an all-consuming project, an obsession.

They would toil away on Yahoo for dozens of hours at a stretch, trading off sleeping on the floor, only to go back to more searching and more indexing. Yahoo was the perfect distraction.

hot 97 or power 105 yahoo dating

When their dissertation advisor returned from her European sabbatical, she was stunned to find that the messy trailer was the headquarters of a world famous Internet phenomenon. By SeptemberYang and Filo had compiled a directory of more than 2, sites. What had started as a hobby now became a full time project. So, Yang and Filo settled on the name Yahoo! Stanford had a long history of being supportive toward student-run projects that may or may not evolve into startups at some later date.

All those early web users who surfed the web via Netscape were introduced to Yahoo as the defacto search utility. The flow of curious web searchers grew into a flood. Yahoo had its first million hit day late in By January ofsoon after the domain Yahoo. The servers began to struggle under the deluge. The university asked Yang and Filo to find another host for their website.

For months, they had left their dissertation languishing. Now it was time to decide if Yahoo was a real thing or not, and whether or not the boys were willing to become businessmen.

Yang and Filo would be able to leave Stanford behind and strike off on their own. They took the leap into entrepreneurship. The Venture Capitalists came calling as well, and now the boys were ready to talk seriously to them.

But the moneymen were a bit skeptical about whether or not Yahoo even was a business.

Angie Martinez

Netscape might have seemed like a dubious proposition when it was looking to raise funds around the same time: But at least Navigator was a software package. People understood that software could be sold.

hot 97 or power 105 yahoo dating

And Netscape was proving it could make real money providing support and server packages to supplement their software. It was a service; a destination; a directory; a glorified list. There was almost nothing proprietary about it. Anyone could make a list of websites. Furthermore, it was a service that you could never charge for.

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Among others, Kleiner Perkins took a pass, despite the close ties Yahoo had to its big Internet investment, Netscape. But one of those who made the trek to the messy Stanford trailer before Yang and Filo vacated it for a proper office was a VC named Mike Moritz. There would be no fees to users. Sequoia had funded such Silicon Valley luminaries as Apple, Atari, Cisco and Oracle, but it had not yet dipped its toe into Internet waters.

The product was free! Yang and Filo had absolutely zero business background or acumen! What was to stop someone else Microsoft? And then there was that crazy name. Yahoo already had millions of loyal users; surely there would be some way to monetize them.

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As more and more users were coming to the web, Yahoo could be the friendly guide that would hold the hands of new users and lead them out into the void. If there was an elevator pitch, it was that Yahoo had the chance to be the TV Guide for the Internet.

Like Yahoo, TV Guide simply provided information that any other entity could aggregate. And yet, TV Guide was the largest circulation magazine on the planet.

There was value in being the trusted directory for something. Sequoia eventually bought the pitch. Both were supported by advertisers who paid good money to reach an audience of millions. By that logic, even the wacky company name could be seen as a plus rather than a minus. If done the right way, Yahoo could create a brand that would be fun, funny, irreverent, hip—in short, perfectly suited for the burgeoning Internet audience.

This investment would turn out handsomely as well. With its first infusion of cash, Yahoo went about becoming the business Yang and Filo had thrown academia over for. Finance folk were brought on to structure Yahoo like a mean, lean startup. The surfers, who would eventually number more than 50, were expected to each add as many as a thousand new sites a day to the directory. And this is a key thing to keep in mind: This was in stark opposition to competitors at the time like Excite, AltaVista, Lycos and others.

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This was partly because it had to. The web was growing exponentially, and all those humans at Yahoo needed to keep up with it. There was also the matter of competition. One by one, the other search sites had all taken various forms of venture investment and were eager to prove that algorithmic search engines were superior Internet guides. Someone smart with resources could have done the same thing.

It seemed that Steve Case had learned some negotiation tactics from his run-ins with Bill Gates. The main strength that Yahoo felt it had was, quite simply, it had been first. Those early months as the default search tool on Navigator had sown the seeds of familiarity and loyalty among early Internet adopters. Once they learned about Yahoo, they came back again and again, almost automatically.

hot 97 or power 105 yahoo dating

Even when competing services showed up on the prairie, users had a tendency to stick with what they knew, so long as it still worked. The first mover advantage meant that Yahoo had a big head start in the land grab for market and mindshare among early web devotees. With previous experience at Clorox and 20th Century-Fox, Edwards would help Yahoo do something that was completely radical for the time: Yahoo was debatably the first Internet company to do so.

With its quirky purple logo Yahoo was soon everywhere, from hockey rinks to billboards to t-shirts. The branding was instrumental in helping Yahoo stand out from the scrum of the search engine pack. But it also played a vital role in turning what was an unpatentable service a directory into a valued, strategically defensible product. Yahoo was smart in turning its lack of technological uniqueness into a strength. From the very beginning, Yahoo denied it was even a technology company.

Microsoft will just take over our space. Investors were falling over each other to hand Yahoo money for two reasons.

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For one, the Big Bang had gone off in September of Netscape had gone public.