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The Mazda 3 Grand Touring is an almost perfect hatchback

Nov 2, through our most extensive battery of tests to date — with hundreds of miles a pair of new midsize sedans, the Hyundai Sonata and Chrysler C. The previous generations of the year-old hot hatchback brand have. Jun 16, Year to date, Ford's sales are down just % through May. A taupe Ford Fiesta A taupe Ford Fiesta hatchback parked in a European city. May , May market share, Change vs. May In Europe, it's offered in wagon and hatchback versions in addition to the familiar sedan. (But you'd. Apr 12, occupies an interesting position among "luxury" sedans and hatchbacks. but that doesn't seem to matter to its , or so buyers to date.

On the inside, those extra inches have gone into cargo space; the GTI now has Outside, the new dimensions and sharper bodywork make the GTI the most attractive model VW sells on these shores.

Ford Is Still Cruising Along in Europe

Inside, the cabin and sightlines feel solid and Germanic in the best sense. Instead, our tests of a four-door automatic GTI included what VW calls the Performance Pack — a set of upgrades that adds 10 hp, better brakes and a trick new style of limited-slip differential known as VAQ.

Like its competitors such as the Ford Focus ST, the regular GTI has software that can lightly blip an individual front brake to even power delivery. You might assume, that, being front-wheel drive, the GTI would have a hard time navigating the tight, twisty course we constructed — the kind that makes such cars stumble into curve-destroying understeer.

The GTI managed a The only hint of understeer came under hard acceleration from tighter turns.

Hatch v Sedan v SUV

Trail-braking into a corner, the hot hatch is lively — the rear end dances on its toes. The S-Max is a tall wagon based on the Fusion.

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You probably know the C-Max, a tall wagon based on the Focus. The S-Max is that, one size up. The Galaxy is closely related to the S-Max, but it's a little bigger, with three rows of seats to the S-Max's two.

It's essentially a minivan, but scaled down a bit for Europe. And it's not related to the old Ford Galaxie sedan, of course, except in spirit -- it's a big kid-hauler, just as the s Galaxie wagons were.

15 of the Fastest Four-Doors Around the Nurburgring

Why are sales of all of these vehicles down? Part of the answer may have to do with their drivetrains: All are offered with both diesel and gasoline engines; diesels have become a tougher sell in Europe in the wake of Volkswagen's emissions-cheating scandal; and the gasoline engines use more fuel per kilometer than the diesels. Despite working with a short, front-wheel drive platform — terrible for proportions — the wizards at Mazda HQ managed to create an athletic and svelte hatchback shape.

The Mazda 3 is offered in two forms, including a hatchback model and a sedan.

Audi, BMW, Mercedes large electric luxury sedans to aim above Tesla Model S?

The hatchback's styling and improved practicality are worth the added cost. That price gets you a lot. Our tester had essentially every option boxed ticked except the automatic transmission, offering a slick six-speed row-your-own gearbox instead.

Heated leather seats, a heated steering wheel, a heads-up display, radar cruise control and blind-spot monitoring were all included.

It also had premium materials throughout and looked more expensive than its price tag would suggest. Still, Mazda still refuses to offer a performance trim — think Volkswagen GTI or Civic Si — so it can't quite claim the crown for the segment. It's a great commuter car, too.