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A new type of student is emerging: In different degrees of agreement, the participants declare that the defining ability that will characterize the student of the future is learning. This is observed in The accustomed relation education-teaching is now presented as education-learning.

The current and future learning demands are being forced by an accelerated development of science and technology and the obsolescence itself of knowledge. The participants in the study do not provide enough information to create a profile of the student of the future, although some characteristics can be retrieved. In summary, the student of the future will have greater emphasis on characteristics such as the mastery of social skills, creativity, multi-languages, autonomy and independent thinking.

Similarly, for most of them, technological mastery, capacity of adaptation, learning to learn and competitiveness will be the most important aspects related with the students in the next decades. Concept of family and community In the discursive context of the participants, the family as understood in its traditional concept nuclear family fades away and a wide range of family structures emerge.

The participants are concerned with the consequences that the changes in the family lead to and the contradictions that globalization and the explosion of social networks in cyberspace seem to be causing in the system of values that once safeguarded the family, as can be observed in the following fragments: Strong confrontations occur and will occur.

This was verified with the opinions expressed by the participants in the survey where the vast majority, almost The involvement of the family in the education processes is observed as an important concern for the students. The concern about whether the family in the future will lose leadership in the educational process of the children is expressed in the fact that almost half of them, Based on the study performed, one can conclude that in what refers to the family and its involvement in the education scenarios and tasks, the participants perceive significant changes.

With regard to the concept of community, the students who participated in the investigation said that for the future, the community will also undergo relevant changes. That is, the old-fashioned community that built the collective identity will fade, animated by the information and communication technologies. The participants state certain concerns for this matter, since the community, upon losing its physical support spaces where it is locatedtransfers to cyberspace, and with this in the new scenario, face to face interactions become digitalized.

Social Structure Change Rhythms, according to Toffler, Despite the imperious need for transformation, the school, as a social institution, shows a reactive position with regard to the social requirements and demands and its change rhythm is one of the slowest in the system Calatayud, ; Marina; ; Toffler,as can be appreciated in Figure 2.

The participants express in different degrees of agreement that the most defining ability of the student of the future will be learning.

All these observations are related also with the position of the author Barberowho underlines the coexistence of different channels, additional to the school, through which knowledge circulates and is built. One of the subjects that the participants relate more with family has to do with the shaping of values. That is why they link values most importantly with the Costa Rican identity and family, conceived from a traditional perception.

The participants focus their attention on the aspirations and issues of the present that require attention, such as awakening the interest for learning, the loss of control of the parents, the absence of education policies in accordance with the new realities, the search for flexibility in the curricula, the increase of demands of the education players and the growing emergence of education proposals with an intensive use of ICTs.

With regard to the subject of family, the participants coincide that in the future its traditional conception will experience transcendental changes and will continue to migrate towards different typologies. In the same way, the students who participated in the study foresee changes in the concept of community mainly due to the delocalization and the emergence of virtual communities.

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One of the matters that concerned the participants most alludes to the subject of values. Standing out amongst these is the trend to project towards the proposed future, values of a social character, typical of an industrial economic model based on the labor force, to others ostensibly founded on the information and the knowledge through which the society of the future is supposed to travel through. In the case of the ethical and moral values, the discussion of the participants tended to find ties around the Costa Rica identity and the family as a priority.

In both cases, they appeal to the usual argument of a value crisis as an instrument to explain and justify those social behaviors that transgress the status quo. With regard to the subject of fundamental competences for the teacher in the future, the participants in order of importance highlighted: It must be recognized that confronted with the profiles of the current society, this proposal of competence is quite accurate.

Nevertheless, in this exercise the participants overlooked essential competences for access to information and knowledge in a homonymous era: In regard to the characteristics of the student in the future, according to the manifestations of the participants, the distinctive element will be the capability for learning, autonomy and the intensive use of technologies.

One of the aspects most mentioned by the participants was the growing incorporation of technologies in the education processes. Although certainly, the overlapping of technologies is a strong trend in the education process, that alone is not a guarantee for the improvement of quality, but rather in some circumstances the incorporation of technologies may have a negative impact on the educational results Levis, ; Teo, Conclusions As can be inferred from the data, the participants do not consider novel education processes but rather the glimpses of the education of the future refer, fundamentally, to initiatives or practices that are carried out today with lesser or greater efforts.

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Participants coincide in that the learning capability, autonomy and the intensive use of technologies will be the distinctive characteristic of the student of the future.

In addition, they state that both the family as well as the communities will continue with the transformation that they are experiencing and this will inevitably influence the education processes.

According to the participants in this study, the fundamental competences of the teacher of the future will be: The cognitive and linguistic competences, despite their relevance, are not considered. El aprendizaje en la era digital.

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What is digital competence. Toward a theory of new literacies emerging from the Internet and other information and communication technologies.

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