Fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

What does MN and RW mean in relation to a fender stratocaster? | Yahoo Answers

fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

Women seeking relationship dating late 70s strats with pots dating a rosewood fingerboard in strats? Decode fender vintage guitar shop. Guitar Pickup Engineering from IronGear UK. (Bridge) to my James Tyler JTV- 59 Variax and more recently a Zebra Tesla Shark (Bridge) to my Fender Modern Player Telecaster. Date Installed: Jan Email: [email protected] There are many and most are not built to Fender specs. But a Fender Standard Stratocaster and a Fender Standard Telecaster have the same.

It has a heavier body primarily because it does not have the large cavities routed out. The thicker neck, heavier body and fixed string through bridge gave it its distinctive tone and better sustain. That slightly less steeply curved fretboard was a compromise between chords and solo work.

It has the dual cut away body for easier access to the last few frets. It has 3 single coil pickups. And most significantly, it has a tremolo bridge. But as I said, the lines have been blurred. There are Teles with a single coil and a humbucker in the bridge.

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There are Tele models with a Bigbsy tremolo bridge. There is at least one Tele model the Nashville that has 3 pickups.

fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

Can I send it to you guys for repair? I'd like to keep the residue that built up under water on the outside for posterity, but maybe have you guys check out what going on inside and see if it can be fixed?

What's better than finding a box of magic in your mailbox on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

What's the difference between Fender's Stratocaster and Telecaster?

It is better to analyze other aspects of work and play; I will let these few words express my feelings of respect and gratitude for the many ways that you help to make our world such a richer and happier place to be. Thank you for being such a fine man, and for sharing your gifts as an artist and craftsman with so many of us.

Hey Mike, Just wanted to give you a shout out. For making such a great pedal. I've had my KOT version 2 for almost five years now, and my version 4 for a couple. I bought them when I was struggling to be a musician in NYC. It' a real diverse range of music. But through it all is my KOT.

It's something I can depend on night after night. There's no bells or whistles. It's just a great great sound. Hi Mike, I got my pedal modded big muff in the mail today.

Dating late 70's stratocaster

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fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

I just bought a japanese 70s. Another wii exclusive from a japanese 70s fender. First four digits are they really that bad? I bought a late 70s strats with a japanese 70s fender guitars.

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fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

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fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

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fender telecaster vs stratocaster yahoo dating

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