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emociones en ingles yahoo dating

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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul; Literature says little about family reintegration practices carried out by SAIs throughout cities in the country.

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Therefore, this article strives to better understand the family reintegration practices of children and adolescents found under Protective Measures and sheltered by SAIs throughout the 1, Brazilian cities studied, to support the implementation of public policies capable to provide a careful and efficient reintegration, according to the different population sizes.

The study collected data from all 36, children and adolescents at foster care units. The research was conducted between and in the five regions of the country, with the support of the Ministry for Social Development and Fight Against Hunger MDS Due to the absence of a single national register that gathers the institutions that provide foster care public and private for children and adolescents in Brazil, the list of existing institutions used by the research was created from two sources: The research was then initiated with these lists and some changes were made along the process: Although the long process of elaboration, this list may still be incomplete due to the difficulties to obtain data.

However, this study highlights the fact that the research conducted is the larger and most accurate work carried out about this topic in the country, up to The manager of each SAI had to fill out a questionnaire on the services provided and a questionnaire for each child and adolescent sheltered under protection measure yearsbased on data from their medical records and information provided by the technicians.

This article provides data from both surveys: The Foster Care Services analyzed in this article are broken down by cities, classified by population size: This study conducted bivariate analysis between the city size variable and the following variables: The managers of SAIs, the professionals of these services, members of the Network of Protection and Support for Children and Adolescents' Rights; and family members that were interviewed signed a consent form.

Results Table 1 shows the distribution of SAIs and the number of children and adolescents in foster care, according to city size.

The table also shows the progression of the number of SAIs and of children and adolescents sheltered as the population grows. The number of SAIs and of children and adolescents in foster care is quite lower in small sized cities than in large cities or metropolises. It is noteworthy that there are much more large sized cites than metropolises in the country, thus the reason that the first are predominant in the research on the number of SAIs and of children and adolescents sheltered.

However, in the comparison of the number of children and adolescents sheltered at SAIs by city size, the number grows as the population size grows, reaching 60 per large city and Distribution of SAIs and of the number of children and adolescents sheltered, according to city size. Table 2 shows the family tie status of the children and adolescents in foster care.

A significant part of the children and adolescent's families is present at the SAIs, regardless of the population size: However, the percentage of children and adolescents without family ties is quite significant in all cities between It is important to mention that the percentage of children and adolescents with missing or not localized family is higher in the metropolises 3.

Table 3 shows the place of residence of the parents and guardians, according to SAIs locations.

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There are more families of children and adolescents living in the same city, mostly in large cities and metropolises. Still, the table shows the high percentage of children and adolescents whose parents live in different cities than the ones they are located, ranging from Table 4 shows that The number of siblings living in other foster care units is high mid-sized is Table 5 describes the activities developed by the SAIs with the families, according to data obtained from the managers.

In addition to the activities mentioned in Table 5the managers were asked about what services were offered to the families.

emociones en ingles yahoo dating

Thus, in general, the smaller cities offer fewer activities to the families than the larger ones. Concerning the legal status of the 32, children and adolescents excluding the state of Minas Gerais This reality is similar according to the population size, ranging from Other legal status observed: Such data are quite similar in cities of different population sizes. Discussion There is a growth trend in the country of SAIs and of children and adolescents under foster care as the city size increases, according to the reasoning that the offer is higher in larger urban centers Castells M, Borja J.

Thus, assuming that there is more agility in the family visits and more attempts to family reintegration. However, the long distances of larger cities and the high prices of public transportation may hinder the access of families to the foster care units.

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A study that evaluated 7, children in the state of Florida, USA, pointed out that the geographical location of the child's home determined a higher or lower possibility to leave foster care. Urban areas in Florida had the lowest release rates of children from the institutions. The authors associate that administrative rules lead to different periods of staying, as well as involvement strategies of the staff with the families. Other aspects that affect the sheltering concern mental health issues due to disorders resultant from the use of psychoactive substance and psychiatric problems of parents and children Predictors of successful permanency planning and length of stay in foster care: The role of race, diagnosis and place of residence.

Children and Youth Services Review ; Predicting the time children spend in state custody. Social Service Review ; 74 2: These aspects show the need for further research on the topic, identifying which factors may explain the existing variations. It is noteworthy that there is a significant gap in national studies that addresses such issues.

emociones en ingles yahoo dating

Another important aspect concerns the difficulty of ascertaining the actual number of SAIs and of children and adolescents under this service in Brazil, as well as the existing dynamism in the area, making it difficult to obtain a single national register.

The national survey on foster care conducted by IPEA This present survey 13 Data from the Social Assistance System Survey conducted in found 2, foster care units and 33, children and adolescents. On the other hand, the National Register of Children and Adolescents in Foster Care of the National Council of the Public Prosecution Services reports 4, foster care units hosting 43, children and adolescents The foster care units must urgently create interconnected databases and constantly update them, resulting in more effective public policies.

Concerning the family tie status of children and adolescents sheltered at SAIs, it is important to mention that in the metropolises studied, the number of missing and not located families, as well as of children and adolescents under family contact legal constraint is high, in comparison to smaller cities.

More populous cities implylonger distances among Judiciary Power, SAIs, individuals, and their families. It is necessary to find the reasons that drove the child and adolescent to foster care, as well as to investigate the personal and family issues that resulted to carry out the family reintegration with safety Psicologia e Sociedade ; Estudos de Psicologia ; Family reintegration is not a simple and agile task; the family of this child and adolescent may be facing difficulties and may be under risk Attachment for infants in foster care: The role of caregiver state mind.

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