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15 Filter Effects

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Because the triangle itself is not part of the accumulated background and because ShiftBGAndBlur ignores SourceGraphic, the triangle does not appear in the result. In this case, SourceGraphic is the blue triangle; thus, the result is the same as in the fourth case except that the blue triangle now appears. Unless otherwise stated, all image filters operate on premultiplied RGBA samples. Filters which work more naturally on non-premultiplied data feColorMatrix and feComponentTransfer will temporarily undo and redo premultiplication as specified.

The RGBA result from each filter primitive will be clamped into the allowable ranges for colors and opacity values. See filter primitive subregion.

A negative value is an error see Error processing. A value of zero disables the effect of the given filter primitive i. If no value is provided and this is the first filter primitive, then this filter primitive will use SourceGraphic as its input. If no value is provided and this is a subsequent filter primitive, then this filter primitive will use the result from the previous filter primitive as its input. Forward references to results are an error. Definitions for the six keywords: For raster effects filter primitives, the graphics elements will be rasterized into an initially clear RGBA raster in image space.

Pixels left untouched by the original graphic will be left clear. The image is specified to be rendered in linear RGBA pixels.

Filter Effects – SVG (Second Edition)

The alpha channel of this image captures any anti-aliasing specified by SVG. Since the raster is linear, the alpha channel of this image will represent the exact percent coverage of each pixel. SourceAlpha has all of the same rules as SourceGraphic except that only the alpha channel is used. If this option is used, then some implementations might need to rasterize the graphics elements in order to extract the alpha channel.

See Accessing the background image. BackgroundAlpha Same as BackgroundImage except only the alpha channel is used.

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See SourceAlpha and Accessing the background image. The FillPaint image has conceptually infinite extent. Frequently this image is opaque everywhere, but it might not be if the "paint" itself has alpha, as in the case of a gradient or pattern which itself includes transparent or semi-transparent parts.

The StrokePaint image has conceptually infinite extent. If there are no referenced nodes e.