Dating a blind person yahoo

Have you ever been on a blind date? | Yahoo Answers

dating a blind person yahoo

How about a person who just wants to kill all the white people? I'd also date and/or marry a blind person, if she were the right one for me. Oct 15, This question, I suppose, is rooted in the sighted person's belief that looking at The answer: If you're a classy blind person who has their life . The Internet Is Torn Over This Couple's Pricey and 'Aggressive' Save-the-Dates. yeah i have been on a blind was very weird..u dun know dat person..n d worst part d person is horrible lukin den blind date is a.

Because one night god came into my dream and said me that if you are my son then you will marry with a girl,which is my creation and can not see the world,beauty,color, or everything.

She is your life destination. I am interested in the blind community.

Jenny Slate shared her horrible blind date story, because dating sucks even for famous people

If somebody approxmitly my age would like to chat talk or socailiz please contact me at espin1 hotmail. I dont see many young blind people and it is something i would like to learn more about. I am currently writing an ethnography report on blind people and I am required to have atleast one interview. I would greatly appreciate if someone would respond so I could ask you a few questions.

I do not have to use your name, that is not required. Please reply, it would be greatly appreciated.

Contact with Blind People - Message Boards - American Foundation for the Blind

I'm 17 and from the suburbs near Chicago. Feel free to talk to me! I am Weng from the Philippines. I am 22 years old, female and born blind.

dating a blind person yahoo

Hope to hear from you soon. I am 29 yrs old. I'm 24 years old totally hungarian blind girl. I like watchng sport reading listening music, laughing so Re: Answers has settings that allow others to follow your activity, email you directly via Yahoo Mail, and contact you by Yahoo Messenger.

dating a blind person yahoo

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9 Baffling Questions I Get Asked as a Blind Person

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Things Not To Say To A Blind Person

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dating a blind person yahoo

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