Colonialismo y neocolonialismo yahoo dating

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colonialismo y neocolonialismo yahoo dating

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The Creator did not need artificial compilations for any and every creature he made. He is omnipotent as well as omniscient, so he embedded all the rules each creature needed to serve him, live a good life and be in good terms with all other creatures on his planets. This is a proposal that has been thought out for half a century. It is hoped that its implementation will eradicate racism, religious bigotry and ethnic prejudices. Let us give our children a better psychosocial environment to maximise their potentials as citizens of this planet who are equal heirs to the benevolent luxury embedded into the physical world by the Almighty Creator of the universe!

All things come alike to all human beings. This is very generally true and I agree totally with King Solomon, the Wise, here! But there are general blessings as well as general natural evils, that equally affect both the just and the unjust. But in this all is right because the evils that are in nature are the effects of the FALL of man; and the Creator will not suspend His general laws or alter them to favour individual cases. He equally does not design that his approbation or disapprobation shall be shown by any of these occurrences.

Every holy man has a testimony of the Creator's approbation in his own heart and this makes him truly happy, no matter how outward things may be. And, in general, what the wicked suffer is the fruit of their own thoughts, desires and deeds.

The general state of nature as to what are called natural evils is just as it ought to be. Because He is a Merciful Father, there is always enough evil to show that man has fallen and there is equally enough good to show that the Creator deals with each one as that one deserves! His Mercy balances out His Justice, therefore I cannot say that there is any rational cause for me to stumble at the dispensations of Divine Providence on any of these accounts.

This constitutes the true universal religion of the human race! But our preliterate sages converted it into an idiom or wise counsel. Africans who live in the tropics observe it daily. It is even tried out so often by children playing in the sun. In temperate regions, due to weather differences this foaming phenomenon may not be easily demonstrable. It is only for those matured humans with sturdy legs and pliable pelvic girdles. Only those who are prepared to stand out of the crowd are qualified to read this controversial dissertation.

Its true import is this: The general mass hysteria is that doctrines, dogmas and rituals were handed down through some prophets and priests and therefore no one dares challenge their real worth; neither their veracity, their utilitarian values nor their mutual benefits! That has been the remote cause of racism, religious intolerance and the production of majority and minority races.

This book puts an end to all the ethnocentric ideologies, xenophobia and religious bigotry that generated crusades and jihads in the past! The religious tradition of our forefathers has been overthrown by imported versions that our youths disregard or pay lip service to. October

It is the adult population that is corrupting the youth. There are no role models for the youth; neither among the fake pastors and money seeking evangelists nor among the inept public servants and the corrupt political class.

colonialismo y neocolonialismo yahoo dating

All of this is having much more severe effects today with the anti-immigrant hysteria that is sweeping the Western world, a very ominous development with painful consequences for those excluded from the category of persons by judicial decision. The same principles apply to the first amendment to the US constitution, which on superficial reading seems to protect freedom of speech.

colonialismo y neocolonialismo yahoo dating

Until the 20th century, protection of freedom of speech rarely received authorisation from the courts. After the First World War, there were some famous expressions of support for freedom of speech by Supreme Court justices, but these were in dissents to court rulings, and the dissents were quite weak. Severe violations persisted, backed by the courts, among them the notorious Smith Act, which banned teaching, advocacy, or association that might encourage overthrow of the government, in the judgement of the courts - not unlike the reasoning that the Turkish government is employing today in its repressive actions.

It was only 50 years ago that the Supreme Court began to reach decisions that carried the US over the threshold of serious protection of freedom of speech, in fact to a level beyond anywhere else in the world to my knowledge.

From to the Supreme Court dealt with more freedom of speech cases than in its entire previous history, a reflection of this new concern for essential human rights. The context was the rising civil rights movement. The first major victory for free speech was inwhen the court struck down the law passed in that ruled that criticism of the government is a crime, the doctrine of seditious libel.

It should be noted that the doctrine remains in force in other Western countries, including Britain and Canada, where it has recently been invoked. The US Supreme Court decision set a very high standard for the charge of libel. It overturned a libel suit that charged the New York Times with defaming the state of Alabama by publishing an advertisement by Martin Luther King and civil rights leaders that protested the brutality of racist law officers. Again, that should be familiar here.

Under the impact of the activism of the s, the court later reached an even higher standard, one that I believe is unique in the world. This decision bars only speech that incites imminent criminal action. So if you and I intend to rob a store, you are carrying a gun, and I say 'shoot', that is not protected speech. But short of that circumstance, speech is protected. The doctrine is controversial, but at least in my opinion, it sets a proper standard.

Adopting that standard would be one mark of true enlightenment. In a review of 'the history and reality of free speech in the United States', legal historian David Kairys points out that 'no right of free speech, either in law or practice, existed until the transformations of law' between the two great 20th century wars.

The major agents of defence of civil rights have been the left, labour, and other popular movements, forcefully in the s. More generally, to quote the anarchist writer Rudolf Rocker in a classic study 80 years ago, 'Political rights do not originate in parliaments; they are rather forced upon them from without.


And even their enactment into law has for a long time been no guarantee of their security. They do not exist because they have been legally set down on a piece of paper, but only when they have become the ingrown habit of a people, and when any attempt to impair them will meet with the violent resistance of the populace.

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In conformity with these principles, the highest level of protection for freedom of speech in the US was achieved at the peak of activism, 40 years ago. As activism declined, the courts began to chip away at these protections.

The most extreme attack on freedom of speech was just this year, under Obama, the case that Judith Chomsky discussed yesterday: Holder v Humanitarian Law Project. Supporting the Obama administration, the far-right court justices granted the government rights of repression that carry us back many decades. The decisions criminalise speech, or any other action, which the government claims may lend support and encouragement to organisations on the government's terrorist list, a legal doctrine quite familiar here.

By the lax standards on which Obama insisted, even former president Jimmy Carter could be charged. Certainly Judith and I could be, along with many others. I was rather surprised that the defence did not even ask the court to consider the strong rulings of the s, which are apparently taken to be too extreme by now.

The case passed with little notice, apart from a few civil libertarians who condemned it. They rarely addressed the validity of the terrorist list itself. The list is proclaimed by the government, virtually without independent review or any need for supporting argument. As should be expected under such circumstances, the list is quite arbitrary, reflecting current political demands.

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Just to take one illustration, in the Reagan administration decided to provide direct support for Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran. In order to do so, they had to remove Iraq from the list of states supporting terror. Then followed Donald Rumsfeld's visit to Baghdad to arrange badly needed aid to the murderous tyrant, who, as you know, went on to use WMD, slaughtering s of thousands of Iranians, then turning the weapons against Iraqi Kurds with lethal effect, always with the support of Washington; the Reagan administration barred protests, and even sought to blame the crimes on Iran.

The US finally entered the war directly, compelling Iran to capitulate. That did not end the love affair with Saddam. InPresident George Bush 1 not only expanded the aid, but also invited Iraqi nuclear engineers to the US for advanced training in nuclear weapons development. In AprilBush sent a high-level senatorial delegation to Iraq, headed by Senator Robert Dole, Republican candidate for president six years later.

Their mission was to convey the president's warm regards to his good friend Saddam, and to assure him that he should disregard critical comments by some US journalists, who cannot be silenced because of the annoying protections for freedom of speech. A few months later, Saddam made his first mistake, disobeying orders, or perhaps misunderstanding them, and invaded Kuwait.

Instantly he made the sharp transition from favoured friend and ally to the new Hitler. There is no need to carry the story forward from there. When Saddam was tried and convicted under US military occupation, his major crimes were completely ignored, perhaps because too many doors would have opened.

He was charged with indirect involvement in killings that were quite minor by his standards, inthe year in which Washington adopted him as a favoured friend, removing him from the terrorist list.

When Saddam was removed from the list inthere was a gap to be filled. The Reagan administration added Cuba to the list, perhaps in recognition of the fact that the large-scale state terrorist operations that the Kennedy administration had launched against Cuba were again peaking, including the shooting down of a Cuban airliner killing 76 people.

The perpetrator is now living happily in Florida, along with other leading terrorists. All of this is politely suppressed in the media and commentary, in the West generally as far as I can determine, confirming Orwell's judgement about the suppression of unpopular ideas in free societies, by voluntary subordination to power.

Such 'intentional ignorance', as it is sometimes called, is routine, a matter that bears quite directly on the practical meaning of freedom of speech.

Crimes of one's own state are typically suppressed or ignored, while those of enemies arouse a great show of anguish, and wonder that humans can be so evil. This appears to be close to a universal principle of intellectual history, though there are some exceptions.

Turkey is perhaps the most striking recent exception. The pathology is rampant in the free democratic western societies, as has been documented to the skies. And the moral burden is clearly far higher when there is virtually no punishment for telling the truth, certainly nothing like what is faced by honest people in much more repressive societies.

It is misleading to give illustrations, because the pattern is so close to uniform. But I will mention just one to illustrate standard practice. For many years, economist and media critic Edward Herman has been investigating media coverage of what he calls 'worthy' and 'unworthy' victims, the former those abused by enemies, the latter our victims, therefore unworthy of concern.

As he and others have demonstrated to a level of confidence rarely found outside the hard sciences, the worthy victims elicit enormous coverage and a great show of anguish, and their suffering is used as justification for increasing our own resort to violence.