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It's sleek, quick to load, and clutter-free. But, Yahoo Cricket could do with richer content, especially videos and game analysis. Yahoo! Cricket is what cricket fans with Android devices lack in their lives. you are kept up to date with everything about your favorite sport. Official ICC Cricket website - live matches, scores, news, highlights, commentary, rankings, videos and fixtures from the International Cricket Council.

Upcoming matches and further details of the ongoing cricket series can also be viewed in this tab.

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The News tab, as its name suggests, gives you the latest news about the cricket world. The Photos tab has tons of albums containing photos of matches, players, and a lot more while the Teams tab shows the list of all the teams, their current rankings, and detailed information about their players. Match summaries are also presented in landscape mode, including detailed breakdowns of innings with ball-by-ball commentaries.

Tapping the tab switches from ball-by-ball commentary view to the summary view and vice-versa. If a match is currently going on in another part of the world, the app can still keep you updated with the latest scores even if you are oceans away.

One neat feature this app has is the option to have user-defined score refresh rates. You can even shake the device to have the scores refreshed.

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Whether you are on the go or just lounging around your house, you are kept up to date with everything about your favorite sport. Definitely a must-have for any cricket fan, Yahoo!

Cricket should be deemed a staple in your Android device. As a cricket-lover, would you go on wandering aimlessly in the world of cricket without this app?

It is not big on video content yet and that explains a part of the faster loading process. Yahoo, of course, sees this as its USP.

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Key Features Most cricket apps typically offer match fixtures, live scores, ball-by-ball commentary, match summaries, general match info, select-your-favourite-team options, photos, videos, etc. Yahoo Cricket does the same, but falls a little short of its peers when it comes to photos and videos. But Yahoo Cricket possibly makes up for the dearth of videos with a few nifty features that also work as differentiators.

It is a live poll that throws up questions based on match situations. The app displays a quick chart with percentages.

[App Friday] Yahoo Cricket has a new redesigned app, but can it match up to its established peers?

The poll questions keep changing as the match progresses. This an engaging, visually-rich feature. While it may not excite the casual score-watchers, hardcore cricket enthusiasts could get a kick out of anticipating what will happen in the next ball. Yahoo Cricket seems to be doing social media integration fairly well.

Live tweets are pulled and fused within the in-progress match commentary, giving viewers a sense of community around them. So, if a wicket has fallen, while the ball-by-ball commentary will take stock of that, some user tweets will add emotion and perspective to the moment.

Some gaps in the app If you want more of video and less of text, Yahoo Cricket would disappoint.

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As the internet gets more skewed towards video, it is imperative for content providers to match up to the demand. Market leaders, Cricbuzz and Cricinfo, have beefed up their video offerings. CricketNDTV has a pretty comprehensive video section too.

The ICC app, of course, is a destination of all official videos, including U matches, event press conferences and more. Yahoo is yet to roll out videos. Cricinfo runs on essays, opinions and commentaries by established names in the circuit, which fans seem to devour.