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El legado de ‘El profesor jirafales’

chespirito murio yahoo dating

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To make this burden as light as possible, I have resolved to ask for a donativo of one peso from every freeman who is an Indian or of mixed blood, and two pesos from every Spaniard and those of the higher class.

These last may also pay for their servants and workers and later discount the amount from their salaries or daily wages.

I also charge all of my church officials there to expedite this project by their persuasion and good example, for this is my will. It took a year for the royal decree to get through the English blockade and all the bureaucratic channels and reach Commandante General Cabellero de Croix at Arispe for execution.

Commissioners were to be set up for each jurisdiction, and each had to give his donors a receipt and turn in the signature of each one, showing the amount he gave, lest the accounts be pilfered. The eighth instruction forbade commissioners from using any coercion or showing any displeasure if the prospective donor gave nothing.

Chespirito murio yahoo dating

The collections were stopped by Commandante General Felipe de Neve in January,when he learned the war with England was over. Any collections after that time were for pledges made earlier.

The Commissioners for remote areas could not always write; and when they could, there was frequently no paper available. As making paper was a monopoly, it was scarce in peace or war. Fray Serra then notified the missions.

chespirito murio yahoo dating

Each Spanish citizen over 18 was to contribute 2 pesos or Spanish dollars and each Indian neophyte over 18 was to contribute 1 peso. At the time, this would have been equivalent to a week's pay.

It is certain the message also went to the military authorities of Alta and Baja California.

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There were no supply ships or packetboats, whatsoever, to Alta California in The courier passage from Sonora to San Gabriel had been closed in July,by the Yuma uprising, though de Croix had not learned of this disaster when he prepared the letter.

It is most likely the message was carried by Lt Col Pedro Fages when he was sent to Alta California to get help to subdue the Yumas and reopen the passage. In this case the message reached San Gabriel 26 Mar and was sent from there to Monterey.

The only other courier path was south from Arispe to San Blas, then across the Gulf of California to Loreta, then up the Baja Peninsula, a long and dangerous wilderness trek. Inthere was indeed one supply trip to Loreta in the frigate "Favorita" under Juan Pantoja, but the timing of this trip has not been recovered. If the message followed this route, it would have arrived late in or early The message was clearly in Alta California in midwhere Fray Serra and Governor Felpe de Neve managed the collections of the donations so that everyone paid.

chespirito murio yahoo dating

Each Presidio therefore developed a roster of its soldiers foralthough the records do not indicate the rosters were simply to record donations. This was the only way to do it as the colony operated on a barter economy and the Indians had no money at all.

So the contributions were not in currency as we know it but in accounting records which were converted into cash after the records were received and approved in Mexico. We can also accurately fix the timing of the contributions to the year because Governor de Neve made up the deficit of contributions, and he left Alta California with Lt Col Fages in mid to attack the Yumas.

A few months later, he replaced Theodore de Croix as Commandante General. Also, as Santa Barbara Presidio and Mission San Buenaventura each contributed, and each was founded init seems they could only have done so by late summer.

In the fall ofSan Diego and San Juan Capistrano were still requesting relief from the contribution. When Governor de Neve made up the deficit of contributions from various installations, he probably covered San Diego and San Juan Capistrano, expecting to be reimbursed later; however, no such expectation has been identified in the records.

So, the contributions from the missions had been arranged in the accounts by lateso that when he received and approved them, the Procurator in Mexico City could make the actual cash contribution to the War fund. As noted above, de Neve did not return to California.

Bancroft indicated the difference was made up by Governor de Neve, and it is possible this difference was part of the negotiations between de Croix and de Neve when de Neve turned over the Governorship of California to Lt Col Fages and became Inspector General of the Internal Provinces. The records could have gone on to Mexico City in Dec or early If, however, the accounts were actually sent on the last packetboat to leave Alta California inthey would have arrived first at San Blas; and from there, sent overland to Mexico City, probably arriving there in early Then, after studying the accounts, the Procurator could have converted them into cash for the war fund some time in Actually, some contributions were made in California innoted by Fray Serra as a year after the war was over.

chespirito murio yahoo dating

On 12 Novemberhe was admitted to a Mexico City hospital due to prostate complications, which required a simple surgery to treat. He was released from treatment the following day. Even so, former colleagues such as Edgar Vivar expressed their concern publicly for Chespirito's poor health.

chespirito murio yahoo dating

He and Mexican multimedia conglomerate Televisa were sued by the composers in Chespirito is widely regarded as one of the most renowned Spanish-language comedians of the 20th century. A private security guard is present there along with a security camera at all times. Legacy[ edit ] A statue of El Chavo stands in CaliColombia Chespirito has been described as one of the most recognized Mexican comedians of the 20th century as well as being well known and honored in all of Latin America.

He has been honored for his creative writing, characters, comedic pick-up lines, and for his clean humor style. His television shows were broadcast throughout the world and have been translated into over 50 different languages. His TV shows have been made into cartoons since El Chavo Animado with some other Chespirito characters appearing in the show. The animated El Chavo show has been translated into many other languages as well as English, Portuguese and French.

It aired the first episode online in April