Biografia de marie curie resumen yahoo dating

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biografia de marie curie resumen yahoo dating

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Marie Curie

It will not be in order to simply look stunned and overtly shocked forwwrders even utter anything. There hardly is time for that important moment to begin thinking the things to say during a date.

biografia de marie curie resumen yahoo dating

They found different ways to separate radioactive isotopes and discovered two new elements: She used her own studies in radioactivity to develop a new treatment for cancer. These treatments used the radioactive isotopes. She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. She was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes: Discovery of Radium[ change change source ] Curie discovered radium.

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It is one of the most radioactive and dangerous metals. She shared this discovery with Pierre Curie and Gustave Bemont. The three found radium in They discovered it when using a uranium ore.

biografia de marie curie resumen yahoo dating

It gave off a lot of radiation. They decided that it was coming from more than uranium. The group found radium in the uranium.

biografia de marie curie resumen yahoo dating

Radium is now used for many different things. For example, doctors used to use it to kill cancer cells.

biografia de marie curie resumen yahoo dating

Radium was found in paint and watches. Many workers who made radium-containing products developed bone cancer. She graduated first in her class in They were married in July They also started to work together on scientific discoveries.

biografia de marie curie resumen yahoo dating

Marie and Pierre had their first daughter, Irene, in Their second daughter, Eve, was born in Pierre died on April 19,after he was hit by a horse-drawn wagon.

Fund raising[ change change source ] After the war, Marie started to raise money for a hospital. The hospital raised money for radiation research. She was invited to tour the United States to recommend and speed up her project. She sailed for the United States in