Are gourds edible yahoo dating

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are gourds edible yahoo dating

Are gourds edible yahoo dating. Not surprising for plants so long in cultivation, gourds have a long history of both practical and ceremonial uses. This also gives . Main · Videos; Crazy dating party fotos dating · texting etiquette while casually dating · pdms training in bangalore dating · are gourds edible yahoo dating. Mon Sep 1 From: eyvaz_isaev at (Eyvaz Isaev) Date: Mon. . Are gourds edible yahoo dating; Wiji sawiji mullane dating; Eagle fish mark dating;.

Only long-vining plants are known in this species. This species and C. Both are important food plants of the natives, ranking next to maize and beans. The flowers and the mature seeds, as well as the flesh of the fruit, are eaten in some areas. Before the advent of the white man, C. They were generally grown by American Natives all over what is now the United States. Many of these tribes, particularly in the West, still grow a diversity of hardy squashes and pumpkins not to be found in our markets.

Although winter squashes are grown in many lands today, they are relatively unimportant with few exceptions. They are grown extensively in tropical America, in Japan, and in certain districts in the United States.

are gourds edible yahoo dating

The calabazas of the West Indies and the forms grown by the natives of present-day Mexico and Central America are not of uniform, pure varieties, but are extremely variable as to size, shape, and color. Since these species are normally cross-pollinated, it is difficult to keep a variety pure. In Japan just after World War II I found squash growing on trellises over the doorways or on the sides of houses, at the foundations of burned-out buildings where vines can grow over the ruins, and beside and over small streams on horizontal trellises of poles.

Much "pumpkin pie" is really squash[ edit ] The largest "pumpkins" grown and bragged about are often C.

Are gourds edible yahoo dating

Took awhile before they came up but when they did, all came up evenly and healthy. Set out 6 of them in mid May, eventually blossoms came and came and came not thick, tho. Tried hand pollinating; saw no results. Squash bees started coming around in early morning; mid July about to rip them out! Reached for my hoe, saw a small pumpkin. Okay, let them live. Have harvested 12 so far 4 up to about 8.

are gourds edible yahoo dating

Accidentally chopped some vines and 4 or 5. A bit bland flavor-wise, after baking, but sliced the meat off the rind and fried it with bit of sugar and cinnamon… um, good. Definitely long storage keepers. Planted the seeds in a 3 sisters garden back in April. All seeds came up. Non wod them did anything. But then came July. Thought I only had 2 pumpkins about October. Then I just let it go. They were all green. Freeze killed the vine. I went and dug through the weeds.

Have about more pumpkins different size. Deffinetly growing these next July again. Seeds were from baker creek.

Are gourds edible yahoo dating, Turn them regularly as they dry

However, these pumpkins were already being grown in Florida when the first Spanish explorers came. So why are they considered non-natives? I thought the differentiation was about before or after European contact. Second, they could have been introduced from South America or the like by traveling natives.

I was surprised to see it was a melon like object, and 1st thought it was going to be a Halloween type pumpkin, but the bright green fruit started turning yellow, while it was way too small to be a Halloween pumpkin, so here I am trying to identify what type of pumpkin I have growing on my property. It looks very much like the Seminole pumpkin. I am going to try baking one like a butternut squash and will steam one to see how they turn out. The vine runs like crazy.

I never thought about elevating it, but since the melons are so small, I think I will give it a try. Will they grow in South Florida?


If so, when should they be planted? Or are they just a long lived annual? We are way past any possible cold weather in your area. Is this a good idea? Probably about 5 years old.

It is in good health.

Growing Squash (Zucchini)

I another if the pumpkin will kill it. I doubt your plant will get enough sun if the tree is alive and shading it! I bought one at the farmers market last year and cooked it. Must have discarded the seeds in my compost pile in Micanopy, Fl.

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This spring beautiful vines started growing.