Yu gi oh episode 148 online dating

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yu gi oh episode 148 online dating

episodes . Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Many years in the future after the exploits of Yugi Mutou, Domino City has become a . Release Date. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V is a Japanese anime series animated by Gallop. It is the fourth spin-off anime . by Bullet Train (Eps. , Ep. ending); "UNLEASH" by Gekidan Niagara (Eps. ); "Trump Card" by Cinema Staff (Eps. ); "Light of. Thanks to DMC as ever. ordendelsantosepulcro.info v-episodespoilers/ Episode

Despite being defeated, Shay reveals that he briefly sensed Yuto within Yuya, which gave him hope that Lulu may still exist within Ray. Jack suddenly appears and tells Yuya he will not be able save anyone in his current state. December 8, Nicktoons Jack reveals to everyone that Yuya is afraid to summon the other three dragons he received from his counterparts.

yu gi oh episode 148 online dating

Yuya admits it out of concern for Riley's well being while expressing his intent to save the baby without the dragons' power.

Declan reveals that Yuya's last two matches had no impact on Riley. Despite placing himself at a grave disadvantage, Yuya still refused to use the dragons as they might hasten Zarc's return with grave consequences for Ray and her incarnations.

Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri finally make their presence known to Yuya. They urge him to hear their dragons' true feelings and help him remember Zarc's ability to communicate with Duel Monster Spirits.

yu gi oh episode 148 online dating

Yuya finally summons the four dragons and learns the dragons' desire to be merged is not of Zarc's will but from their own fear of Ray. Yuya calms the four dragons with the intent to show them that they are strong as they are without the need to become Supreme King Z-ARC.

December 15, Nicktoons Yuya uses the four dragons to start his counterattack against Jack. Responding to Yuya's feelings, the four dragons aid Yuya in defeating Jack.

Even after defeating Jack, who tells him that he is still lacking something, Yuya learns from Declan that Z-ARC's soul still remains inside Riley and had started to stir.

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 148

Yuya requests to take the Professional Duelist test right away with Declan as his opponent. He coordinates the four dragons to retrieve Action Cards to survive Declan's attacks. The happiness Yuya felt from understanding the dragons causes him to experience one of Zarc's memories. He's shocked at who could it be and why they didn't notice until now.

Immediately after that, Pegasus calls Kaiba. It's way of sending you my greetings. As I'd imagined, you've noticed it. You're still aiming to take over MY Kaiba Corporation!? Please don't say something so scary! That was l'il demonstration.

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V: Episode 148 REVIEW

Just before the big Duel. It's been a while since you and I had a Duel Will you accept it? You've got no other choice but to come, Kaiba - boy!

I accept the challenge you lowlife issued me with. I'll be waiting, Kaiba - boy. Leo intends to merge them back into his daughter and reunite the 4 dimensions into the Original Dimension using his Arc-V Reactor.

yu gi oh episode 148 online dating

However, the reactor is unable to fully restore Ray's physical form as Leo planned due to lack of life energies. After Yuri absorbed Yugo, Zarc capitalized on the turn of events by taking over Yuya's body and having him absorb the willing Yuri to complete his resurrection.

yu gi oh episode 148 online dating

Yuya's friends all proceed to challenge Zarc in a series of two-on-one duels to stop him while reaching out to Yuya. With Ray possessing Declan's adopted sister, Riley, to fight Zarc, Yuya manages to regain himself to help Ray defeat Zarc with the En Cards that splits the dimensions once more.

When Yuya awakens in the Standard Dimension that has been reborn as the Pendulum Dimension, he had no memory of his experience across the dimensions or of Zuzu until Declan restored his memories and everyone else's with a reenactment of the Arc League Championship.

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Declan reveals that Riley used a moment in the dimensional divide to transfer Zarc's essence from Yuya into herself to keep the evil spirit from being scattered across the dimensions again.

Riley turned into a catatonic infant girl as a consequence of her action. Declan fears that Zarc may eventually take over Riley's body and resume his rampage again. Yuya is told that only he, as Zarc's essence, can stop Zarc for good by using his Dueltaining skills to make Riley smile and pacify the possessing spirit.

Yuya proceeds to travel to other dimensions and defeat the other Lancers with Riley watching the footage. On his way, Yuya finds Zuzu and her counterparts still inside the Arc-V Reactor in an inactive state. Though his counterparts help him tame the Four Dragons, Yuya learns he made no progress with Riley. He convinces Declan to let him take the professional duelist test right after he got promoted into Senior class, and Declan became his opponent.

Learning who Zarc was in his life, Yuya and his counterparts manage to defeat Declan and pacify their past counterpart. This act awakened Ray, who appears in the Pendulum Dimension and revives as Zuzu, with her counterparts now a part of her, similar to Yuya's case.

The two of them are reunited at last, and the four dimensions are once again united into one. It is the main setting of the first season. This dimension is known for its unique Action Dueling, which uses the Real Solid Vision System to give mass to its holograms and allow Duelists to interact with their monsters and the artificially created environment.