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It was that incident that triggered the first protests. The assault was reminiscent of the violent attacks on political opponents in the s under the rule of late strongman Slobodan Milosevic.

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The authorities denied involvement in the attack on Stefanovic, but the Alliance for Serbia, an umbrella group of opposition parties from across the political spectrum, blamed Vucic's Serbian Progressive Party SNS.

Then youth activists, who insist they are not affiliated with any political party, decided to step in. Vucic, a former ultra-nationalist who now says he favours Serbia joining the EU, has rejected claims he has become autocratic. And despite the protests, opinion polls suggest Vucic's SNS party dominates the political arena.

Youth in Revolt

Serbia's divided opposition that has little in common other than an aversion to the president. The opposition does not offer "a viable alternative to the autocracy of Vucic" even though "he is unbearable", said protester Milos Banjanin, a year old economist. The next national vote is expected in but Vucic, who served as premier from and became president inhas hinted he could call early elections. Observers and polls suggest he would likely win.

youth in revolt castellano online dating

Speaking after the first demonstration, Vucic told the nation "even if there were five million people in the street" he would not agree to the protesters' demands. That acted as a catalyst for the demonstrators, who adopted the slogan "one in five million". Then TV reporter Barbara Zivotic, from the pro-government private channel said that "very few people" were demonstrating. Those who were, she said, "calling for lynching, rape, violence and a coup d'etat". The importance of age as an individual-level predictor for vote choice in should not be downplayed.

University-led youth revolt A fascinating part of the youthquake was the swathe of young people supporting Labour in university towns and cities. No doubt spurred on by the promise to abolish tuition fees, young people in these areas voted for Labour in their droves. Meanwhile, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg — vilified by many for his u-turn on tuition fees while in government — was unceremoniously dumped out of his student-loaded Sheffield Hallam seat by Labour.

Despite this being a crucial element of the youthquake, the BES paper does not deeply engage with levels of turnout and Labour support among young people in university towns and cities. Young women The role of younger female voters in the youthquake must also be noted.

youth in revolt castellano online dating

Younger women were also more likely to vote Labour than their male counterparts by some margin. In the UK, a country which voted Brexit when the majority of young people wished to Remaininequalities continue to persist.

youth in revolt castellano online dating

But it has witnessed the emergence of a progressive, well-educated, cosmopolitan youth movement — one which challenges both neoliberal economic orthodoxy and traditional conceptions of nationhood. And it appears young women lie at the heart of this social phenomenon.

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Young people are not only more likely to digest political information online — they are also more likely to trust such information in comparison to more traditional forms of media.

Labour — in particular Jeremy Corbyn — has come to dominate the British social media space.

youth in revolt castellano online dating

A cyber-political marketplace where the main consumers are young people. Parties shaken Youthquake is not just about quantifiable participation trends, but also the shifting attitudes and behaviours of formal political actors. The aftermath of the election saw the Conservatives enter a period of introspection.