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This Game Will Put Your Jaw On The Floor - Click To See More · Your Wife Will Surely Appreciate This Trick - Try It Tonight. housos vs authority movies. Filter . Does Netflix, Quickflix, Stan, iTunes, etc. stream Housos vs. Authority? Find where to watch movies online now!. Release Date: 1 November This movie is from In HOUSOS VS AUTHORITY, Franky, Shazza, Dazza and their mates take on every authority possible.

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The year-old brandished a glistening Samurai sword and struck a menacing pose in a balaclava-style headpiece as she sat in the back of a car driving through Sydney with DJ pal Georgia Magree on Friday. Imogen Anthony L strikes menacing pose with Samurai sword in the back of a car with DJ pal Georgia Magree R on Friday The girlfriend of radio host Kyle Sandilands fashioned a scarf and baseball cap into a headpiece similar to one she wore two days earlier, when she showcased a miniature machine gun necklace and posting the controversial message 'violence can be the answer' on social media.

A day earlier she wore a bejewelled leather jacket and woolly hat and posted the image to her Instagram bizarrely entitled 'carpark killa. She captioned that shot 'Out there'. A day later she followed up with an Instagram snap of her sporting an intricate gun-themed manicure and tagged the image: A day earlier she wore a bejewelled leather jacket and woolly hat and posted the image to her Instagram entitled 'car park killa' and the same day posed in white head gear with a toy gun ' BangBang': Kyle Sandiland's girlfriend shows off her gun-themed manicure on Instagram on Wednesday, just a day after she posted the message 'violence can be the answer' Capturing her talons in a close-up shot she showed off her lacquered masterpieces, which featured a miniature machine gun on the fourth finger of each hand.

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In a follow-up comment Imogen explained she had some input into the customised look. She [Miss Betty Rose] knew what to do and I sourced it x'. It's not the first time the Australian has glamorised violence - she once described a Mexican drug cartel boss Claudia Ochoa Felix as her 'new BFF' Imogen's latest extensions were the continuation of a gun theme she kicked off earlier in the week when she posted two shots of her sporting a necklace with a weapon attached.

She captioned the first 'Violence' and the second 'can be the answer' as she posed in black underwear with her face partially covered. It's not the first time the lad's mag model has posted images of this kind. Introduced in the movie, he has appeared since. SinceDavo was sacked from Fat Pizza and now he is unemployed, spending most of his time smoking his bong, getting drunk and looking for chicks the vast majority of them pot-smoking bogan chicks that reside in Hashfield.

He wears thongs as training footwear. He has little patience and those that cross him usually end up on the wrong end of his chainsaw. He is a horrible boss, imposing dreadful working conditions and abuse. The few things that he likes are his mother, referred to by him as Mama; his mail-order brideLin Chow; and making pizzas. Since Lin Chow was deported back to VietnamBobo has been single and, during the series of Pizza, he has recently met a former erotic film actress named Ruby a.

Bobo makes a cameo in the Housos episode "Uncle Fred" with his trademark chainsaw. She is dimwitted, rich, blonde, bulimicand attractive. She is a regular customer at Fat Pizza and often has run-ins with both Pauly and Sleek. Despite her being quite physically abusiveBobo still loves his Mama and still lives with her.

The Fat Pizza movie partly dealt with the arrival of Lin Chow and her familyand as such she only appears since She has not been seen since after the Department of Immigration deported her back to Vietnam due to Habib and Rocky informing both the police and Immigration so they could avoid drug dealing charges and time in jail. Rebel Wilson as Toula Maccalopolous — an obese Greek-Australian girl who was Habib's girlfriend and now wife, whom she refers to as her "Habibi".

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She is a voracious eater. She accompanied Pauly and Rocky in the "Pizza World" mockumentary. In Los Angeles she asks a tourist centre if they have star mapbut one that marks all the fast food places rather than celebrity residences. In the fourth series of Pizza, it is revealed that Toula has a gang of obese girls called the "Fat Chick 12" because although there are only 6 girls in the gang, they are as large as two people.

It is also revealed that Toula is an obsessive control freak, domineering and controlling over every aspect of Habib's life, especially in the later stages of their engagement and after Habib married her.

Before the wedding, Toula used the members of the Fat Chick 12 to spy and stop Habib from enjoying his last days of bachelorhood by preventing erotic dancers from going to Habib's buck's night. After the wedding, Toula's control over Habib has become more extreme with Toula preventing Habib from returning to work and forcing Habib to wear pink tracksuit pants.

In the series of Pizza, Habib has returned to work and has successfully been avoiding Toula by saying that he is "really busy" with work.

Anthony Salame as Omar, Habib's cousin and best friend of his cousin Mohammed.

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He was introduced in Pizza inwhen he helped Habib do an insurance job on the old Fat Pizza premises. He is often shown to be with Habib and Rocky in most episodes.

He was shown to be friends with Pauly when they went to the fireworks factory in Canberra to pick up fireworks for Habib. Katrina Spadone [4] as Katrina, or Kat for short — a best friend of the obese Toula, and girlfriend to Rocky. In the recent series of Pizza, Katrina started to develop a crush on Pauly since Rocky was not treating her right. She has broken up and re-united with Rocky several times much to the torture and torment of Pauly who is keen on having Katrina as his girlfriend.

However, before they left Brazil to return to Australia, Katrina decided to stay in Brazil with her new boyfriend. She has since re-appeared, featuring in the Season 5 episode 'Doctor Pizza'. Murray Harman as Murray the Cop — A cop who didn't like too much paper work. John Mangos as the Newsreader New employees at Fat Pizza[ edit ] In the series of Pizza, new characters were introduced to accompany Pauly and Habib in delivering pizzas, after Bobo decided to turn Fat Pizza into a franchise.

The new employees at Fat Pizza are: He also has a small rivalry with Junior. He is always seen with his sunglasses on. Andrew Ausage as Junior — Bobo's apprentice chef, who, like Bobo, abuses the other employees.