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watch nba fantasy insider online dating

Dennis crunched an NBA lineup for DraftStars 3 hours ago AFL. Be up to date with the latest posts. AFL DFS Grand Final Special – $, reasons to get amongst it!! Sunday Special I was worried that the defib machine I ordered online would arrive. . Power vs Demons I'm not sure I can watch this game tonight. These fantasy basketball apps will help you make it to the top of your Now that you've assembled your fantasy squad, it's time to to stay up to date on the latest news, television provider — and potentially your internet service provider Look, you can stream every NBA and G-League game and stew. Watch Fan Night every Tuesday night on NBA TV. . Kamla will continue his role hosting the Fantasy Insider show airing on NBA TV and

They find themselves in the epicenter of the pre-free-agency vortex with absolutely no idea how it will end up when the room stops spinning. Kawhi wants to go to L. George has had his eye on L. And what if someone slaps a lucrative offer sheet on restricted free agent Julius Randle in the meantime? What does that do to the team's cavernous cap room?

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Is it already time to move on from Lonzo Ball if LeBron does come? Will they need to give up prized youngsters Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma? Or should the Lakers just be patient and wait to strike in the summer of ? So many questions, and so few answers It has to be the Lakers -- their management will be aggressive, targeting LeBron James and Paul George in free agency and perhaps Kawhi Leonard on the trade front.

The cap-clearing trade at the deadline set the stage for the Lakers to sign two players at max salary or roll over the cap room to if they miss out on their targets. Will the Lakers show patience if they miss out? The Sixers have so many options. With their cap space and contender status, they can go after essentially any free agent on the market. Or they can keep the core of their team together by re-signing their guys. Don't just focus on LeBron.

My team is in a prelim and is looking Some big calls made ahead of two massive semi-finals Playing Gawn and Grundy is one kind of crazy, but Connor bloody Nash?

watch nba fantasy insider online dating

Round 23 — Power vs Bombers Power vs Bombers The first game of the final round of will be fascinating from Up to k up for grabs during the AFL Finals series! A Berry big show for a Berry big weekend! None of these weather Will the left-field selections pay off big in R21??

Have the Fantasy Insider Pod team gone The results of every game today can Round 19 — Sunday Special Sunday Special We have a unique little slate today with no games being played in DFS roles will be critical this week!

To fade Franklin or not to fade Franklin — that is but one of many big Round 18 — Sunday Special Sunday Special Two thumpings and a potential classic is what we have on offer Of Tomahawks, Rory Lions and much more: The action starts with what Hedge thinks will be a yellow and black mauling of St The race for the finals turns The fun part of fantasy basketball is all of these options can be adjusted however you see fit.

Every league is a little different, and some league commissioners find certain roster settings more fun than others. The options are endless, really. You can adjust to have multiple starters at each position, including center, and do away with the generic guard and forward positions. You can eliminate the utility spots or reduce the amount of them to one or two.

Adding more bench spots is another option worth considering, but be aware that it changes the complexion of your league.

watch nba fantasy insider online dating

More bench spots provide additional wiggle room on your roster, giving you more choices on a daily basis, and that can be helpful with the uneven NBA schedule some teams play just one or two games in certain weeks while others play up to five. More bench spots can help even that out, but it also means fewer players will be available to pick up as free agents throughout the season.

Be sure to weigh your options with this important decision. You can also include injured reserve IR spots, so you can stash an injured player until he is ready to play again without sacrificing one of your active bench spots. Given the amount of injuries in the NBA these days, it can often be a good option to have at least one or even two IR spots.

Be aware that the IR is also a place managers often use to pick up and stash stars and elite players who begin the year injured and are slated to miss a good portion of the season. Scoring Much of the strategy involved in your league ultimately depends on the scoring format that's used, and there are several options to choose from listed above in Scoring types. Teams and divisions Some leagues use two divisions with the winner of each division granted the top two seeds in the playoffs, and the two or four next-best records earning the other playoff berths.

If your league consists of 12 or more teams, you may want to consider going to three divisions with the three division winners earning the top seeds in the playoffs and the one or three other teams depending on whether your playoffs call for four teams or six with the next-best records claiming a playoff berth as a wild card.

watch nba fantasy insider online dating

Please note, often in leagues that use divisions, a potential wild-card team misses the playoffs because a team with a worse record won the other division and claimed an automatic playoff berth.

If that isn't your thing, you can also create leagues that don't use divisions, which many believe is the fairest way of rewarding the teams with the best record during the regular season. Without any divisions, the teams that make the playoffs whether it be two, four or six are simply the ones who finished with the best records.

To do so, click the Division dropdown, choose the same division for each team, click the red minus sign next to the division you wish to delete, then click "Submit Team and Division Settings. This is basically a safety net to ensure that managers in your league won't drop a star player who could affect the outcome of your league via collusion or tanking.

Any player on our undroppable list can't be released to waivers. Note that we take players off the list if they are injured or no longer warrant being on the list because of poor performance.

5-on-5: Bold free-agency predictions, LeBron's options and dark horses

If you genuinely trust all of your fellow managers to not mess with the integrity of the league, choose "No" to this setting. Generally speaking, though, it's wise to just be safe and let ESPN declare players who should not be droppable.

Nearly all fantasy basketball leagues use all NBA players.

FanDuel Insider: Alan Goldsher's NBA lineup for 11/13

However, you do have the option to stick with just Western Conference or Eastern Conference players only. Acquisition and waiver rules Lineup changes: You can choose to lock lineups either on a weekly basis or on a daily basis. If you choose the weekly setting, your lineups for the week have to be in before the first game on Monday, and this is a good setting if the managers in your league don't have a lot of time to spend obsessing about their teams throughout the week. It's a more casual setting.

watch nba fantasy insider online dating

The more hardcore basketball fan typically prefers a daily setting, which requires attention pretty much every day of the NBA calendar. This option promotes more moves free-agent pickups, etc. You can choose whether you want your lineups to lock individually at the scheduled game time or to lock when the first game of the day begins.

The first of those two makes for a more fair experience, as you are able to move a player to your bench if he is a late scratch and a replace him with a bench player whose game has yet to start.

If you choose waivers, any player who is dropped from a team will be placed on waivers for a day or two, during which time each team has the option to put in a waiver claim for him. The team with the highest waiver priority that made a claim will get that player and move to the bottom of the waiver order. This is a simple system, which is good for beginners and is the standard format. Free-agent auction options allow teams to bid on unowned players, using their free-agent auction budget FAAB, a dollar amount set by the commissioner.

The highest blind bid gets the player.

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This offers an extra level of strategy, as you have to decide how much of your money to spend for each bid and how much to save for later in the season. Most leagues allow unlimited waiver moves such as adding a free agentbecause managers want to be actively trying to improve their rosters all season long.

However, you do have the option of limiting such moves, which could be handy if your managers have limited time to commit to the league. You can set the limit of moves based on the entire season 50 is a common number or for each weekly matchup which is good for head-to-head leagues, and six is a solid number.

Trade Rules Trade deadline: Most leagues allow unlimited trades so managers can improve their rosters throughout the season. However, you can set a limit on the amount of trades if you wish, and including a trade deadline is generally a good idea, because you don't want managers who have no chance of making the playoffs making trades in the waning weeks of your regular season with managers who are deep in a playoff chase.