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watashi wo hanasanaide online dating

With Haruka Ayase, Haruma Miura, Asami Mizukawa, Rio Suzuki. Teenager Kathy suddenly realizes that she must learn to come to terms with her love. Drama: Never Let Me Go; Romaji: Watashi wo Hanasanaide; Japanese: わたし Release Date: January 15 - March 18, ; Runtime: Fridays ( Watch lastest Episode and download Never Let Me Go online on KissAsian. Other name: Watashi Wo Hanasanaide. Country: Date aired: Jan 15,

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Ayase Haruka and Mizukawa Asami has probably stolen more limelight in this show than they should have, but they are actually the important main characters of the story anyway. I have to say, I am actually amazed by Mizukawa Asami, for the first time I ever seen her on TV she was that tom-boyish?

watashi wo hanasanaide online dating

I believe I am going to keep lookout for her future projects now. Personally I went and searched for the song soon as I heard it the second time. It fits the drama, I think.

watashi wo hanasanaide online dating

The music in this show is more or less perfect to me, seeing how this is not a cheerful show of course the music would have to match. I have listen to sountracks puts together by Yutaka Yamada before in Boku no Ita Jikan, any fans of Haruma would knowI have expected good from Yamada-san, and he has not disappoint this time.

watashi wo hanasanaide online dating

I would really love to put this up higher, I really do, I really really really do But I doubt I will be rewatching this show the second time, not unless I am on my depress mood and really need to get a release. It is a great show, I assure you, but at the same time it hurts too much in that not-so-good way, I don't think I can handle a second round.

It should deserve an award of it's own, say perhaps the best sci-fi adapted drama or something, because I think it is. Last word of advice, if you're preparing to watch this, prepare yourself a whole box of tissue, or two, or a dozen.

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Was this review helpful to you? In the hospital room, Tomo talks about how Tatsuko must have suffered with them, not knowing how to help them- Kyoko asks him if this is why he reminded her of the world being big, and Tomo says that it was because at that moment he realized that one of his dreams came true; being with her, that is.

He says that like an idiot he forgot about that lately, but his biggest wish was to see her together again after they got separated in the cottage and share his last moments together.

watashi wo hanasanaide online dating

The next day, Tomo undergoes the operation with a positive attitude as Kyoko watches, and he eventually passes away. They would store away their memories and go on living with them.

She thanks Kyoko and invites her to come at her place some day. Kyoko takes this as a sign to go on, and comments how she will take it day by day, as she has done so far. We go on, while packing it day by day, until the end…tomorrow.

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Miwa died, Tomo died, Manami died, Tama-chan died, Emiko-sensei is gonna die and the list is never-ending! The fact that you loved and you were loved once, has got to mean something.

watashi wo hanasanaide online dating

But thankfully, the power of the universe fixed that momentarily lapse of judgement.