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Újpest - 31 December - Soccerway. Competition: NB I; Date: 31 December ; Game week: 6; Kick-off: You Could Earn an Advanced Degree Without Taking the GMAT or GREOnline Degree | Sponsored. Odds movement for Videoton vs Újpest in Hungary NB I. View current and historical opening odds fluctuation across the bookmakers online. Livescore Ujpest - Videoton ᐉ Free streaming & Live betting 🤑 Watch Football Live sports streaming ☝ Free bets online ✌ High Odds ✅ Hour Customer.

Or another way is going by train. The ticket prices in Hungary arent too much, for example in our stadium which is the most expensive in Hungary: Behind the soccer goals are huf. Of course with seats, but everybody standing there. Doesnt matter who we play with, its huf. Not too easy to buy them, because you cant buy or booking them on internet.

On the electronic central ticket sales system of the Hungarian Football Federation

Our club always start to sell them days before the matches, in that case you can buy them only in the Fan shop. And of course you can buy the tickets some hours before the match. But i can help you about it and anything else anytime. Finally, here is the stadiums map: And more expensive tickets: But if you would like to sit on the 90 minutes, and watch the game on a better place, i suggest this one.

I used the same letters as earlier. The F is our fanshop, there you can buy the tickets before the matchday, and all the souvenirs.

Újpest - MOL Vidi FC Live Score, video stream and H2H results

I would like to visit the game between Ujpest and Honved on the 13th november Do you think i can buy tickets for this game at the same day without problems or will the game be sold out?

Because it is a derby The final result was We are on the Its simply awful for us. On the game against Paks there were only people.

They are at the position The match will start at And dont forget, this is a workday. I hope we will be on the visitor sector with a quite good number. If you click the Request an Offer button, a new line of text appears along the base of the stadium plan diagram.

Select a price category, enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase, then click on the Offer button. The ticket s offered will appear in flashing blue. You can select from the following options: Entering requests By clicking on the Purchase text on the page of the given match, a page opens where you can select your desired tickets.

Here, you generally have to enter two pieces of information: How many tickets you wish to purchase, The price of the desired ticket this can also be a preferred price; if you select a price category the application will only suggest tickets from within that selected category.

Ticket Offers By using the Next button, within a few seconds the application will search for those tickets which are: The ticket-sales system organises the given stadium seating plans in order of quality and selects the best possible tickets for you on the basis of this.

The text relating to the ticket s offered sector, row, seat number also appears on the stadium plan diagram. Your next options are as follows: Put in Shopping basket button: By continuing to click you can view all the available tickets.

Should you wish to return to the first suggested tickets, press the New Search button. If a suitable ticket is not found for the given request, you will be notified by the application.

At such times it is worthwhile slightly modifying your request and trying again. Also, remember that the ticket-offer function only offers tickets situated next to each other. If, for example, you require four tickets and the application cannot satisfy your request, if two sets of two tickets beside each other would be satisfactory, request two tickets and once you have placed them in your shopping basket, request a further two.

In such instances it is worthwhile checking the Most consecutive seats still free column, which shows the highest amount of available tickets in each price category situated beside each other. Further Options By clicking on the Advanced settings text, tickets can also be selected based on criteria other than number and price.

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You have the possibility of the following settings: Here you can write the row number. If you leave this field empty, the application will assign seats randomly. The application will only suggest tickets in the given row, should it find any. If you check this field, the application will only suggest tickets located at the end of rows.

This may be important to you for reasons of easy accessibility. Payment method You can pay for your tickets online using your bank card. There is no possibility to pay upon delivery, via bank transfer or via any other payment methods. By paying by bank card you can purchase tickets in comfort and securely. Online card payment is a banking service. Our homepage uses the OTP Bank service. Card types The following cards can be used to purchase online: Please ask at your bank.

If you wish to pay using Maestro, when selecting the payment service provider you must select OTP Bank. If you wish to pay by American Express, when selecting the payment service provider you must select OTP Bank as only their system supports it. In the bank card data page the following data must be provided: If your card does not have this, please leave this field blank.

If your card does not have a UCAF code, leave blank. Upon completion of a successful payment the bank will issue a permission number which will appear on the Voucher page. We recommend that you save this page and keep it safe. In the event of the payment transaction being unsuccessful you will receive an error message on our homepage which will appear based on the error code received from the banking service provider.

Please contact Customer Service mlsz tex. Only the card-issuing bank will be able to provide exact information as to the reasons for any transaction being rejected. Further information about bank card payment security When you provide your bank card details your web browser connects directly to the bank server. The bank possesses a bit encryption code which protects the communication channel. This encryption method is currently used in the vast majority of electronic transactions.

With the help of SSL, your web browser encrypts your bank card details prior to sending, thus the bank receives them in coded form, thereby rendering them inaccessible to unauthorised third parties. Self-print ticket - e-ticket An e-ticket purchased online is one which you need to print out yourself with your own printer following the purchase. Therefore, this ticket does not have to be collected at the ticket office prior to entering the stadium, thereby making entry into the match as quick and comfortable as possible.

Using the e-ticket How does a ticket which anyone can print off at home, work? The validity of the e-ticket is always verified by the stadium entrance system when you enter the stadium. The barcode or QR code ensures that the ticket will work. The entrance system database holds a record of the valid codes.

When entering the stadium, the entrance system reads the barcode or QR code in order to check whether or not the ticket is valid. This also ensures that it is only possible to enter the stadium once with one ticket. If you have made a valid purchase but cannot show a ticket or give the code beside the barcode, you will not be able to enter the stadium. Printing instructions Use the best printer you can as the barcode or QR code reader can only interpret a high quality printout of the code.

You may print out your purchased ticket later, even from a different PC. You need to do the same if the first print-out has been destroyed or lost. E-ticket security By using the above functions it can happen that more than one copy of a ticket is made. Indeed, theoretically even more copies could be made by photocopy.

Naturally, the ticket can only be used once. That is, you can gain entry into the stadium via the first use of the ticket even if numerous copies have been made, but after this first usage the entrance system will deny any further entry and notify you that the ticket has already been used. Chronologically, the first use of the ticket will be valid, the later ones not, independent of which was the first copy to be printed or which one is a copy of the original.

We thus request that in your own interest you do not make further copies of your ticket. If by mistake you print the ticket off twice we recommend that in the interest of security you keep one copy and destroy the other. Any consequences or damages arising from the loss, theft, faulty printing or copying, or multiple printing of an e-ticket shall be borne by the purchaser. Invoicing After every purchase we issue an electronic invoice of the purchase which is sent to your e-mail address.

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You should acknowledge that you shall only receive an electronic invoice for your purchase, and that the data on the invoice cannot be changed afterwards. The electronic invoice comes in PDF format, and is a document electronically signed by the seller as well as date-stamped. The invoice does not entitle you to enter the stadium. Encryption takes place with a bit encryption key. This key is simultaneously a certificate which identifies its owner, MLSZ.

The certificate is issued by NetLock Kft. The encryption of our homepage begins when you sign in or enter your personal data. You can verify the authenticity of our certificate by clicking on the picture below. On these operating systems use Firefox browser Firefox supports this kind of encryption irrespective of the operating system.

We recommend that you install the Service Pack 3 update to a Windows XP this is otherwise recommended for your PC from a security perspective. Your bank card details are similarly sent from your machine using SSL-encrypted communication, but these do not go to the webshop server but directly to the bank which is processing the card payment.

The webshop pages are reached using a secure SSL-encrypted connection. Data storage and protection Any personal data you provide when making a purchase will be managed by the MLSZ in accordance with the Law on Data Protection.

The provisions related to data protection concerning ticket purchasing and entering stadiums are contained in a separate regulation, which can be viewed under the Privacy Policy menu.

Personal data is automatically deleted from the system three working days after the ticket has become valid. Always ensure before payment that you are purchasing tickets at the desired price as after the purchase there is no possibility to redeem the tickets or subsequently claim a reduction.