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While Allah's Apostle was in Medina he sacrificed two horned rams black and white in color in the Name of Allah. He the son of Ibn 'Umar said, "I fear that this year a battle might take place between the people and you might be prevented from going to the Ka'ba.

I suggest that you should stay here. So, if the people intervened between me and the Ka'ba, I would do the same as Allah's Apostle had done. Volume 3, Book 27, Number We set out along with Allah's Apostle shortly before the appearance of the new moon crescent of the month of Dhi-l-Hijja and he said to us, "Whoever wants to assume Ihram for Hajj may do so; and whoever wants to assume Ihram for 'Umra may do so. So some of us assumed Ihram for 'Umra while the others for Hajj.

I was amongst those who assumed Ihram for 'Umra.

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The day of 'Arafat approached and I was still menstruating. I complained to the Prophet about that and he said, "Abandon your 'Umra, undo and comb your hair, and assume Ihram for Hajj.

Volume 4, Book 52, Number We set out in the company of Allah's Apostle five days before the end of Dhul Qa'da intending to perform Hajj only. When we approached Mecca Allah's Apostle ordered those who did not have the Hadi i.

Beef was brought to us on the day of i. That she said, "O Allah's Apostle! Your companions are returning with the reward of both Hajj and 'Umra, while I am returning with the reward of Hajj only. Then the Prophet waited for her at the higher region of Mecca till she returned. I was riding behind Abu Talha on the same riding animal and the Prophet's companions were reciting Talbiya aloud for both Hajj and 'Umra.

Volume 5, Book 59, Number A woman from the tribe of Khath'am asked for the verdict of Allah's Apostle regarding something during Hajjat-ul-Wada' while Al-Fadl bin 'Abbas was the companion-rider behind Allah's Apostle. She asked, "Allah's ordained obligation i. Will it be sufficient if I perform the Hajj on his behalf? A man who wants to perform the Hajj from Mecca can perform the Tawaf around the Ka'ba as long as he is not in the state of Ihram till he assumes the Ihram for Hajj.

Then, if he rides and proceeds to 'Arafat, he should take a Hadi i. Then he should proceed to 'Arafat and stay there from the time of the 'Asr prayer till darkness falls. Then the pilgrims should proceed from 'Arafat, and when they have departed from it, they reach Jam' i. Al-Muzdalifa where they ask Allah to help them to be righteous and dutiful to Him, and there they remember Allah greatly or say Takbir i. Allah is Greater and Tahlil i. None has the right to be worshipped but Allah repeatedly before dawn breaks.

Then, after offering the morning Fajr prayer you should pass on to Mina for the people used to do so and Allah said: And ask for Allah's Forgiveness. Can the name of the person donating or a loved one be read aloud during the slaughter?

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No, we cannot accommodate that request. We receive hundreds of donations and it would be impossible to coordinate with partners. Can I mark my funds for a particular geographic region within the country? In order to reach those most in need, we need to have the flexibility to allocate meat distribution throughout the country. Therefore donors can choose the country, but not a specific geographical location within that country. To whom does the meat get distributed?

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IDRF is committed to helping people on the basis of need, and work with community partners to make sure that those in greatest need are served and that communities are involved in that process to ensure peace and buy-in regardless of ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Can I choose whether to give a cow, sheep, or goat share? This year, we are only advertising a price per share, rather than choosing a specific animal, for flexibility and to ensure the best price and acceptability in the community. How did you determine this price for shares?

Prices are fully inclusive of purchasing large numbers of animals upfront to secure the best quality and price, paying for their care and humane treatment, slaughtering, and distribution. What if there is a major crisis or disaster or community unrest or legal crackdown? IDRF is committed to doing our best to ensure that Qurbani is carried out.

That may mean that we have to relocate to a different geographic area, or bear the cost of paying for last minute arrangements elsewhere, then we will find a way. If we truly could not, we will notify our donors, but this would need to be a major global disaster.