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It is a major sea access route for numerous countries, including Russia and Ukraine. Control over it has been an objective of a number of conflicts in modern history, notably the Russo-Turkish War —78as well as of the attack of the Allied Powers on the Dardanelles during the Battle of Gallipoli in the course of World War I.

This is the oldest surviving map of the city, and the only surviving map which predates the Turkish conquest of The Bosporus is visible along the right hand side of the map, wrapping vertically around the historic city. The strategic importance of the Bosporus dates back millennia. The Greek city-state of Athens in the 5th century BC, which was dependent on grain imports from Scythiamaintained critical alliances with cities which controlled the straits, such as the Megarian colony Byzantium.

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Persian King Darius I the Great, in an attempt to subdue the Scythian horsemen who roamed across the north of the Black Seacrossed through the Bosporus, then marched towards the River Danube. His army crossed the Bosporus over an enormous bridge made by connecting Achaemenid boats. Phokas, Hestiai or Michaelion, Phoneus, Anaplous or Sosthenion in European side and Hieron tower, Eirenaion, Anthemiou, Sophianai, Bithynian Chryspolis in Asian side in this era [17] The strategic significance of the strait was one of the factors in the decision of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great to found there in AD his new capital, Constantinoplewhich came to be known as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.

The expressions "swim the Bosporus" and "cross the Bosporus" were and are still used to indicate religious conversion to the Eastern Orthodox Church. The original is a watercolor available in the online collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. The final day campaign, which resulted in Ottoman victory, constituted an important turn in world history.

Together with Christopher Columbus 's first voyage to the Americas inthe conquest of Constantinople is commonly noted as among the events that brought an end to the Middle Ages and marked the transition to the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The event also marked the end of the Byzantines —the final remnants of the Roman Empire —and the transfer of the control of the Bosporus into Ottoman hands, who made Constantinople their new capital, and from where they expanded their empire in the centuries that followed.

At its peak between the 16th and 18th centuries, the Ottoman Empire had used the strategic importance of the Bosporus to expand their regional ambitions and to wrest control of the entire Black Sea area, which they regarded as an "Ottoman lake", on which Russian warships were prohibited.

It thus benefited British naval power at the expense of Russian, as the latter lacked direct access for its navy to the Mediterranean.

Repeating Churchill’s Bungles: Will US Drive Turkey into Joining the Shanghai Pact?

Turkish republican era —present [ edit ] This was amended under the Treaty of Lausannewhich restored the straits to Turkish territory—but allowed all foreign warships and commercial shipping to traverse the straits freely. Turkey eventually rejected the terms of that treaty, and subsequently Turkey remilitarised the straits area. That convention, which is still in force, treats the straits as an international shipping lane save that Turkey retains the right to restrict the naval traffic of non—Black Sea states.

Turkey had been a loyal and major British ally at least since the Ochakoff Incident of Turkey went to war, cutting off the vital Anglo-French maritime supply route through the Dardanelles Strait into the Black Sea and cutting off Imperial Russia.

Toi open that waterway, Churchill pushed the catastrophic and utterly bungled Gallipoli campaign in It cost the British, Irish, Australians and New Zealanders who fought there more thancasualties including 44, dead.

Repeating Churchill’s Bungles: Will US Drive Turkey into Joining the Shanghai Pact?

The Turks lost 86, dead. Churchill was sacked from the British government for his bungling. Instead, they fear it. The only other obvious international security body for Turkey to seek protection with is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which in June pulled off the extraordinary coup of expanding to include India and Pakistan at the same time.