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Transformers: Age of Extinction () Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age of .. When he powers it up, he discovers it's Optimus Prime. Later Release Date: . Galvatron, General Information: Release Date: May 12, (Online); June Gear up for massive Transformers action with this awesome 2-in-1 Galvatron. Transformers: Age of Extinction -- the fourth installment in Michael Bay's the end Optimus Prime had ridden a fire-breathing Dinobot like he was President Obama on a unicorn in an internet meme, so I If this movie is starting to feel like an elaborate childhood Transformers play-date where you and your.

In a move that feels like tradition, "Age of Extinction" will introduce a new character: There's a lot of speculation about the nature of this character, and as you can tell from his write up above, the background of the character is being kept under wraps and for the sake of those who are sensitive about spoilers for upcoming movies I'll leave speculation to discussions on forums.

For the toy line, Galvatron was available to order via Hasbrotoyshop on "Cybertron Monday", and then he began to appear in stores steadily in early June Galvatron was glimpsed briefly in this teaser trailer for "Age of Extinction". It's enough to get a look at the character and how this toy translates his CGI model into plastic.

At the same time, there are some minor design influences from the character's G1 namesake. In terms of duplicating the look of the CGI model, it does a pretty good job based on the brief glimpse in trailers. He is very humanoid in shape, with lots of curved parts and even smaller details like tubes and curved armor giving him a very fluid appearance.

Every part of the robot looks like it flows into the next. He also has some very "Bayformer" features including layers of armor on top of exposed mechanical bits underneath and even clawed feet, hinting at animal-like features, a staple of many Transformers in the live action universe. My favorite parts of the sculpt include the neck, which features a very intricate set of piston like details and the torso, which has several tubes with indented patterns on them and a big, oval opening in the center that is reminscent of a similar detail on Iron Man.

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A bit of G1 influence comes into play in the head design. The head has a face which has details that sweep back and then stick up in the back. These are reminscent of similar details on G1 Galvatron, whose head design looked like he was wearing a crown.

This looks to me at least like a highly stylized version of that design. Overall, from a sculpting point of view I think this figure is top notch. It looks like its on-screen counterpart and has a lot of detail. For those curious about size, Galvatron stands at almost 7 inches approximately This doesn't count the width of his "back pack".

He's a good sized figure and lines up in scale with most recent Voyager Class figures. Galvatron is cast in silver, gold, black and gunmetal grey plastic. The silver is the most prominent color, with the gunmetal making up most of his back piece that forms a chunk of the vehicle mode.

The gold is used for smaller parts such as the shoulder, elbow and hip joints. The black parts are the wheels and some parts around the ankle area. Given that the character in the movie also looks mostly silver, this color scheme is not exactly a shock. Just look at Megatron or Starscream from the previous movies and you'll see the live action movie Decepticons are not exactly the most colorful and distinctive bunch.

Galvatron seems to continue that trend. Now, he isn't devoid of color detail. Metallic blue, gold and black are used to provide painted detail. The dark blue is used all over the figure, most notably on the tubes that form part of the torso and on his knee armor.

Gold is used inside the oval on his chest and on the edge of his knee armor. Black is used on a tiny Decepticon symbol on his chest. The thing is, a lot of sculpted detail is left unpainted, so without any sort of wash or brush work to bring out the details, a lot can easily be lost in a mass of silver.

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Adding almost any splash of color to the figure, even with weapons in his hands instantly makes him look better and draws the eyes. On his own he looks somewhat unfinished. Customs have popped up online showing how some dark brush work brings out the sculpted details or how purple would've looked great on this figure and pay homage to G1 Galvatron.

This is unfortunate because the toy is being faithful to the CGI model, it's just that the CGI model is rather bland looking color-wise. There are twenty three points of articulation on Galvatron. This includes five in each arm and six in each leg. The legs don't have traditional knee articulation, but instead they bend a bit above the knee. He does have some nice articulation points including the ability for his feet to pivot at angles and move up and down partly thanks to his transformation.

I'm not counting the ability of his shoulder armor to move up, allowing his arms to be posed. Count those and he has twenty five points. Galvatron is equipped with a large missile launcher. This has more tubes running all over it with a huge barrel at the end another G1 influence.

The launcher is cast in silver and the missile is dark blue. The launcher has two 5mm pegs on it. One is on the side and another towards the back. This allows you to have Galvatron hold it in his hands like a blaster or attach it to his hand using the rear peg so it looks like his arm has "transformed" into the cannon.

If you watch quickly in the trailers, his arm is shown doing just that this can be seen in various trailers where Optimus Prime gets blasted in the chest, look down at the floor.

If you want to give him alternate weapons, you can stow the cannon away by attaching it to the 5mm port on his back. In terms of stability, I had no problem standing this figure with his weapon and all the joints are nice and tight. Transformation to Vehicle Mode: Detach the missile launcher if attached and set it aside for now. Straighten out the arms.

The Dinobots and Lockdown were confirmed to appear. On October 29, Michael Bay's Official Twitter Account tweeted that principal photography of Transformers 4 had been completed in Hong KongChina and the cast and crew were heading to the Chinese mainland. According to previous reports, they would be filming there for one week.

Clair which had once traveled between Detroit and Bois Blanc Island 's amusement park were partially restored and used as props for the film. The elder brother also assaulted three police officers during the incident. Both brothers and a third man surnamed Chan were arrested on suspicion of assault, with the younger Mak also charged on suspicion of blackmail.

He said the film contains about ninety minutes of visual effects out of the movie's minute length. The film's score was praised by critics and fans.

The soundtrack album sold more than 15, units worldwide. It is also the first Transformers film for which rock band Linkin Park did not contribute an original song, though their single " Until It's Gone " is included in the video game soundtrack of the movie. The track "Leave Planet Earth Alone" samples the drum beat of Battle Cry so that the former serves as an intro to the latter as the credits start, though this version is only present in the film; Battle Cry isn't featured on the soundtrack album, and Leave Planet Earth Alone has a unique outro.

No mashup version or otherwise is available for purchase. Imagine Dragons also worked with Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer to contribute additional music to the film's score. On November 20,Steve Jablonsky released a statement via Facebook saying that the score would no longer be available on iTunes and other digital music stores after it had reached its limit of 15, units before re-use fees would have to be paid. Jablonsky personally expressed his own disappointment in the turn of events, hoping there would be a way to eventually re-release the score, along with the score to Transformers: Dark of the Moonwhich had also been removed from iTunes and other digital music stores several months prior when it too reached the 15, unit limit.

Chevrolet aired a commercial at the New York International Auto Show featuring General Motors vehicles with clips from the film, along with putting them on display.