The big c happy birthday cancer online dating

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the big c happy birthday cancer online dating

Invalid Date, of wrapped presents for her son Freddie, three, to see him through to his 21st birthday BBC journalist Rachael Bland reveals she has breast cancer Sh hosted You, Me And The Big C, with two of her best pals who are also living with Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?. I've wanted to do a Mental Health & Cancer blog post for a while. I think Another milestone, on my twenty-first birthday, I didn't think anything was going to happen as .. Online support services and other helpful apps. forcespenpals. forces dating and penpals for military personnel and civilians. of her breast cancer on the BBC 5 live podcast, You, Me and The Big C, The year-old was left unable to hold back tears during a recent.

BBC presenter Rachael Bland tears up in emotional chat about her ‘incurable’ breast cancer

Even though I haven't fully come to terms with it, in time I am slowly starting to push things to one side and when I'm ready I can talk about it more. So I suppose when you are not depressed you can be more positive and deal with things better. Obviously when you're depressed it's hard when people tell you to stay positive or to have a certain mindset because even though you want to be positive it just doesn't happen.

The depression is trying to drag you down and it's hard to explain to people that sometimes it feels like you have no control over your life. It might be hard for some people to understand, if they've never experienced what it's like to have clinical depression.

As long as you get the help out there, it should be your choice and a way that you feel most comfortable with. Everyone in the world will take things differently and you'll know what's right for you.

Happy Birthday Cancer!

Recently I thought it may upset me a lot more because like most people I had this idea of what a 'normal' life should look like, a path that consisted of having a good job, getting married and having children.

I realised that sometimes when we expect our life to follow a certain path, it doesn't!

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We can see that illness can stop us going on that path and that can feel like our perfect world has ended. We forget all the other possible paths in life that could get us to the same place or even better.

When being depressed or thinking negatively, we think the bad times are going to last forever but luckily they don't. Looking back at your worse moment you can see it can make you stronger or at an okay place which is fine. You could never imagine that better place mentally.

Sometimes I can be okay but then it can flare up and people assume wrongly that its always about cancer. The next road is always ahead. It's such a sad thing to go through so young but really at any age. I know some people say it's part of life but it wasn't for me, it was traumatic. I was one of the youngest people on the ward and most patients were much older then me.

I started to get flashbacks from all the most traumatic times for me and my nightmares felt so real and scary that I once, while sleeping shouted out many times "help me. D playing up and I was actually asleep because she would probably of thought I was awake shouting. I was so afraid that night, my darling Dad then came back to the hospital after he had already left leaving when visiting time was over at eight, he held my hand the whole night as the nightmares were so upsetting.

I held his hand six years later when he died from cancer. When my Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on 29 August it was so surreal. He had kept it to himself until after the Opening ceremony of the Paralympics as I was preforming in the show. He kept saying "you beat cancer so can I, it's in the Genes" but he was diagnosed too late. It was so hard to deal with when you love someone so much. When you think about P. Anyone can get P.

D through a traumatic experience in life. I suppose cancer doesn't always come to mind. I sometimes feel because people are always pushing out messages to "be positive" to cancer patients. It made it much harder for me to deal with my emotions, my depression was rewiring my brain to think sad, negative thoughts and feelings which then made me feel guilty on top of it I couldn't think positive even though deep down I wanted to.

I knew I wasn't going out of my way "to chose" to "think negative" like a lot of people think you do. It's much easier when someone understands about mental health or just willing to listen to why you feel a certain way. Tagul Clinical Depression definition - "the reaction to unfortunate life circumstances that is more intense or prolonged than would generally be expected. D definition - "a mental disorder, as battle fatigue, occurring after a traumatic event outside the range of usual human experience, and characterised by symptoms such as reliving the event, reduced involvement with others, and manifestations of autonomic arousal such as hyper-alertness and exaggerated startle response.

Look at the chart above for an example to show that you could wake up not feeling great because you've woke up late so feel negative. There was a funny thing that happened to my parents on the way to visit me in hospital one day. My dad was coming from the airport and my mum was coming from home. My mum joked "if I have to," the controller looked puzzled and my mum said he was her husband! My parents said they could hear him laughing when they got into the cab.

We all had a good laugh when they got to the hospital to see me and my mum got my dad to pay for the cab. A positive memory that can last forever!

the big c happy birthday cancer online dating

We should be more concerned how we view ourselves and our own self worth. I couldn't help notice that a lot of staff and people think if you look well you must be. As a young woman I sometimes like to wear make up to make myself feel better. Sometimes to the outside world "you could have it all" so why are they depressed but that's not how mental health works, mental health issues are causing irrational thoughts making you feel you have a terrible life because your thoughts are making you see the worst in life.

I felt depressed when I was in remission. The NHS is run off it's feet and you can't always see someone when you need to see them. The Key features of the app include: Quick access to national crisis support helplines. A mini-safety plan that can be filled out by a person considering suicide. A LifeBox to which the user can upload photos from their phone reminding them of their reasons to stay alive. Strategies for staying safe from suicide.

the big c happy birthday cancer online dating

How to help a person thinking about suicide. Online support services and other helpful apps. When staff are run off their feet it's easy for a depressed patient to blend into the background and not make a fuss even though it's important to let staff know you're feeling depressed.

All patients in an ideal world should be treated holistically. No one tells you in the beginning of the cancer journey that here is a booklet that has all the numbers you can call when you need support especially mental health, while in hospital or in the community. Patients in remission should also have a survivor-ship booklet with numbers they may need and mental health support is very important because people assume for everyone in remission everything is okay but for some it can be far from it and when depression starts.

You feel like you can't breathe because you feel you'll be judged and everyone will be looking at you once you mention you're not coping emotionally. Being stuck in one place for too long like a hospital ward can be rather noisy when you just want it to be quiet. Trust your own intuition.

the big c happy birthday cancer online dating

Another's mind isn't walking your journey, you are. So if they don't see that "stereotypical" look, they're judging you on how you look, whether to them you're depressed or not. If you haven't been diagnosed and someone is judging you on how you look whether you're depressed or not then it's unlikely you'll be referred to a specialist. But what does a "depressed" person really look like? You're not always depressed everyday, you can be dealing with depression and have days were the days aren't so bad, you could be smiling about something on that day you've enjoyed and so people wouldn't even assume you're suffering from depression.

Then the next day your mood could totally change and decline rapidly and that's what makes it so hard to deal with because it can sometimes go from one extreme to the other.

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Society can bring us up to hold in our emotions, like "be strong" and in some cultures men are seen as weak if they cry or show their emotions.

My mum wanted to show me that our past is as important as our future and found out that we have heroes in our own family. That turned out to be a non-issue. Was she surprised to find love in the midst of cancer treatment? We laugh sometimes that I had to go through all of that just to meet him because he lives only five miles away. My advice to others is it can work out. Just keep your chin up.

They spent 26 months together before Blume succumbed to the disease in early Here, they're pictured at Lake Tahoe after Penny traveled 3, miles for her first date with Don. But love was what he found with Penny Blume, a vivacious year-old blonde who, like him, was living with terminal lung cancer. Both single, they quickly friended each other on Facebook and soon were texting every day. Blume was in active treatment for her aggressive small cell lung cancer in New York and was determined to make it to her 50th birthday, several months away.

Stranathan, then 59, gamely offered to fly out and buy her dinner for the occasion. But neither wanted to wait. Neither had the time to wait.

the big c happy birthday cancer online dating

Shortly after connecting, Blume flew to California for her first date with Stranathan, who by then was responding well to a targeted drug known as Tarceva. The pair clicked and spent several days traveling around Lake Tahoe and Mendocino, falling in love. Any opportunity we would get, we would be together. He then took a retirement disability from his business development job, flew Blume out to his home and cared for her there until she died in January Since then, Stranathan has become even more involved in patient advocacy, fulfilling a promise he made to his beloved.

He has not yet re-entered the dating pool.