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I tried creating a group, making that group a supervisor to the OU where the server should be added, and adding the user to that group. It gives me the following error: Creating the Unix Config object Insufficient access I tried giving the group rights to the current Unix Config object as well, but still get the same error.

If it needs eDir, does it also need replicas on it?

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How to make nds user as valid Linux user? Hello, I have three questions when using nds8. I import posixAccount, shadowAccount, Account Attributes and Objectclasses to nds by ConsoleOne, it seems to be successfully without failed.

What Am I missing? Published site needs admin user to create users HejI clearly wasn't planning ahead when I did this. I published my site to the test server, and set up a local copy of the db there as well. Now I'm realizing that in order to create new users, an admin user needs to be logged in.

I'd like to be able to just run a query in SQL Server to create the needed roles and the default admin user. Does anybody know which stored procedures could handle that and the parameters that need to be passed?

OES 11 upgrade plans for existing OES Linux users A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http: What are your plans for upgrading to OES11? How can I create admin user in the sql server of specified database without using Visual studio? I know that using login control in VS can create any users.

Create a class library to manage users Profile to be used on user admin page Hi All I am very perplexed. I am now trying to convert this code into a class library for reuse purposes.

The issue is that in the class library, I cannot find a way to reference the ProfileCommon object.

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