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Ever watch election coverage on the broadcast TV networks? Their big special sting comes out of one of these production music libraries. It's critical to the business as licensing of popular music is incredibly expensive and often doesn't travel with a show through its entire life this is why you'll find some shows on Netflix have different songs in them; the music wasn't originally licensed for streaming, or isn't licensed in your country and having wholly original scores is prohibitively expensive and adds a ton of time to production.

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Chances are you may have actually heard some of these tracks before. Note that Sonoton is a German company so some of the English translations may sound a bit off and have unusual capitalization or comma use. I'm not correcting any of their errors, though I may highlight some discrepancies between the English and German versions.

My grasp on German is pretty weak, since I only took half a semester of it way back in high school, so it'll only be glaring differences. All the classic hits! Side A 1. Since then, the company has grown from being a family business to becoming the largest independent production music library in the world, with representation in more than 40 countries. - Registered at

At the time, Gerhard Narholz realized he could re-purpose the many compositions he had written for film and TV and make them available for licensing to TV broadcasters in Germany. As the catalog expanded the company was able to commission other top composers to help satisfy the growing demand for production music.

Through creativity and innovation, Heidi and Gerhard focused on developing the library music business first in Germany, then throughout the rest of the world, from the transition of the LP to the CDfrom the first music search program on floppy diskto the first online search and download programto the offline HardDrive Constantly following the latest technological developments, Sonoton remains one step ahead in both quality and technology with its pioneering vision, and has helped define worldwide standards in the industry.

Layout and approval of production 2. Additional alternative layout recordings commissioned by the client shall be invoiced separately according to separate agreements of the parties.

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Any publication of layout productions or the use of such title s in any media e. Any further use of the title and of the layout sample production s created with it shall be explicitly prohibited. Acquisition of the exclusive licence 3.

This shall not apply to claims of copyright collecting societies e. Obligations of the client The client shall be obliged to support the production with all means at its disposal. It shall appoint an employee in writing who is responsible for and in charge of the production.

This employee shall be explicitly authorised to make legally binding declarations in the following cases: Possible change requests of the client shall be addressed in writing to Sonoton no later than within two weeks of receipt of the final version by mail or e-mail.