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Great savings on hotels in Chimbote, Peru online. Check-in Date. +. / /. Check- in Date. Check-out Date. + . Featuring a garden and free WiFi, Hotel Real Chimbote is located in . The rooms come with a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Dulce de Leche Chimbote g (Caramel): Grocery. Discover AmazonBasics TV Wall Mounts. . Date First Available, 27 Sept. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different . Shop Online. Hotel Real Chimbote - Located 8 km from Sand Skull Chimbote, Hotel Real Chimbote offers hour front desk assistance, Select date Wireless internet is available in the entire hotel for free. Garden area; Leisure/ TV room; Public Bath.

It is not only interesting in itself but can be visited on a great acclimatization hike that leaves right from town. It is easiest to take a combi there uphill and walk back via an old Incan trail approximately 2 hours. Museums in Huaraz contain many fine examples of Chavin sculpture and older Cupinisque pottery. Puya Raimondi are the biggest pinapple plants of the world.

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They bloom once every years for 9 months with 8. They grow at altitudes between and m. It gives information about all the cultures that have inhabited the Cordillera Blanca region. It is small but interesting, it has a few mummies, some trepanned skulls an ancient form of surgery involving cutting into the skull and a garden of stone monoliths from the Recuay culture BC to AD and the Wari culture AD to Do[ edit ][ add listing ] Rock climbing - There are some amazing rock climbing around Huaraz, especially in the Cordillera Negra.

The company Andean Kingdom at parque Ginebra has a refugee Hatun Machay in the Cordillera Negras were there are over 30 prebolted lines in different difficulties, mostly one pitch. The owner speaks good english and can take you for a course for a great price. If you have experience he also rents high end climbing gear Edelrid and you can catch a cab to the refugee 1. Bring food and water. Trekking - This region is a trekker's paradise. It features nice views and an escape from the hive of people seen in other famed trekking locations like the Inca trail.

Although one could do it on one's own, there are also many companies offering these services. Llama Treks - Llama Day Experiences, stunning Multi Day Llama Treks away from the busy tourist treks like Huayhuash, Santa Cruz, Laguna 69, really off the beaten path treks and experiences, cultural experiences are all offered by the only Llama organization in Huaraz. If the homepage does not work, head up to Llama Inn.

Trips are being offered by SierraRios and can be done all year. It is a warm alternative to the cold Cordillera treks. The Santa Cruz Trek takes days and can be done independently or with a guide. There are numerous places in Huaraz where one can rent equipment if need be. The trek is intermediate difficulty, with a high pass at Punta Union, at m 15,ft. The trek offers amazing views of many of the great peaks in the area. If you choose a guided tour, ask them if you'll have to pay for a bus back to Huaraz after the trek.

When I returned from the trek, they had no money on hand at the office so they could not reimburse me before I had to leave town. Just sit down, enjoy the nice weather with a good book or just to watch people.

There are two hot springs nearby. The Monterrey Hot Springs tend to be more public in nature and due to their close proximity to Huaraz sometimes can be very crowded. You can choose the pool or private bath called pozo. The other one, Chancos Hot Springs is 27km north of the center of town. Time limit is supposed to be 15 min but how much longer you can actually stay depends on how crowded they are.

Otherwise, you will be dropped off in the small village of Llupa, which you take a beautiful footpath up to Pitec; roughly 1 - 1. This is not a hike for beginners; but you don't have to be a professional either to complete it. Once you reach the waterfall 1. If possible, bring climbing gloves to protect your hands from the ropes cutting into them. Within 10 minutes you will see the sign announcing the altitude, with the Laguna behind it.

It's a breathtaking view, and quite cold and windy, so be sure to bring a proper jacket. Volunteering is not something that should be undertaken lightly and usually requires proper mental and physical preparation as well as professional commitment.

The Huaraz Telegraph was to give you an insight of what options these businesses, organisations and NGOs would offer when contacted and what would be the differences between short and long-term volunteering. Read their yearly investigation by clicking here: LAKE 69, one of the wonderful paradisitic place in the hearth of the Cordillera Blanca, beautiful lake visited by thousand of international turists is based at masl, with stunning views to the Mountains such as Huascaran, Chopicalqui, Huandoy, Pisco and others.

You can do it on your own by: Doing it on your own will take you more time and eventually cost more than a tour out of Huaraz. Going to the laguna with a tour will take you a full day as most tours leave Huaraz at 5. Many tour operators propose that hike. Prices start at 30 soles only for transportation and can be higher if it includes a guide but you don't really need. The tour minibus will take 3h to reach the beginning of the hike usually with a breakfast breakyou will then hike around 3h up 2h if you are very faststay h at the laguna, hike 2h down and leave aroun 3pm towards Huaraz.

It requires hour of quite steep uphill trekking and is a good acclimatization option although not that easy. Take a combi linea 10 from the stadium to Santa Cruz bridge 1. There, you can see the clear path going up to Willcacocha.

Be prepare to have thousands of flies around you while climbing up and don't expect too much, this trek isn't breathtaking. Laguna de Aguak is a hours of underrated uphill trekking very close to Huaraz.

Cajamarca near Antonio Raymondi 1. Tell the driver that you want to go to Laguna de Aguak. He will leave you very close to the begining of the trek.

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You will be rewarded with a wonderful view of Cordillera Negra, Huaraz and the lake itself. Laguna Paron is another beautiful lake. It is best reached using Caraz as a best. Either hike from Caraz but it is a long way, or hire a taxi to take you all the way to the lake, wait for you a few hours and take you back to Caraz.

Negotiate the taxi price! It is possible to travel there with the tour from Huaraz, usually minivans leave at As of Julythe prices started from s70, however, it is possible to negotiate the price down to s50, especially in the end of the day if the cars are not fully booked.

Glacier Pastoruri is a nice glacier that can be best reached through a tour. It is located at m Cost is from s35 possible to negotiate for s25, especially in the morning before departure. Most tours leave at am and return at 6pm. The minibus takes 3h one way. On the way there you will stop at some interesting small sight on the way, such as a small translucid laguna, small source of sparking water, and interesting huge plants. You then need to do a short easy hike of min up. Buy[ edit ][ add listing ] At the Plaza de Armas there is an Artesania Market with a broad offer of nice souvenirs, bags, jewelry and clothing.

Defenitely worth a visit. Furthermore there are some nice shops on the Av. The big market with food and a lot of small shops selling everything you can think of is situated at a street which goes parallel to the Av.

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Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] Mercado central. On the second floor you can indulge in a true Peruvian set meal of soup, rice and chicken and lemonade. All for soles. There are several 'cebicherias' serving fresh fish and seafood around the town. Some of them are really bad and not worth your time and money, however we found one which is truly awesome!

It's located on a small side street close to the central market around Julian de Morales Street. The 'daily menu' for 10 Soles is HUGE with amazing quality and great taste to get it arrive before 2pm. They serve also a bit smaller menu still very good size for 5 Soles.

If you get there later, choose anything from their a la card menu.

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All is fresh fresh and delicious. Each meal easily make full 2 people. Popular restaurant with locals - please note that this is a local restaurant thus it doesn't look like a posh tourist hotel. Stops serving food around 6pm. Chifas, there are several in town. Their dishes are cheap and feed two. And in contrast to Peruvian cuisine they tend to sneak in some veggies. Basically, a nice portion of less quality and cheaper food. Near the Plazuela de Soledad. Best place for backpacker on a budget.

Even wifi is available if required! There is the Llama Inn hostel upstairs. The place is currently only open Mo - Sa pm. But there are plans to expand. Preordered dinner pizzas can be arranged with the owner. La Brasa Roja, Luzuriaga Great place for meat lovers, highly recommended and frequented by locals. The roasted chicken S. Siam de los Andes. A traditional Thai restaurant in the middle of small-town Peru, serves up delicious curry and stir fry dishes.

Trivio, Parque del Periodista through the last passage on the right side of the first block of Av. Luzuriaga going north from the Plaza de Armas. Great restaurant with amazing meals for you. The Peppersteak and the homemade pastas are a recommendation! It is a little bit more expensive but also a real treat to yourself! It gives a good indication of what the town once looked like. On Sundays there is a street market where the local population sells regional foods.

Vegetarian Restaurant Fuente de Salud. Jose de la MarVery cheap, very tasty vegetarian food. Highly recommended for vegetarians and those who are feeling the effects of traveller's diarrhea. The place looks boring and it's pricey considering the portions and quality. Comedor Vegetariano inside el Mercado Central is very cheap and excellent, managed by friendly ladies. Absolutely delicious Indian, Thai and Mexican food. Food ranges from a little spicy to super spicy, but everything we tried was fantastic.

Vegetarian meals are available. The owner was really nice and spoke English. El Tambo, 2 blocks from Plaza Ginebra. Popular weekend club slow on Thursday that plays mostly salsa with short sets of house, reggaeton, and American music. Delicious espresso and other coffee beverages. Can buy beans too. Excellent selection of books to borrow with depositand good magazine selection to peruse while there. Loud, familiar music Marley, Grateful Dead Expensive, but good and healthy gringo food. The Californian owner organizes ultimate frisbee matches every Friday.

Just drop in at around 1: One of the house specialties is their mixed fruit smoothie, called Surtido. This cafe also serves roasts its own coffees and is an ideal spot to hang for a few hours when first getting into town. Try their sandwiches, made to order with lots of variety. Also has free WiFi. The owner, Lucho who bears an uncanny resemblance to George Clooneybrews handcrafted ales, although he can be a bit pushy in trying to get customers to buy drinks.

Typically there are a few varieties on offer: Nice small hotel with great central location. Hot showers, small kitchen, computer, quiet rooms. Good value for money.

Hostel and tour agency run by three brothers. Next to the central market. They can help you plan any trip from days. Very noisy due to location close to market on the main street as well as guests full of backpackersbut quite clean with kitchen, dining area and patio. There, her hair was cut, and she exchanged her rich gown for a plain robe and veil. Her father attempted to force her to return home. She clung to the altar of the church and threw aside her veil to show her cropped hair.

Clare was soon joined by her sister Catarina, who took the name Agnes. They remained with the Benedictines until a small dwelling was built for them next to the church of San Damianowhich Francis had repaired some years earlier.

They lived a simple life of poverty, austerity and seclusion from the world, according to a Rule which Francis gave them as a Second Order Poor Clares.

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San Damiano was long thought to be the first house of this order, however, recent scholarship strongly suggests that San Damiano actually joined an existing network of women's religious houses organised by Hugolino who later became Pope Gregory IX. Hugolino wanted San Damiano as part of the order he founded because of the prestige of Clare's monastery.

Byjust ten years after Clare's death, the order had become known as the Order of Saint Clare. Inwhen Gregory IX offered Clare a dispensation from the vow of strict poverty, she replied: Their life consisted of manual labour [8] and prayer. The nuns went barefoot, slept on the ground, ate no meat and observed almost complete silence. As abbess, Clare had more authority to lead the order than when she was the prioress and required to follow the orders of a priest heading the community.

Clare sought to imitate Francis' virtues and way of life so much so that she was sometimes titled alter Franciscus, another Francis. After Francis's death, Clare continued to promote the growth of her order, writing letters to abbesses in other parts of Europe and thwarting every attempt by each successive pope to impose a rule on her order which weakened the radical commitment to corporate poverty she had originally embraced.

Clare's Franciscan theology of joyous poverty in imitation of Christ is evident in the rule she wrote for her community and in her four letters to Agnes of Prague. Inthe army of Frederick II came to plunder Assisi. Clare went out to meet them with the Blessed Sacrament in her hands.

Suddenly a mysterious terror seized the enemies, who fled without harming anybody in the city. She died on 11 August at the age of Her last words as reported to have been, "Blessed be You, O God, for having created me.

Her remains were interred at the chapel of San Giorgio while a church to hold her remains was being constructed. This move by Pope Innocent ensured that the canonization process for Clare would begin shortly after her funeral. Pope Innocent was cautioned by multiple advisors against having the Office for the Virgin Saints performed at Clare's funeral Bartoli, The most vocal of these advisors was Cardinal Raynaldus who would later become Pope Alexander IV, who in two years time would canonize Clare Pattenden, At Pope Innocent's request the canonization process for Clare began immediately.

While the whole process took two years, the examination of Clare's miracles took just six days. Construction of the Basilica of Saint Clare was completed inand on 3 October of that year Clare's remains were transferred to the newly completed basilica where they were buried beneath the high altar.

Some years later inSaint Clare's relics were transferred to a newly constructed shrine in the crypt of the Basilica of Saint Clare, where her relics can still be venerated today.