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pretty little liars s04e01 online dating

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e is the first episode of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. the way and tells Emily she's not ready to move on and start dating other people yet. Main · Videos; Luister 3fm online dating kang dong won pretty little liars s04e01 online dating pretty little liars s04e01 online dating what is online dating sites. Main · Videos; Pretty little liars s04e01 online dating. You don't parachute re- engaging her, whereby all that you minimize about beginning that is to overcome .

Contents Synopsis A dead pig Season 4 begins exactly where Season 3 left off. When they open the trunk, they are shocked to find a dead pig inside.

pretty little liars s04e01 online dating

There she finds Mona who is removing the hard drive from the car's computer containing the video of Ashley hitting Wilden and Jenna and Shana rescuing him from the road. Back at Spencer's housethe girls confront Mona about her actions. They ask how she got Wilden's car out of the lake. Mona says she didn't. She reveals to them which crimes she did commit and which she didn't, including that Lucas gave Emily the massage and that she did not push Ian off the bell tower, but wishes she knew who did.

She says that Jenna knew Shana before she came to town and that she thinks Shana is in love with Jenna. The next morning, the girls wake up and realize Mona is gone.

They think she drugged them because they don't remember falling asleep the night before. Then Mona appears, bringing coffee and breakfast for the girls.

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She, of course, knows what drink each girl likes, and mentions to Emily she has her own set of keys to Emily's car. Mona agrees to take the girls to the lair to prove she has nothing to hide. On the way, the girls hit a road block in town. They don't understand why the area is crawling with cops and onlookers until they see a body covered by a sheet next to the car they saw last night.

Darren Wilden is dead and the girls are sure to become the prime suspects. Meanwhile, Toby lurks outside the burned-down lodgewatching a firefighter sift through the rubble. The firefighter picks up a red coat then drops it back onto the heap.

pretty little liars s04e01 online dating

Mona showing the girls "proof" that Melissa is "The Queen of Hearts". When the girls reach the lair, currently existing inside an RV in a trailer park, Mona shows them footage from the night of the Halloween train party to prove she wasn't the one who drugged Aria and put her in a box.

Someone is hacking Mona's computer and Mona tries to stop it, but fails. The girls hear their names being spoken outsidek so they go to investigate and find a group of little girls playing. They each have a doll named after each of the Liars and Mona, featuring Hefty Hanna and Aria in her pink streak days. When questioned, the girls tell Mona her friend Alison gave them the dolls shortly after Mona moved in to the trailer park.

A deleting all the files In Emily's roomHanna tells Emily she plans to keep Mona close, as the old saying goes, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

To Hanna, this is even more proof that Alison is still alive and it really was she who dragged them out of the fire at the lodge, but Emily still doesn't believe that is possible. She wanders into the structure even though it is unsafe in search of clues, and Toby follows her.

Spencer tries to get Toby to admit it is possible Allison is alive and rescued her and her friends last night. He reminds Spencer that Alison died two years ago. Spencer hears a noise then sees a shadow and the pair chase after it, but never find out who or what it was. Jessica finds it refreshing to hear Emily say Ali's name since most people tend to avoid it in her presence.

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She asks Emily to help her bring some boxes containing some of Alison's belongings into Alison's old bedroom. The call is short-lived since Hanna is in the middle of helping Mona lock up the lair in a secret location.

Mona starts to believe they could really be friends again. Aria is reading at the Brew when Ezra comes in for a late-night snack. Aria tries to slip out unnoticed, but Ezra insists on saying hi. He tells her he was offered a permanent position at Rosewood High and that it is alright if she wants to see other people.

Aria says she is not ready for that. A's message to Toby. Spoby moment The next day, Spencer reads the newspaper article about Wilden's murder and learns the coroner places his death between 10 pm and midnight. Unfortunately, the girls were at the Lodge at that time and could not use it as an alibi if questioned. Toby tries to take her mind off it by cooking her breakfast. Spencer is happy to be able to call him her boyfriend again.

If Toby wants to find out how his mother really died, he has to deliver the lair to "A.

pretty little liars s04e01 online dating

Emily remembers Alison told her that she broke up with people's boyfriends for them, and once had a gun pulled on her as a result. Meanwhile CeCe is shown in her apartment, which is plastered with pictures of the girls, including Alison. A red trench coat is seen sitting on her chair. They follow her outside and when they get in a tractor they discover red coat is in the haystack in the back. They try to attack her, but strangely all they find is her coat.

Toby and Spencer get into a fight after Spencer reveals that she told the girls about Toby's mother. Palmer's address, and then calls the police just as Toby attempts to break into his car. However, Spencer told Caleb to follow Toby, and Caleb tries to talk sense into Toby before they both narrowly evade the police. Aria visits Ezra's apartment and he talks to her about his issues. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and the newest one, Mona.

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Ashley goes free from jail after Travis convinced the police she didn't do it. Meanwhile, Aria gets closer with Ezra after a meeting. The Liars receive another package containing a child-sized coffin which contains a doll resembling Mona, followed by a text that "A" will hurt Mona and set the Liars up.

The Liars later receive one last package, containing a saw with a threatening message written on it, saying a girl will disappear.

pretty little liars s04e01 online dating

After some quick research, the girls decide that A is leading them to a magic show in nearby Ravenswood. When they arrive, Aria is chosen to be a volunteer for a magic trick. When Hanna and Spencer are distracted by this trick, A kidnaps Emily.

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The Liars follow Red Coat and discover that Emily is trapped in a coffin that is heading straight for a giant saw. While the Liars seem to be unable to open the coffin in time, Red Coat stops the saw and saves Emily. The girls then notice that there are two Red Coats.

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Spencer chases the one that saved Emily outside, while Aria gets into fisticuffs with the other who is wearing an Alison mask. CeCe gets knocked off from the platform, where CeCe and Aria have been fighting on. She lies motionless, presumably dead, but when the Liars reach the spot where she fell, she has disappeared.