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Racial slurs in Daily reveal racism at Iowa State | News |

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Most importantly, I felt their passion to right the wrongs done to them and every other person ever victimized by racism.

I began to understand. The uproar over the publication of the comments has ignited discussions on racism at Iowa State and has caused the Daily to stop publishing "Just Sayin" comments.

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She said she used to laugh along when other children made jokes about Asians or Asian-Americans. However, she said she is done being passive about racism. With water glistening in her eyes, she said she tries to ignore racism, but it still makes her question her abilities. I believe it when I see it in my hands — see it with my own eyes.

She explained how she came to Iowa State because she thought the state of Iowa was progressive due to the fact that it was the first state to allow interracial marriages. However, she said her opinion has changed. However, she said Iowa State has done nothing to adapt to that change.

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