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You can check your EPF balance online on the EPFO website. Checking the EPF balance online makes it convenient to be up-to-date about the funds in your. This comes soon after EPFO introduced a composite claim form for date of birth and gender—will be eligible to use the online claim service,”. This SMS contains all basic details like PF number, Name, Date of Birth, Only UAN Members can check online balance through the EPFO.

Otherwise, the website will prompt you to link your Aadhaar with UAN. Apart from this, you also need to input your bank account details so that once the claim is settled, the money can be transferred online to the account. Out of this, about 1. So, do the background work if you have a claim coming anytime soon.

The Aadhaar-based composite claim form will be used for online claim submission. In Februarythe EPFO introduced a single-page claim form subsuming the erstwhile Forms 19, 10C and 31 for complete withdrawal, pension withdrawal benefit and partial withdrawals, respectively.

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But there are two types of composite form: Online Claim Submission You can submit your claim online using the Aadhaar composite claim form. The online version will be pre-filled with your basic information since you would be able to access it only after logging in to the EPF member portal http: You will then have to select the type of withdrawal you wish to make. While the forms that were there earlier are no longer used, the types of withdrawals remain the same, and each has its own set of conditions that need to be fulfilled to avail a withdrawal.

For final settlement for which you needed to fill Form 19 earlieryou will need to provide the date of joining and date of exit last date of employment.

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This should be available in the EPFO database. A claim for final settlement can be submitted only after 2 months of the last date of employment.

Form 31 was used for this earlier. Your date of joining should be available in the EPFO database. This was earlier done under Form 10C. Your total period of service should be more than 6 months. The contribution you make towards your Employees' Provident Fund EPF from your monthly pay is a sort of forced savings that can help in amassing a portion of your retirement corpus.

At times, the name and date of birth in the provident fund PF statement is not correct and does not match with what is there in your Aadhaar details. This can then result in unnecessary delays and hassles when you try to withdraw the money at the time of retirement. EPFO has over 19 crore subscriber accounts that also include members who have retired and settled their claims.

EPF Online Transfer – Check PF Balance UAN portal Login

The contributing members of the EPFO are over five crore at present. And recently, the government stated that over 8.

Currently, if the employee wants to correct basic details against the Universal Account Number UANboth the employee and the employer needs to give a joint request to the EPFO for any correction.

Now you can make changes to your details online for which these four things are a must: Employer needs to forward the request online to EPFO.

Before you change details in the EPFO records, make sure your Aadhaar has the right information that you want to be corrected. It may so happen that you may get the below mentioned message "Aadhaar is already verified.

Your details aren't editable", which means that your Aadhaar has already been verified and no further changes can be done.