Oxford bodleian library manuscripts online dating

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oxford bodleian library manuscripts online dating

SOLO - Search Oxford Libraries Online: Requesting closed stack items About 7 million items are kept in the Bodleian Libraries closed stacks - the the date of your visit and your manuscripts access library card number to. Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Manuscripts Online & Catalogs and Latin manuscripts ranging in date from the 5th to the 19th centuries. A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. of references to Bodleian and other Oxford manuscripts. card index contains tens of thousands of cards, dating from the s to the in due course, be added under the appropriate shelfmarks in the online catalogue.

The present collection starts with five of the most famous and fragile of the Bodleian's Greek holdings, in complete sets of recent scans. The other three items are each in their own way so fragile that their preservation in digital form is especially vital. The earliest is a papyrus roll from Herculaneum P.

oxford bodleian library manuscripts online dating

The 13th-century Byzantine manuscript, MS. Barocciis a vast miscellany of classical and Byzantine texts by Michael Psellus and many others, some rare or unique to this witness; its early paper is softened and crumbling, and the scans allow close study of its tiny script.

Finally, the 14th-century Menologion has suffered badly from the flaking of the paint-layers which is so characteristic of Byzantine illuminations: Luna collections - Masterpieces of the non-Western book Circa 1, images of some of the Bodleian Libraries most valuable and most fragile manuscripts from many cultures of the Near East and Asia.

This collection of digital items brings togheter a wide range of material produced in and relating to Asia, the Near East, and South Asia. The Hebrew, Islamic, and South Asian collections are particularly rich in fine illustrated and illuminated manuscripts.

The Islamic collection also includes: Scientific and technical Arabic manuscripts, Celebrated illustrated Mamluk literary manuscripts; Geographical works with maps and albums of paintings assembled during the time of the Mughal Empire.

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The Persian collection includes many fine manuscripts representing successive styles of the long tradition of Persian miniature painting from the 14th to the 19th centuries. There is an important collection of over paintings in the Mughal style, dating from the 16th to 18th centuries. More popular bazaar art is represented by just over Kalighat paintings made in the later 19th century. Tibetan manuscripts come from the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Finally, the main collection includes Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Korean masterpieces. Luna collections - Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Around 25, images selected mostly from Western Illuminated Manuscripts Collection with a few from early printed books collection of the Bodleian's older image library of 35mm slides and filmstrips. The manuscripts are mostly archives and manuscript volumes in western languages from the Byzantine Empire, mostly on parchment or paper and in codex form and are written both in Latin and Greek and in the European vernaculars.

The Collection shows also administrative documents from several religious houses such as the 13th-century exemplars of Magna Carta. Amongst the English medieval manuscripts are masterpieces such as the early Gothic Douce Apocalypse. There are also Irish manuscripts providing mportant sources for the early and medieval history of Ireland, e. Second in number are those manuscripts from Italy, but the Collection is also strong of manuscripts from continental Europe north of the Alps.

Finally, the strengths of the rare books holdings are in theology, law, the classical tradition, mathematics and English Drama and Literature. Luna collections - Western Manuscripts The Bodleian Libraries made freely available online a highly important digital collection of western manuscripts from the Medieval to the Modern Period.

oxford bodleian library manuscripts online dating

The collection gathers classical literary manuscripts, Bible manuscripts, Anglo-Norman literature, French literature and poems, Irish manuscripts and British poems and romances particularly written in Middle English and Old English. Most manuscripts are richly illuminated such as the precious manuscript ""The Romance of Alexander accumulated epic romances of Alexander the Great in French verse, richly decorated by the Flemish illuminator Jehan de Grise and his workshop Finally, worthy of a mention is the 'Illustrated Guide to Oxford University' prepared for Queen Elizabeth I, with drawings by John Bereblock, Fellow of Exeter College, of the colleges and University buildings, most of which are the earliest known.

Most of those manuscripts acquired since ; descriptions by library staff, previously unpublished. Descriptions previously published in Peter Kidd, Medieval manuscripts from the collection of T.

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Buchanan in the Bodleian Library, Oxford Oxford, Descriptions by Peter Kidd previously published online on the Library's old catalogue. Those manuscripts acquired since ; descriptions by library staff, previously unpublished. Fresh cataloguing by Dimitris Skrekas is currently in progress, and the records for this collection are regularly updated.

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Descriptions by library staff, previously unpublished. Summary descriptions The remaining manuscripts or collections have summary descriptions.

Most of these were originally created by Elizabeth Solopova in the years around for an earlier cataloguing project, and were revised by Matthew Holford between and for the current catalogue. Almost all the summary descriptions are based on published sources, although a small number include detailed descriptions of decoration taken firsthand from the manuscripts.

These descriptions were created by Elizabeth Solopova around The summary descriptions typically provide the following information: