Niedersachsen ticket kaufen online dating

DB Regio Ticketshop - Products: Sachsen-Böhmen-Ticket (Saxony – Bohemia day ticket)

niedersachsen ticket kaufen online dating

With the Saxony – Bohemia day ticket you can travel throughout all of Saxony as well as the Czech border area for an entire day. Take a day trip to the. Where should you book your ticket, online on the company's website or directly at the train station in Germany? How cheap are Deutsche Bahn train tickets?. Departure: Arrival: Time, Date: Get your MobileTicket simply within the VBN FahrPlaner app. Abbildung der Tickets: MIA, BOB und Jugend-FreizeitTicket.

You will receive the digital ticket as a PDF file after booking and additionally by e-mail. In the next step, you can save the digital ticket as an online ticket PDF on your mobile device or load it into the DB Navigator app as a mobile phone ticket. It is no longer necessary to print the ticket. If online tickets or mobile phone tickets are not available on your selected route, you will be informed of this during booking.

How do I load a ticket into the DB Navigator app? You have booked an online ticket and want to use it on your smartphone? This is how it works: If you are logged in your My Bahn customer account on the DB Navigator app, you can add your latest online ticket by refreshing the Tickets section.

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You are not logged in on the DB Navigator app? Then add your ticket either directly into the app by clicking on the link in the booking confirmation e-mail or by entering your order number.

Can I book an online ticket for someone else? In the next booking step "Enter your personal details"enter the details of the person for whom you are booking the ticket. The person travelling will then receive the ticket by e-mail. The system will use your payment details, so you do not need to change them.

niedersachsen ticket kaufen online dating

Where is my reserved seat indicated on the online ticket? Where is the ticket's order number? Your order number will be shown whenever you complete a booking on www.

niedersachsen ticket kaufen online dating

You will also find the order number on your digital PDF or printed ticket under the barcode. If you buy a ticket from a ticket machine, a travel agent or by phone, the 9-digit order number is printed in the bottom left and marked with a different colour.

How can I exchange an online ticket?

niedersachsen ticket kaufen online dating

You can exchange an online ticket on bahn. Exchanges depend on the refund conditions. If you are a registered customer, you can call up the booking history in your My Bahn customer account.

niedersachsen ticket kaufen online dating

If you bought a ticket without logging in, use the Add ticket function. You will need the order number of your ticket for this. How are online tickets validated on the train? Payment is possible with Visa, Amex or MasterCard.

How are my credit card details protected?

7 Tricks für günstige Bahn-Tickets!

If this is the case, the customer is automatically redirected to the website of their bank. For non-activated customers, a one-time notification to the card-issuing bank is necessary. For questions regarding 3D Secure procedures, please contact the card-issuing bank. How do I get my online ticket after booking? The ticket is immediately available in pdf format for download.

The link to download your ticket will be displayed after completing the booking process and also sent via e-mail. Please print out the online ticket on a full A4 page for control on the train. Please make sure when printing your ticket that the images are not suppressed, otherwise it may be invalid. Is my ticket valid if I display it on my smartphone?

Online ticket: The digital rail ticket

No, tickets purchased through dbregio-shop. Can I see my booked tickets and change my personal data? If you are registered and logged into the dbregio-shop. Under "Personal Data" you can always add to or change your user information.