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My NIE Number Spain is a Online Service based in the area from Calpe to Your only job is to arrive at the police station at the time and date we provide and . Mar 6, This number will identify you as an inhabitant of Spain, which you need to You will find various articles about the NIE online, but many of them are not updated. Getting a date for the NIE can become a real obstacle course. Everything you need to know about the Spanish NIE number (Número de Identidad de As a result, this guide can be temporarily out of date from time to time. In one area, for example Barcelona, you need to book an appointment online in.

Once you have a NIE number, it is valid for life and does not need to be renewed. The same day the certificate is issued will scan it to you and send the original to your address. For years we run a very sophisticated system and have become one of the fastest and safest NIE Number providers in Spain. Unlike other providers, we can work with normal authorizations, i. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the process for you, as you can start immediately with your NIE number and do without time-consuming and costly preparation of notarial powers of attorney.

This is due to the fact that we have been applying for several NIE numbers every day for many years and thus have a unique and trusting cooperation with the local immigration authorities. The biggest advantage to apply for the application, through our office is that you do not need Spanish language skills and the processing times are reduced significantly, since we have direct access to the immigration office in Spain due to our license.


As an applicant, you thus save yourself the long queues at the police stations and the immigration office. You can use our service both before and after the take to travel to Spain to complete. As for the application of the NIE always Original documents must be presented, it is necessary to send these if required by post.

Tax number with Spain works with notarized powers of attorney and copies of the documents that a personal appearance on your part superfluous. How does the nie number look like? EU citizens and non-EU citizens get N.

The NIE number is not a tax resident identification, ie You can have a Spanish tax number, but continue to have your tax residence in another country. All we can give you here is therefore a general idea what is required.

nie spain online dating

You can apply for your NIE in three different ways: You may have to queue up for several hours, before you can submit your application at a Spanish police station, but sometimes the process can be dealt within in less than half an hour, depending on what time of day you make your application morning is best and where the police station is located. You will need the following documentation: All applications must produce two copies of the Ex application form completed and duly signed.

The document Ex can also be obtained from the Spanish Consulate or Embassy websites. All applicants must produce an original document, together with a photocopy, that explains the reason for the NIE application, such as a deposit contract or mortgage approval, or private purchase contract for a Spanish property.

If you are an EU national, you must show your passport and a photocopy of the main page of your passport. This is the page that shows your photograph, your full name, passport number, address and any other pertinent details.

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It is also best to bring two recent passport size colour photographs along that have a plain coloured background. Sometimes the Oficinas de Extranjeros Immigration Office dealing with your NIE application will accept a valid entry stamp in your passport of legal entry, but don't count on it. Take all of the above documents and photographs to one of the immigration offices oficinas de extranjeros that are typically housed in designated police stations comisaria de policia.

It is best to do this in the area where you are going to buy your property or where you intend to settle and work. If there's not one of these immigration offices available nearby, you should be able to make an NIE application via a local police station.

Even if they don't handle the applications, they will be able to tell you where you can apply in your local area.

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After you've completed and signed the application form, you must pay a tax of roughly This finalises the NIE application procedure from your end. You will receive a "resguardo", an official receipt and a time and date, after which you can return to collect your NIE document, although in some places you can actually collect your NIE number right away. The police station or immigration office will tell you.

Sometimes it takes a few days or even a couple of weeks to arrive. You won't have to collect in person, you can appoint somebody else, as long as they have the official receipt or "resguardo" you received when you made your application.

nie spain online dating

Making an NIE application in person via a Spanish Consulate or Embassy abroad If you are applying in person via a Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your own country, you will need to do the following: You must produce your passport and a photocopy of the main page of your passport, namely the page that shows your photograph, full name, passport number, address and any other relevant details.

You must produce your valid passport and a photocopy of the entire passport, meaning all pages. As the Spanish Consulate or Embassy will not be able to furnish you with this copy, you must bring this form with you, downloading it from the relevant government website beforehand and filling it in.

It is usually best to ring the embassy or consulate beforehand to find out what the latest situation is, since these application procedures change from time to time and this is, after all, just a guide, not the actual rule of the moment. You must also pay a small administration fee, which can only be paid in cash - the amount payable changes frequently, which it is best to call beforehand to find out what is required at the time of your application.

You may also be asked to provide an original document together with a photocopy that explains why you are applying for a Spanish NIE number. It's best to take this with you, even if you're not asked for it. In the past consulates have also asked applicants to bring: An envelope addressed to: It may not be necessary, for example, to provide envelopes, as the consulate can send your NIE document in PDF format these days within two or three weeks of receiving your application.

You will need to take all these documents to your local Spanish Consulate or Embassy in person. The embassy or consulate merely acts as the facilitator between applicant and relevant immigration authorities in Spain, but does not actually issue the NIE numbers themselves. It's also not possible to enquire with them as to the progress your application is making in Spain - they won't be able to tell you.