Mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

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mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

Sold by Home Entertainment Online and Fulfilled by Amazon. Fulfilment by . This item:Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus by Gary Stretch DVD £ Only 15 left in . Release date. December 21, (). Running time. 90 minutes. Country, United States. Language, English. Budget, $, Box office, $, Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus is a monster disaster film by The Asylum, released on . of the character, including an online petition for a third chapter in the series. In , The Asylum made a movie called Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus film called Mega Shark versus Crocosaurus and the vague crocness of the make the giant shark go away, but his girlfriend tells him to calm down and .. The most attractive feature of an online radio tuner is its ability to record.

He feels responsible for the sinking, suggesting that his sonic device lured in the Megalodon. Because of this, he offers to help Hutchinson hunt down the Megalodon with his invention.

Meanwhile, a cargo ship is carrying the tranquilized crocodile on the Atlantic Ocean miles south of Florida. It is revealed that the ship is also carrying the crocodile's eggs as well. Then, without warning, the ship is attacked by the Megalodon, waking up the crocodile from its sleep. Putnam and his partner Jean jump overboard before the ship is destroyed in the ensuing battle. McCormick is given a room aboard the carrier, and the most advanced tracking equipment.

Hutchinson is sent to a remote island to meet and interrogate Putnam, who had just washed up ashore following the cargo ship incident. Hutchinson is shocked when Putnam informs her of the crocodile he captured, as her team was only aware of the Megalodon.

She then has him handcuffed and brought back to the carrier. Once there, the crew discover the appearance of eggs on another island. Calvin assigns McCormick to accompany Hutchinson and Putnam and capture an egg. Upon arriving on the island, they discover that the eggs are laid by the shoreline and are about to hatch. When the fin of the Megalodon is seen nearby, Hutchinson orders the Lexington to launch a missile strike on the island.

As the team leaves the island, the Megalodon swallows the eggs, angering the crocodile, while a squadron of F Hornets fire their missiles at a cave holding more eggs.

As the crocodile invades Miami and heads toward OrlandoMcCormick suggests the use of an arc flash powered by the nearby Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station to ward it off. The gamble works, as the arc flash sends the crocodile back into the sea. Back aboard the Lexington, Putnam suggests dissecting a crocodile egg to find its vulnerable factors; the team is informed that one egg is aboard the submarine USNS Invincible and two are being transported by Black Hawk helicopters.

They also discover that the Megalodon is attracted to the eggs, as it has devoured the Invincible and the Black Hawks transporting them.

As no cage or trap is big enough to capture both creatures, Putnam suggests luring both the Megaladon and crocodile into the Panama Canalmuch to McCormick's disapproval. Nigel says he isn't interested. It turns out Crocosaurus has killed 34 men already and she's willing to pay him triple his fee if he can find and capture whatever it is that's killing them. On a copter ride over the jungle, she tries to explain that her coal mining company pays the workers a decent wage, but he's dubious and tells her that he'll get on with her if they just stick to monsters.

It was a diamond mine earlier. She spots a crater below and says that's the spot where some of the attacks have been. Blonde woman wants to hurry things along because she has a meeting and offers to pay him and call it a methane leak. Nigel tells her that there's definitely something there because she is standing in it's giant footprint. Nigel finds some human squish and a set of legs, he also finds a scale. The blonde woman goes wandering near a pond and slips into it, then she notices a growling crocodile in front of her and as she backs further into the water, she discovers she is standing on Crocosaurus.

Crocosaurus stands up as a still image of the actress stands perfectly still on it's head. Then it eats her. Nigel runs into the cave which Crocosaurus originally came out of, but now it can't seem to fit inside it. Nigel runs out and jumps into Crocosaurus's mouth in order to tranq it and Crocosaurus passes out.

mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

Nigel calls his friend and tells him to come meet him outside because he has a large croc to show him. Nigel painted the crocodile black, for the lulz. Nigel must not have been available for filming on these days, because Nigel's friend calls him back and negotiates the use of his boat, but it's all one sided.

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Meanwhile in LA in an interrogation room, IdiotMan is being asked how he was the only survivor of a ship that had people aboard. IdiotMan asks for the data from the boat, a woman then enters the room and tells the interrogator to get out. She tells IdiotMan that she wants him to help hunt the shark, even though he's clearly traumatised, she allows him to come with her straight away. In the Atlantic ocean, the movie makes a cheap joke. The crocodiles "eggs" On the deck, Nigel secures Crocosaurus with ropes, then the Mega Shark approaches and bumps into the boat.

It's amazing how it's fin manages to be far away from the boat and bump it at the same time. Nigel's friend cuts the ropes as the Crocosaurus wakes up. Nigel tells him not to be an idiot and the croc was only aggressive because she was protecting her eggs. The Crocosaurus goes over the side of the boat and for some reason a couple of guys jump in the water. I have no idea why. About 3 people just agreed with me and everyone else scratched their heads.

Babble, babble, babble they want to kill the shark. On a beach, two children cover Nigel in sand till he wakes up and points an antique gun at their heads. Nigel and friend seem to have washed up on a beach resort, SAH comes in and gets Nigel a whiskey so he leaves with her.

She questions him about the attack and he tells her some factually inaccurate information about crocodiles, she then says she wants to know about the shark, not the croc. She tells him to come with her, now that they've got a giant shark and giant croc problem.

On the boat, The Doctor also discovers they've got a secondary problem.

mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

Three guesses how this ends A man fishing on an island discovers Crocosaurus and for some reason, decides to climb a sheer cliff face to get away. The movie tries to bring some tension by bringing Nigel into the boat with IdiotMan and The Doctor, but it's all very boring and they just keep going over the same information we already know, over and over. IdiotMan doesn't want them to do any research or testing, because he's an idiot, but The Doctor insists that they actually let Nigel go get the crocodile eggs.

Which IdiotMan thinks could be shark eggs.

mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

Not that they would be, because that genus of shark doesn't lay eggs, they give birth to live pups, but this movie thinks you can keep a Great White in captivity on a boat. SAH asks how long before the eggs hatch, but Nigel says he can't be sure due to the age and size of Crocosaurus. SAH asks, how will they know when they hatch, Nigel tells her, "You'll know by the little crocodiles, the little 25 to 30 feet crocodiles, eating people. SAH says that crocs normally lay their eggs near water, Nigel says that in Africa, the croc laid her eggs under the water, he wonders if this wasn't an accident and dashes out of the cave with SAH close behind him.

Nigel then borrows SAH's magical binoculars to see the eggs underwater. It's magic, you don't have to explain it! They discover through IdiotMan's magical headphones that they can hear chirping, which means that the baby crocs must be either hatching or close to hatching, then SAH spots the giant shark out to sea.

SAH sends the boat the coordinates of the eggs and requests a missile attack. Nigel points out if they go after the eggs the croc will be super pissed, but then two ridiculous things happen. The shark eats the croc eggs The crocodile breaks through a cliff face I do not know why either of these things happen, I do not care to try and figure it out.

The helicopter gets out as a bunch of plans come in to blast the eggs, they completely miss the crocodile.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (Video ) - IMDb

They call in the national guard as the croc heads to Miami and a ship goes after the shark. The shark, I am not making this up, catches the torpedo the ship fired at it, in it's mouth, it then launches itself into the air and spits out the torpedo. IdiotMan and Nigel continue to argue as the crocodile runs rampant, IdiotMan decides they can use an arc flash to distract the crocodile so they contact the local nuclear facility. They tell them to aim the arc flash at Orlando so of course, we get a shot of sea world and the crocodile comes in to eat the Orca whales.

They fire the arc flash at the croc, who suddenly transports itself out of sea world and heads to the water. Everyone gets back aboard the boat and The Doctor tells them that the eggs will be arriving very soon, two by helicopter, two by sub.

mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

On the sub carrying the eggs, one starts to hatch and the shark It's worth pointing out at this juncture, that the shark has no sexual organs The shark then starts following the helicopters that are carrying the eggs. Nigel thinks that they can trap the shark in the Panama canal and the shark will follow, IdiotMan thinks that it's too much of a risk, but Nigel and The Doctor thinks he's an idiot.

Nigel says they can retrieve the eggs from his sunken ship to lure the croc and The Doctor sends a sub after the sunken ship.

mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

The sub hits an ocean wall and takes on water, but they continue on and find the eggs, sans ship. Helicopters arrive carrying an egg at the Panama canal, prompting IdiotMan to say, "it's a crocodile egg," well duh!

Mega shark versus crocosaurus online dating

IdiotMan wants to prepare his magic speakers, but SAH tells him once the egg is in the water, the creatures will come. The Doctor lets them know that both the shark and the croc are on their way and they have to get out. The ships gathered in the water fire wildly at the shark and miss, every single time, forcing the shark to use the same jump effect from the beginning of the movie. The shark makes it to the first lock of the canal, then the croc arrives soon after, planes and ships continue firing, hitting everything but the shark and the croc.

Now, if in real life, a shark this size and a croc this size had a real fight, the croc would probably win, due to the durability of the crocodiles skin.

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The Doctor, IdiotMan and Nigel discover that the crocosaurus has been laying thousands of eggs all over the sea, where ever it's been and they're about to start hatching. The croc starts heading to it's eggs, the shark behind it and a nuclear sub behind that. They try nuking the shark, but keep missing and they are near underwater volcanoes which means if they hit the volcanoes, they'll destroy Hawaii. IdiotMan remembers that sharks are attracted by the electromagnetic pulse of metal and tells the sub to turns off it's engines.