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Õhtuleht NÄDALA FILM: „Lumekuninganna ja igavene talv“ 24 January Kroonika Näitlejate armukolmnurk: Külli Teetamme ja Andero Ermeli ligi kakskümmend. publication date Internet Movie Database κι Ανάποδα; enwiki Frozen ( film); eswiki Frozen (película de ); etwiki Lumekuninganna ja igavene talv. Release Date, November 27th, Genres, Animation, Adventure, Family. Runtime, minutes. Directors, Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Scott Armstrong, Kendra.

However, the studio encountered difficulty with The Snow Queen, as it could not find a way to adapt and relate the Snow Queen character to modern audiences. Even as far back as the s and s, it was clear that the source material contained great cinematic possibilities, but the Snow Queen character proved to be too problematic.

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After the United States entered World War IIthe studio began to focus on making wartime propagandawhich caused development on the Disney—Goldwyn project to grind to a halt in All of Andersen's fairy tales were, instead, told in song and ballet in live-action, like the rest of the film. It went on to receive six Academy Award nominations the following year.

For us the breakthrough came when we tried to give really human qualities to the Snow Queen. When we decided to make the Snow Queen Elsa and our protagonist Anna sisters, that gave a way to relate to the characters in a way that conveyed what each was going through and that would relate for today's audiences. This film has a lot of complicated characters and complicated relationships in it. There are times when Elsa does villainous things but because you understand where it comes from, from this desire to defend herself, you can always relate to her.

There is snow and there is ice and there is a Queen, but other than that, we depart from it quite a bit. We do try to bring scope and the scale that you would expect but do it in a way that we can understand the characters and relate to them. Even before then, Harvey Fierstein pitched his version of the story to Disney's executives, but was turned down. But the characters didn't resonate. Which is why John felt that audiences wouldn't really be able to connect with them.

lumekuninganna ja igavene talv online dating

At that stage, the first major breakthrough was the decision to rewrite the film's protagonistAnna who was based on the Gerda character from The Snow Queenas the younger sibling of Elsa, thereby effectively establishing a family dynamic between the characters. If you do[,] it will be great.

If you don't, it will suck". In the original, Elsa had been evil from the start, kidnapping Anna from her own wedding to intentionally freeze her heart and later descending upon the town with an army of snowmen. So that was when we really found the movie and who these characters were". Because the minute it is [understood,] it deflated.

No more than that. No less than that. At the story meeting where Ripa pitched his take on the story, Lasseter said, "I've never seen anything like that before", followed by a standing ovation.

But that was close. In hindsight, piece of cake, but during, it was a big struggle. Their posture was too good and they were too well-spoken, and I feel like I really made this girl much more relatable and weirder and scrappier and more excitable and awkward. I'm really proud of that. It has everything, but it's essentially about sisterhood.

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