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liero online dating

Concieved and created in Liero became one of the cornerstones of pixelated gaming. Between and the thriving Liero community created . May 18, For Liero on the PC, FAQ by Durandal. You can view an online HTML version at the official LieroGuide website ( Tim Verweij's Interiew Interview date: 02/05/01 Net name(s): Aapnormaal. Jun 18, pm». Soldat ^^ The only time I play Liero is when I'm at school:S no DirectX on the shit computers there:D 1. it's not online and the default AI sucks if you don't tweak it, . Logged. Join Date: November 3,

If you press Ctrl and a letter you can get weird letters. The more of a colour, the stronger that colour is in the overall colour. Its just like mixing paint in art. You did do art, right? The current colour that will be used for your worm is displayed in the bars, and the worm picture left of the options 3.

Move to the option you want to change, and press Enter. Liero will wait for you to press the key you want to use in the game for that option. OK, it just likes to kill itself. Good for moving target practice and Sniping practice. The computer is controlled by random numbers, so its behavior is nearly all totally random.

The only thing it does constantly is walk toward you until it reaches a certain position is walk toward you and ignore powerup's 3. If a weapon's availability is menu, you can access it through the menu, and crates dropped throughout the game.

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If it is set at bonus, that weapon will only appear in crates dropped in the game. If it is set at banned, that weapon will not come into play.

Also if you ban all the weapons, a note will pop up and tell you that you have to have at least one available. Liero Weapons There are 40 different weapons in Liero, from the shotgun to the gauss gun, grenade to large nuke. This page is to give you a good idea of the weapons before you dive head-first into play with a large nuke and a itchy trigger-finger. Projectile, Grenade, Defensive and Bouncy 4. Weapons of this type do their damage by firing one, or a number of projectiles in the general direction you are aiming.

They then cause damage by exploding, or just damage by hitting the worm. Some examples of this type are: Shotgun, Gauss gun, Rifle. Total weapons in this category: They usually have a fuse, so they sometimes have time to settle before exploding. They usually travel in an arc, so they are useful for 'lobbing' over an object to get at a worm hiding behind a rock, for example.

If throw down a tunnel straight, can travel a fair distance before exploding depending on the angle of the tunnel. If you throw one of these down a tunnel, not quite paraell to it, they can bounce of each side of the tunnel and stop close to your worm. It pays to line it up properly, especially when your playing with dangerous ones.

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They can range from the fan, which blows things away from your worm, to mines which are thrown like a grenade, but blend into the terrain. Fan, Mine, Booby Trap Total weapons in this category: These weapons can be great to get hiding worms, but are also great at getting yourself killed if you dont move, and then they still might.

These weapons require great skill to use effectively. Zimm, Bouncy mine, Rb Rampage Total weapons in this category: I am not going to rate them, because the rating would be my own personal opinion, which dosnt count much in this guide. You decide on your favorite. Weapons will be categorized in the above categories, and in alphabetical order within their own category.


It explodes on contact Properties Hit damage: No Shots per load: Pros Explosive, good speed Cons Hard to hit moving target 4.

Once it hits the ground, it explodes. None, only on Explosion Recoil: Yes Shots per load: Cons Due to slow movement, enemy has time to get out of the way.

Also good for arcing over rocks Properties Hit damage: None, only on explosion Recoil: Not very easy to do, though. Pros Quick reload Cons Low damage 4. Has a clip of 8 and long reload time Properties Hit damage: None, only explosion damage Recoil: Not very effective on the enemy worm, but eats through land. Yes, inversed Shots per load: Cons Not good if you want to kill enemy. If you are accurate, can pick people off across the map. Remember that gravity does still apply, just not very much at the speed it fires its projectiles.

Pros Extreme velocity of projectiles, good for sniping if you have good aim Cons No laser sight 4. Has a large clip and has an quick loading time Properties Hit damage: None, only shrapnel and Explosion Recoil: Pros Rains shrapnel Cons Shrapnel not very damaging 4.

Very deadly Properties Hit damage: Can be used as a jetpack. Just fire at the ground and you will be propelled up and away. Good to get away from big nukes.

Pros High rate of fire, powerful if kept on target Cons High loading time 4. Pros Good for scare tactics. Hard to avoid Cons Long reload time, not much damage. Once fired, the missile is fully controllable by the direction keys. Pros Controllable, average damage Cons Your worm is vulnerable while using, hard to control down windy or cramped spaces 4. It fires a very fast-moving bullet and it has a laser sight. Shoot just before the enemy enters the sights Pros Laser, Average loading time, perfect sniper weapon Cons Enemy usually takes cover before you have another shot, enemy can see laser and take cover.

Best at close range Properties Hit damage: More pellets, more spread, less shots, long reload time Properties Hit damage: Use the ninja rope to latch on to enemy, unload point-blank. Pros More damage in 1 hit Cons Long reload time, more spread 4. Pros Powerful Cons No laser sight, long reload time 4. Just seeing the words 'Big Nuke' above your worm can make people flee.

Not as good as it sounds though. Better in confined spaces. Pros Hard to miss in a open area Cons Long loading time 4. Get enemy caught in the flames Pros High damage in the flames Cons Long loading time 4.

Hit damage is average, but if all the balls hit the enemy, the enemy will be lucky to crawl away. If you are up against a wall and fire, you can fire the spikeballs in the land. Then use a shotgun or a rifle to dislodge them when the enemy is close to the spikeballs Pros High damage if all the spikeballs hit Cons Easy to aviod if at any range except point-blank 4.

When somebody touches it, BOOM. Note that it wont blow away something traveling at extreme velocities e. Gauss Gun Properties Hit damage: Do not try blowing a gauss gun projectile back at them, unless you want to be smeared all over a wall.

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Pros Blows stuff away Cons Dosnt work for projectiles that travel at extreme velocities. Since the nuke stuff cant go anywhere, they all stay near the enemy worm and explode on him.

Pros Rapid fire, Makes green stuff Cons No damage 4. Drop one when running from enemy. Pros Disguised explosive Cons Hard to know where enemy is going 4. Good for getting behind rock where enemy is hiding Pros Bouncy Cons Tends to come back to roughly where it started, so dont be there.

Liero Strategies Here are the strategies I have so far for the game Liero. There split into three categories - Easy, Medium and Hard 5. Some of you may not know how to dig, so heres how.

To dig, Hold down the key corresponding to the way you want to dig, and rapidly press and release the opposite directional key. It is important to be able to dig rapidly and easily. To use the ninja rope, hold down the change weapon key and the jump key at the same time. This will fire the ninja rope in the direction you are aiming. Get used to ninja roping and practice it.

liero online dating

It is a key element in the game. Lay mines down a tunnel, but remember where you put them. A good trap is to 'plant' bouncy mines in the dirt by walking up right to the wall you want to plant them in and fire.

The bouncy mine will be stuck in the dirt, bouncing back and forth with nowhere to go. When the enemy comes by and hits the mine, it will blow the bouncy mines out of the ground and they will bounce all over the place.

liero online dating

In a confined space, most of them will ht the enemy while he is trying to flee. This can be done with all kinds of weapons. The nuke will explode and all the nuke stuff will be stuck next to the enemy.

Then when the nuke stuff explodes, it will all hit the enemy. It will do more damage each time you do. Just because Liero isnt real dosent mean there are no real-life aspects of strategies. Most of these tactics can be applied to all games and real-life too. But the upshot was, I was out of there before he pushed the fire button. Moral of this story.

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DO NOT say what you are about to do. Any good player will get their butt If they value it out of the area and probably even spray some fire back at you while they flee. So in real-life and in a battle of some kind, dont say a word.

They may be able to know what you are thinking, and fighting against a silent person can be disconcerting. Of course, this can be used to trap even the expert player unless their paranoidas described in the next section. I would have then done the smart thing - Get the hell outta there.

I would have then ran straight into the trap he planted and possibly died. This tactic is sneaky and on a smart player could only be used once. After falling for a trap like that, most people would just shoot at the enemy rather than flee. Either be paranoid and second guess their every move, or just ignore everything they say completely.

The first tactic is good in that it can counter-act most strategies, the downside is that you can also fall for traps easier. The second is good as in that it will counter-act this one, the downside is that you wont have that info on what their doing.

Trying to hit an erratic target is harder than a predictable one. So dont always take the same path. Dont always get the health. Dont always use the ninja rope. Be erratic as possible and be spontaneous. Push your enemy out of their chair and line up your shot. Of course they wont play you again. Or if you really are angry, Quit the game. Or rip the plug out of the wall.

Smash the monitor if you have to. Please note that if you do this, you will be dishonorable, scum, too wound-up about a little game, and up for the bill.

If you do any of these tactics I dont want to know you Even knocking somebody out of their chair is bad 5. Choose the second players weapons as what you want the CPU's to be. When in the game, change the second player to CPU. You can make the CPU a deadly opponent with a few dangerous weapons Even use the trick about to give them certain weapons.

Mabey even have bets on which one will win. Now you can sneak up behind people, etc. Not very honest, but it's Utilities 6. Liero utilities There are a few Utilities that are available for Liero. Fortunately it is a highly editable game and most of the editors are fairly user-friendly 6. Then this is definitely for you. A hit with a tiny weapon will now make you worm bleed heaps. Try to keep it not too high or you will experience a bit of slowdown.

Weapon editor, object editors, CPU editor, Mods activator, etc. Make your own weapon, change that stupid CPU, make new objects, change gravity, and if you cant be bothered, just download some Mods of the net and activate them in LieroKit.

Hit F5 and F6 for full screen and 2x size, or use the menus. How do I record replays? In lierolibre, F1 to access the "secret menu".

A brief history of Liero Liero was originally a clone of MoleZ, a similar under ground shooter game featuring moles instead of worms. It was also originally ment to be a top-down-view game. The game was first published in the finnish mbit computer game magazine, all the way back in Not long after it began spreading beyond the borders of Finland.

Development stopped in January at the final version 1. By this time multiple fan sites for Liero had popped up on the internet. The site had some of the first and fanciest Liero editors to be had. In the following years the community moved off the guestbooks and message boards and into the new heart of the community. Several new editors saw the light of day. This new generation of editor went much deeper into the Liero game files, and allowed editing weapons, changing the palettes, and alteration of the physics.

The polish community quickly outgrew the international community, but due to the language barrier its strength never truly carried over into the wider world. The next generation The next step was the development of the first working clones of the game. The most notable were Wurmz! All these projects took the game in new directions. Most of them highly moddable, some with multiplayer features. It is also worth mentioning that inumerable attempts to build other clones were started - and abandoned, including 3D clones, Wii versions and anything you can think of.

Unlike the other clones, OpenLiero is ment to be an exact simulation of the original Liero and still requires the original game files present in order to run. The idea behind it is to preserve the original game feeling, and to allow the game to run properly on more modern systems, including other platforms.

The notable differences included in this new version is that some bugs were fixed, such as the notorious game freezes when the map did not have enough rock on itthe ninja rope bug where the rope hook would suddenly shift to the lower right corner and some other minor issues. After some deliberation, new game options were added, but in order to preserve originality, they were hidden away under the F1 key.