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la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating

Laurent Cantet (scenario), Robin Campillo (scenario) | 2 more credits» . Release Date: Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL myself, once again, anxious to share my impressions of this undeniably unique French film with you. Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video. Main · Videos; Online dating usage dating la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating abstimmen online dating. The Class is a French drama film directed by Laurent Cantet, based on the novel of . Award, Date of ceremony, Category, Recipient(s), Result, Ref(s) Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Retrieved 19 June ^ Rebecca.

At worst and it's a sad but very true little momentone kid says simply to Mr.

Marin at the end of the last class that nothing was really retained from the past nine months. After seeing The Class it brought back so many memories of school; like the Blows the Class reminds us how absolutely rotten it is to be a 13 to 15 year old school-kid, but unlike Truffaut's film this is about an institution and its functions right in the heart of the matter.

la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating

He cares about all of his students deeply, but he's also firm when he needs to and knows, for the most part, how to reach them without going too far or coddling. It's a fine line he needs to walk since the class, made up of an ethnic melting pot as the saying goes, is smart and intelligent, and at its best we see this class participating and really in the grip of stirring conversation, even when it's about something that Mr.

la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating

Marin has to handle with tact like when a student asks bluntly if he's homosexual, or when he has to deal with a young black girl who is slagging in participating in class. It's the kind of naturalistic film-making that works because it's a synergy of the personal, of what is very well known and felt and learned about this world, and how to observe it.

la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating

Some might say it's a "talking heads" movie with a pretty basic style, but the direction is wise by never getting in the way. Seeing these kids faces, and seeing the dynamic of conversations go on behind the closed doors of the faculty some of these conversations, sometimes heated or just intense, are amazing not because of conventional dramatic power of one-side-versus-another but because of the thought put into these people, how tough decisions have to be made under certain circumstances.

There's a student who is troublesome, doesn't do work, is disruptive, but Marin wants to try and reach him.

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When pupils have to read aloud from a set book, The Diary of Anne Frank, a girl called Khoumba refuses because she does not consider it relevant to her life. Success comes when he asks the pupils to write a self-portrait.

la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating

An assertive girl called Esmeralda reveals that she would like to be a policewoman or failing that, a rapper. A difficult boy called Souleymane, weak in written French, submits his story in an interesting series of photographs at a parents' evening, his mother can speak no French at all.

Uproar follows, in which Souleymane, after accidentally hitting Khoumba with his sports bag, storms out and is suspended. After a disciplinary hearing at which Souleymane is supported by his mother, for whom he has to translate, he is expelled and faces possible deportation to his native country, Mali.

Carl has been inspired by science experiments in his chemistry class, Khoumba has warmed to music and enjoyed learning Spanish, Esmerelda pretends to have learned nothing but then admits that she has been reading Plato's Republic and is gripped by the character of Socrates.

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After they have all left the room, a quiet girl called Henriette comes back and despondently claims that she really has not learned anything at all. Burak, top boy of the class.

la clase pelicula laurent cantet online dating

Boubacar, who accuses Marin of being gay. Carl, who has been excluded from his previous school.

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