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Justice Bao is a Mainland Chinese television series, starring Jin Chao-chun, Kenny Ho and . Member feedback about Justice Pao ( TV series): .. Hunan TV announced that it will be airing the series via its online platform Mango TV on 22 and his failure to save her terminally-ill girlfriend, he begins to give up on life. Mandarin Bāo Qīng Tiān Final episode date 18 January Network Chinese Television System. Justice Pao ( TV series) Justice Bao. Play next; Play now. 【包青天】Justice Bao 中英文电影01-打龙袍Beating The Dragon Robe Eng Sub . Justice Pao ( TV series) Top #5 Facts. by Rishika .

As a result, Bao Zheng would refer to Bao Mian's mother as "sister-in-law mother". All guillotines of Bao Zheng were authorised to execute any persons without first obtaining approval from the emperor, whilst some accounts stating the imperial sword was a license to execute any royals before so reporting.

He is famous for his uncompromising stance against corruption among the government officials at the time. He treated Bao as an enemy. Although Grand Tutor Pang is often depicted in myth as an archetypical villain arrogant, selfish, and cruelthe historical reasons for his bitter rivalry with Bao remain unclear.

Zhan is a skilled martial artist while Gongsun is an intelligent adviser. All of these characters are presented as righteous and incorruptible.

Due to his strong sense of justice, he is very popular in China, especially among the peasants and the poor. He became the subject of literature and modern Chinese TV series in which his adventures and cases are featured. In this scene, a fearless Bao Zheng takes off his official headwear to challenge the empress dowagerin order to execute the prince consort Chen Shimei. All of these cases have been favorites in Chinese opera.

Chen Shimei had two children with wife Qin Xianglian, when he left them behind in his hometown for the Imperial examination in the capital.

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After placing first, he lied about his marriage and became the emperor's new brother-in-law. Years later, a famine forced Qin and her children to move to the capital, where they learned what happened to Chen. Qin finally found a way to meet Chen and begged him to help at least his own children. Not only did Chen refuse, he sent his servant Han Qi to kill them to hide his secret, but Han helped the family escape and killed himself. Desperate, Qin brought her case to Bao Zheng, who tricked Chen to the court to have him arrested.

The imperial family intervened with threats, but Bao executed him nonetheless. When Bao Zheng was an infant, he was raised by his elder sister-in-law, Wu, like a son. Years later, Wu's only son Bao Mian became a magistrateand was convicted of bribery and malfeasance. Finding it impossible to fulfill both Confucian concepts of loyalty and filial pietyan emotional Bao Zheng was about to reluctantly execute his nephew.

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In the end, the real suspects were forced to confess and Bao Mian's sentence was commuted. Bao Zheng met a woman claiming to be the mother of the reigning Emperor Renzong.

【包青天】Justice Bao 中英文电影01-打龙袍 Beating The Dragon Robe Eng Sub

Dozens of years prior, she had been Consort Lian imperial concubine of Emperor Zhenzong 's, before falling out of favour for supposedly giving birth to a bloody dead civet cat. Kou was later tortured to death by Guo when Consort Liu began to suspect that the infant had survived.

The child was raised by the Eighth Prince as his own son and was subsequently selected to succeed Emperor Zhenzong, who had died heirless. Due to the passage of time, gathering evidence was a challenge.

With the help of a woman dressed as Kou's ghost, Bao dressed himself as Yamalord of Hellto play on both Guo's fear of the supernatural and guilt, thereby extracting his confession. When the verdict was out, the emperor was reluctant to accept Consort Li. Bao then admonished the emperor and ordered that he be beaten for lack of filial piety. The emperor's Dragon Robe was beaten instead. Emperor Renzong eventually accepted his mother and elevated her as the new empress dowager.

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But one case above all would propel his name into legend. Chen Shimei was a student from a poor village who had a wife and children. After placing first in the Imperial examinations, Chen lied about his marriage in order to wed the Princess and become the Emperor's brother-in-law. When Chen's wife and children fled to the capital city due to famine in their hometown in the hopes of staying with Chen, Chen not only refused to recognise them as his own, but also secretly arranged to have them assassinated.

This series of falsehood and cruelty greatly angered the judge Bao Zheng. In spite of repeated pleas and threats from the Imperial family, Bao Zheng had Chen beheaded with his famous guillotine, the Dragon-headed Lever-knife. After his death, Bao Zheng was commemorated by the common people for his virtues and elevated to godhood.

Those who were wronged would pray to him for justice, while judges would pray to him for guidance in delivering the fairest judgment. To the people, Bao Zheng was more than a judge - he was, in truth, the supreme arbiter, who judged the living of the earth by day and the dead of the underworld by night.

Now, gods and demons of all pantheons make war upon each other for power, greed and other malicious intents, wreaking havoc and destruction everywhere. None bear the brunt of conflict more than meek mortals who live on the earth. They have been abused, and only one judge dares to handle their case. The blade of the Dragon-headed Lever-knife has been sharpened, and the court is now in session!

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