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jamones guijuelo online dating

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Guijuelo, however, was still shown in this Land Registry as a farm and stock town. Up until the War of Independence, these mule drivers traders traded grain; afterwards, they began picking up hams in the area of Sayago and Benavente.


By replacing the mules for carts, they increased their mobility and could make longer journeys, and this is how they were able to reach the North of Zamora and Galicia. This situation continued until the last quarter of the previous century, when in pigs began to be slaughtered through industrial processes, which was supported by the construction of the National Motorway and the railroad.

A famous saying in Spanish refers to the dates when the matanza or slaughtering would traditionally take place throughout Spain: From onwards, however, the need for food converted the traditional slaughtering, which had been carried out in a rural setting in Spain towards the end of October and early November, into a routine and repetitive task that was carried out from October through to May.

So this event of slaughtering and searing the pigs on the street could be witnessed throughout these months of the year.

All of this, along with its climatic and geographical conditions, allowed Guijuelo to relegate the farming and stock sector to a less prominent position and to set up a framework for further economic development, which saved it to some degree from the rural decline that was witnessed in the rest of Spain.

jamones guijuelo online dating

This emerging industry drew the attention of numerous farmers from towns in this area. Many decided to move to Guijuelo in search of a better future.

Logically, this immigration boosted the Town in population and in manpower, which were factors that also contributed to its economic and social development at that time. The boom that Guijuelo underwent at the beginning of this century influenced the decision to set up the Weekly Market and the Annual Fair there, as well as granting it the title of Villa de Guijuelo, whereby giving it certain privileges over other villages.

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jamones guijuelo online dating

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jamones guijuelo online dating

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