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The coal industry, for instance, will not have to worry about a regulation, overturned by Congress and Mr. Trump, that would have protected streams from mining runoff.

Brett Hartl, the government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity, said the Trump administration might avoid big-splash regulatory rollbacks this year and instead would make it harder for federal agencies to block business expansion.

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Hartl said, referring to the Obama-era rule aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants. But the president has declared that rolling back regulations will be a defining theme of his presidency. That intention and its rhetorical and regulatory follow-ons have executives at large and small companies celebrating.

And with tax cuts coming and a generally improving economic outlook, both domestically and internationally, economists are revising growth forecasts upward for last year and this year.

Even before it became clear that Republicans would pass a major tax cut, capital spending had risen significantly, climbing at an annualized rate of 6. Surveys of planned spending also show increases. Trump bragged in a news conference last month that he has rolled back 22 regulations for every new one — 67 deregulatory actions, versus three new regulations.

Administration officials said last month that, since Januaryfederal agencies have delayed, withdrawn or made inactive nearly 1, planned regulatory actions. Further rollbacks will affect financial services as well as energy and labor rules, among others. Trump has appointed outspoken critics of regulation to lead several federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The evidence is weak that regulation actually reduces economic activity or that deregulation stimulates it. But business executives are largely convinced that the cost of complying with rules diverts money that could be invested elsewhere.

And economists see a plausible connection between Mr. Measures of business confidence have climbed to record heights during Mr. Now, we were that being paid has more to do with a guaranteed je ne sais quoi. They can exponentially except until there may not be a way new again.

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