Guy online dating spreadsheet

Finance worker's spreadsheet of internet dates goes viral - Telegraph

guy online dating spreadsheet

How one VERY organised online dater used spreadsheet to keep track of girlfriends and I went on a date with this guy last wednesday. online dating laptop heart Some dude, best known now as "creepy spreadsheet finance guy," has been ripped to shreds the web over for the. Why men and women lie on their online dating profiles. 11 Sep "I went on a date with this guy last Wednesday. On the date, he tells me.

Once, crushingly, I realized that this had been the case with a guy I really liked. We had three magical dates within the span of a week and a half, at which point, he was heading out of town for work for two weeks. We had marathon phone conversations while he was gone and I was thrilled for him to come back so we could pick up where we left off.

I naively interpreted the situation as: He got a goofy grin on his face. We became friends down the road, though. And as I heard him talk about online dating, I realized a big difference in the way he thought: Just because things were a "go" with someone didn't mean he sent a "stop" to anyone else. He kept communication with them up, just in case. When I talk to female friends about online dating, I hear the same complaints.

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Yes, they get pursued by men online. But the sad truth is that most guys who write you via an online dating site a are totally disgusting and write wildly inappropriate things in their first message b are fine, but do not at all fit the parameters of what you are looking for in terms of age, location, religion, etc or c seem cool, but obviously sent you a copied and pasted email that they've presumably sent out to a lot of other women, too.

And so smart, proactive women like myself think: We wink at the ones who strike as potentially awesome. However, I think a lot of us do this. This means that any guy with decent pics and the ability to write a good profile are getting A LOT of female attention.

Guy Who Made Creepy Online Dating Spreadsheet Is Just Serious About Finding Love

Enough that they might need to make a spreadsheet. I have a male friend who seems to be caught in this cycle. A good-looking guy with an impressive job and a great sense of humor, he says that he often meets women online that he really likes. The problem is that, because he gets such a tremendous stream of interest, he gets distracted wondering if someone a little bit better is just around the corner. In my opinion, it's led him to sabotage some pretty promising relationships by canceling on Girl A to make room for Girl F.

Dating 101: Talking To Guys Online Vs. Real Life w/Matthew Hussey

Or hooking up with Girl C, then feeling awkward while out with Girl A and not being his normal, charming self. One night, while out seeing a band together, I saw proof of this. He'd had three dates with a woman he was really into and couldn't stop gushing about. But over the course of the night he got FOUR random emails -- all so well-written and from very cute senders.

Ladies, You're Just A Cell On A Dude's Dating Spreadsheet

I know because I demanded that he show me all the messages. He didn't feel like he could just not respond to these new women. Because what if one of those happened to be "the one.

guy online dating spreadsheet

Because if you feel like women are in never-ending supply, I think it's very hard to let yourself go and allow yourself to start to develop real, true, deep feelings for one person. Falling for someone is scary and can so easily be avoided if you get in your own way.

Here is why the spread-sheeting rubs me and so many others the wrong way: Love is not about comparison shopping. It's more like being a bowling pin with a marbleized ball careening toward you.

It's easier to be knocked down if you don't have things propping you up.

Ladies, You're Just A Cell On A Dude's Dating Spreadsheet: Gothamist

Even when you're truly in love with someone, you will come across a steady stream of attractive people in your life. Staying faithful and invested in a relationship means feeling thankful for the person you have, and realizing that the connection you have is so very hard to come by. It means knowing that the gloss of first attraction fades often quickly and that there are very few people out there who you could actually establish a life with.

It takes knowing that every human being has flaws, some you might not see for a very long time, and that they shouldn't send you running for someone new. Unless we're talking big ticket items. It seems Finance Guy "works long days, goes to the gym, goes out on a couple of midweek dates or what not, and gets home late. He defended himself, "My comments aren't malicious or mean.

guy online dating spreadsheet

This was an honest attempt to stay organized. I sort of feel for this totally type-A nerd! Advertisement Sure, at first read, you'd think just because he made a spreadsheet, he's some D-baggy guy who was describing his dates like a Neanderthal. But that's not completely the case. But then he calls another girl "jappy" as in derogatory abbreviation for Jewish American Princess But as far as the actual spreadsheet goes?

I got nothing against it! In fact, as I said, I feel for him, because, well, as someone who was very deeply invested in online dating for many years, I completely get it.

When you're truly on a mission to find a serious significant other, you date a LOT.