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Viewing events in Event Viewer You can use Event Viewer to view events for components that are installed on computers that run Microsoft Windows, if you have physical access to the computer where the events are logged. You can also use Event Viewer to view events remotely from computers that you have access to. Typically, Event Viewer is used for troubleshooting in the following use cases: Development on a developer topology or on a downloadable virtual hard disk VHD that provides access to Event Viewer Client components, when you're running a conference room pilot and have access to Event Viewer for that computer However, for most other cases, and especially when you don't have access to Event Viewer for the computer, you can use Log Search on Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services LCS.

Log Search is discussed later in this article. This section applies to the following components: All Retail-specific event logs can be found under the following path in Event Viewer: Commerce-LoggingProvider — This log contains events that are logged by all other Retail components that aren't included in the list earlier in this article. Enable debug event logs Currently, some of the events that are logged by various Retail components are sent to debug event logs. These events are verbose events that are logged at very high rates and are useful only for detailed debugging scenarios.

Follow this step to enable the debug event logs in Event Viewer. Right-click a debug log, and then click Enable Log.

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  • Retail component events for diagnostics and troubleshooting

Viewing events by using the F12 browser developer tools console Because Retail Cloud POS is a browser-based component, you can use the browser developer tools console to view events for it.

Press F12, and then click the Console tab. You can filter by event severity to view events that have different severity levels. Correlating events This sections explains how to correlate events from various Retail components. All user events that are logged to Event Viewer have this ID. Therefore, the date-effective data source is accessed only for the current date.

On the date-effective data source, the Apply Date Filter property can be set to No to make the data source return all data — past, current, and future. For OData, date-effective filters are not applied to the data entity. However, filters on the data source are applied at all code paths.

Date filters are applied. Any query mode is supported. Any query mode is supported, but the mode is the same as is coded for the entity. Non-date-effective data sources aren't affected. No date filters are applied. The following screen shot shows the Apply Date Filter property set to Yes. Therefore, date filters will be applied to reads of the Address data source.

Date effectivity - Finance & Operations | Dynamics | #MSDynFO | Microsoft Docs

Write activities This section describes your options for configuring the behavior of date-effective entities and their date-effective data sources. We will start by reviewing the concept of date-effective tables and contrasting them with date-effective entities.

When data is inserted or updated in a date-effective table, the process has the option of calling the xRecord. The method accepts an element of the ValidTimeStateUpdate enumeration. Here are the available element values: By contrast, when data is inserted or updated in a date-effective data entity, the validTimeStateUpdateMode method isn't used at the entity level.

For writes, the data entity leaves the date-effective processing to the table level.

Update code and environments for Retail projects

You can use the Valid Time State Update property on the entity data source to specify the validTimeStateUpdateMode method to use for each data source of the data entity.

Creating a date-effective entity This section shows how to create a date-effective entity. In Solution Explorer, right-click your project, and then click Properties. The Property Pages dialog box for your project opens.