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Introduction Over the past few years there has been an increasing reliance on the Internet as a content and communication provider. In a teaching and learning environment students are relying on the Internet for their research, teachers are using the technology to prepare and deliver their content and online learning management systems are used to provide an environment that allows content organisation and student administration. In recent times this has been extended to providing social structures where students can blog e.

Alongside this is the advancing integration of mobile technologies with SMS text messaging, sound file sharing and podcasting Cochrane, How can information technology be capitalised on in a blended faceto-face and online teaching and learning environment? The research question addressed in this paper is "What features are desirable in a web-based teacher focused information and knowledge system?

Central to the definition of knowledge is that it belongs to an individual. For example, Nonakap. Meisenberger and Seiwaldp. Most parts are socially derived. Virtual Teacher What features are desirable for a web-based teacher-focused information and knowledge system? Content delivery is a major component and as such there is a requirement to acquire, organise and disseminate it.

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In face-to-face delivery, content is often viewed as a series of overhead projections commonly in the form of PowerPoint slides.

Notes may be provided that support the content of the slides, since the slides are usually created as a means to focus the face-to-face delivery and discussion. In order to have a context, individual slides need to be organised within a structure. The presentation is placed in a learning domain, while the individual slides are placed in a predefined sequence. An identifiable issue arises when content is required in more than one place, for example, the ability to resize a graphic is relevant in all the domains where images are utilised, such as multimedia, web page development, and word processing.

The content on each slide is composed of a variety of media elements, or digital assets. These can include unstructured media such as text, images, sounds, animations and video or structured elements such as documents doc or pdf filesflash animations, or links to web sites URL.

eit ac nz online dating

These assets may be reused in many places in the knowledge system. In a face-to-face session, students and teachers share their knowledge, possibly by using a data projector to focus on a small fragment of content. In a web-based system, sharing can be achieved via a feedback system, and may be referred to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The VirtualMe Prototype In order to explore which features would be desirable, research was undertaken using an action research approach and several prototypes developed and trialled.

The virtualMe embodies the concept of an environment that organises information and knowledge centred on an individual, in this case a teacher, and provides mechanisms for social interaction. Four Areas Based on feedback from the prototypes, a framework has been developed and four research areas were identified as desirable in a knowledge acquisition, management and dissemination system, and this forms the framework of the virtualMe: Within this structure is an interrelationship between components and this is illustrated in Figure 1.

The overall structure or framework is the virtualMe itself, that is, the information and knowledge important to the owner. At the second level, the content needs to be organised into logical domains. In a teaching system these would generally be the areas of expertise such as multimedia, or web construction, or may include interest areas such as research, hobbies, and so forth. A domain can further be broken down into topics, topics to lessons, lessons to slides, and slides into digital assets.

Therefore, to manage context a structure is desirable.

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A multimedia taxonomy, or topic list, is illustrated by the centre column in Figure 2. In order to provide a consistent reference the slide of content needed to be defined and in order to simplify discussion the term "sniplet" was coined. It has been defined as "a piece of knowledge or information that could be represented by one overhead transparency" Verhaart, A sniplet is illustrated in Figure 3 and shows some of the core dimensions of the virtualMe.

The content is represented in a format suitable for projecting on a data-projector.

eit ac nz online dating

The structure is displayed as the breadcrumb sequence top left and as a position in a sequence balls on top right. The sniplet Figure 3 is composed of several digital assets.

eit ac nz online dating

These include some text, an image collage of screen shotsa link to an audio file, and a reference to the source of the information, and a URL link. Sniplet in OHT view The ability to be able to manage digital assets is an important part of any knowledge system.

A digital asset can be used by multiple sniplets, and this creates an interesting contextualisation issue. For example, if we look at an image of a waterfall Figure 4and separate it from the text attached it will lose context. A waterfall In order to manage the digital assets, a significant amount of research has been carried out. By attaching metadata, context can be retained and this concept has been used for many years. The virtualMe uses meta-data attached to each digital asset to manage the context, for example, to create referenceing information or a descriptive tool-tip, and to provide referencing information refer to the photo album image shown in the left panel of Figure 2.

Another desirable feature that emerged from the prototypes was the ability of the digital asset to contain multiple representations. For example, if an image is a photo of a person, it would be useful to additionally have a business card, a curriculum vitae, an audio clip with the correct pronunciation, and so forth. This is illustrated in Figure 5 for a photo and Figure 6 where an image of a web page links to storyboard design elements including a navigation map, page description and element schedule, as well as an APA-style reference.

This is becoming common on many web sites where user input and comment is requested. For example, the help system of Adobe LiveDocs Adobe, is replicated online and allows users to enter comments, and Microsoft's support network Microsoft, solicits responses in both Likert scale and formative styles.

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eit ac nz online dating

We also arrange and cover the costs of insurance, medical and immigration. You can see our current vacancies on our website or register your interest in future opportunities. Direct entry to many certificate programmes Level 3 or 4 tertiary study.

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Have confidence in dealing with English accurately and fluently on familiar topics. Direct entry to many diploma and bachelor programmes Level 4 or 5 tertiary study.

Have confidence in dealing with English accurately and fluently on familiar and unfamiliar topics. These certificate level courses will run according to demand. Please enquire before applying. Assessment assistance is available through the EIT Learning Hub for everyone to prepare and perform well.

Some courses include assessment against National Qualifications Framework unit standards. On arrival, students will have an oral and written assessment to confirm their level of English in order for them to be placed in an appropriate class. For students who wish to study English but do not require a qualification and wish to study for different time periods to NZCEL.