Create a concrete poem online dating

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create a concrete poem online dating

Concrete poetry is a literary form in which the text of the poem creates a visual image on the printed page. This isn't just poetry to hear—you need to see it too!. Concrete poetry was originally aimed at using words in an abstract of the '60s shape poets was John Hollander, who created his works with a. Melbourne poet and architect Alex Selenitsch's debut concrete poetry exhibition at his friend Sweeney Reed's Strines Gallery in was the first of its kind in.

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create a concrete poem online dating

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create a concrete poem online dating

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create a concrete poem online dating

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Notes [i] Mary Ellen Solt, ed. Indiana University Press, Indiana University Press, Perspektiven und Interpretationen, ed Rudolph Haas Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag, Avant-garde Poetry Since the s, eds. Rodopi, Vaughn March 13, In a shape poem, a poet uses the lines of his text to form the silhouette of an identifiable visual image—generally, an image that represents or comments upon the subject of the poem.

The shape poem goes back to Greek Alexandria of the third century B. English poet George Herbert led an Elizabethan movement using shape poems strictly for the page: The form continued into the 20th century through the typographical experiments of F.

In the s, a group of Brazilian poets led by Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Augusto de Campos sought to fully integrate the dual role of words as carriers of language and visual art. Many of them returned to the shape-based forms popular in the third century B.

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As a scholar, editor and accomplished poet—working in many different forms—Hollander also provided a thorough explication of the process in his collection Types of Shape. Hollander described his process in a interview with the St. The number of characters per line of typing would then give me a metrical form for the lines of verse, not syllabic but graphematic as a linguist might put it. These numbers, plus the number of indents from flush left, determined the form of each line of the poem.

Hollander relates the words of the poem to their physical location within the image. First, my process gives precedence to preserving the integrity of the original poem, applying the visual image afterward.